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Business materials for a multitude of purposes

Many stationery products play a surprisingly large, subconscious, role in positive contact with customers and business partners, e.g. business cards, presentation folders or envelopes. Having these materials printed professionally with your logo is therefore very important. With the broad spectrum of products we offer at our online print shop, you are able to equip your entire office with important work and marketing materials – from business cards to desk pads in A2 format. In addition to an excellent cost-benefit ratio, free print sample brochures, professional service and a detailed artwork guide are only some of the many extras you can expect from SAXOPRINT.

The SAXOPRINT selection for your business

Our printing service offers you not only envelopes, letterheads and sticky notes. You can order an entire, professional business image package that will inspire trust in both customers and business partners. Advertising and business materials that are perfectly co-ordinated leave a clean, orderly and well-structured impression that also has a positive effect on how your products or services are perceived.

SAXOPRINT offers you a large selection of sizes, formats, paper and finishing options for your custom printed note pads, letters, documents, binders and folders. Due to our precise processing and the ability to provide you with business materials exactly suited to your company, you receive the perfect foundation for professional corporate communication.

The large selection of business materials we offer cover a multitude of purposes. Here just a few examples:

  • business correspondence (letterheads, envelopes)
  • prints with your corporate design (letterheads, packing envelopes, boxes)
  • training materials (presentation folders, binders)
  • personal notes and note taking at meetings (notepads, writing pads)
  • giveaways for customers, applicants, business partners (calendars, sticky notes)
  • compilation of informational material (presentation folders, brochures)
  • workplace outfitting (binders, desk pads, note pads)
Business stationery also plays a large role at trade shows and exhibitions – to publicise your business; to further establish or improve its image or brand. Sticky notes, writing pads or calendars are popular giveaways at business and sales meeting and are a must at any event.


Tips for designing business stationery

As previously mentioned, a large selection of office materials that available to you and go above and beyond letterheads and envelopes, such as various formats and finishing options. For example, we can complement your business cards with UV coating and celloglazed lamination. We even offer sticky notes in softcover and hardcover versions, and of course in the conventional standard format without cover. Our layout templates give you help designing your prints. SAXOPRINT’s free print templates are available for each and all business material products. You simply choose the product you need, e.g. letterheads or sticky notes, select from the products options available in our easy to use dropdown menus, e.g. format and finishing options. The correct print template is then generated to make sure that you have all of the information you need to comply with printing requirements.

Custom printed office materials from SAXOPRINT – the ordering process

Our free sample booklet offers you an overview of our entire printable paper types to give you and impression of our excellent print quality and finishing options. The sample brochure makes it possible for you to familiarise yourself with both the visual and haptic characteristics of our materials and at the same time get to know our service department.

Once you have decided upon the materials and further finishing options for your finished layout, you simply log in to your customer account or create a new one. Then you choose format, colours, page number and any other pertinent options on the configuration/ calculation page, and place your product into the shopping cart. Finally, you enter a delivery address and send off your order! After placing your order, you simply upload the print files for your business cards, writing pads or any other office materials.

In addition to our free standard artwork check to make sure that your files meet the technical requirements for printing, we also offer further proofing options that go into greater detail. In any case, we send you both an e-mail and a message to your customer account to let you know if anything needs correction. We also inform you about the progress of your order every step of the way.

Represent your company professionally and individually

Corporate image is one of the pillars of a successful business. The consistent implementation of your corporate design throughout all areas of your business sends out a message that conveys professionalism, trustworthiness and reliability. SAXOPRINT makes it easy for you to unify your entire business communication to present your company in a straightforward, clearly structured manner – and with distinctive personality.

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