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Order deskpads and note pads with your company logo
At the SAXOPRINT online printing shop, you will find writing pads, notepads and desk pads in many editions and sizes. Have your writing pads printed with company logo in sizes A4 and A5, with or without punches, easily and inexpensive with us. As a print shop offering writing pads, we have included a comprehensive service already with our pricing calculator in our online shop. In our writing pad calculator, select your desired format, the paper weight, the print run amount and the number of pages. Our print run graduations from 100 to 5,000 writing pads are calculated for a positive impact on the single price with higher volumes.

Our templates for the most common image editing tools are available with lined and chequered patterns in our shop. All you need is your company logo in high resolution, place it in our templates and your individual writing pad is ready to go.

Using our pricing calculator for writing pads, you can select between 80gsm and 90gsm paper with or without punch holes. Depending on the purpose you can order and have your company pad printed online, with 2 or 4-hole punching (free of charge) to file your notes in folders or binders. Gluing at the top and gray cardboard back ensure stability when writing on the writing pad, even on uneven surfaces. In addition to the most common formats A4 and A5, you can also choose the smaller formats A6, A7 and DIN long and use them as a traditional note pad. If you upload your finished artwork in your customer are by 6 pm we can assure a maximum production time of 5 working days. Our friendly customer service team will assist you in ordering your custom writing pads.

Companies that haven’t chosen the design of their notepads yet can choose from a selection of designs we make available to you. Customers can consider a number of print samples in advance for the design of their individual notepads. Choose from four different standard sizes from A7 to A4, and we also offer DL in our print shop. We offer paper grammages of 80gsm or 90gsm for notepads. There are four choices of colour for printing: 1/0-coloured (black), 2/0-coloured (black + HKS), 4/0-coloured (Euroscale) and 5/0-coloured (Euroscale + HKS). Pads can be ordered with 25 or 50 single sheets in a print run from 100 to 5,000, and are produced with a cardboard back. We can have these ready for you in five days, no matter the size of the print run. If you pay and upload your artwork files by 5pm, we will start production on the same day. This means you lose no time and will have your order ready promptly.
Desk pads work best for important notes

Just like a notepad or a jotter, desk pads are a very good and above all long-lasting promotional gift. Printed with a calendar and several individual sheets, desk pads can be used throughout the year. Notes can quickly be made on the large area of paper while you're working at the computer or making a phone call and then dealt with later on. Like notepads, companies can order their desk pads from our online print shop

  • printed with a meaningful company logo
  • visually enhanced with a wide range of colours and designs
  • available in various print run sizes
  • the individual pages can have advertising messages and pictures printed on them

We print desk pads in A3 size on 80gsm or 90gsm paper with a classic sizing of the top sheets. Logos, graphics and advertising messages can all be printed in any position you wish in the following colours: 1/0-coloured (black), 2/0-coloured (black + HKS), 4/0-coloured (euroscale) and 5/0-coloured (euroscale + HKS). With 4-colour print, virtually any colour can be printed. Additionally, you can also order an HKS special colour for printing from us.

A cardboard back is applied to 25 sheet pads as well as 50 sheet pads and ensures stability. This largely prevents the desk pad from slipping and protects the furniture underneath.

How to order your desk pad from our print shop

1. In our online shop select the print run, type of paper, colour mode and number of sheets. Even if you order the maximum print run of 5,000, the time for completion is still only five working days. This begins the day we receive the artwork files and payment, as long as this is by 5pm.

2. Use our print samples (plain, lined, squared) to help you make up your own individual design. Have a look at the templates shown in our Guide, which show the correct bleed, embedding type-faces and the minimum image resolution.

3. Once we have received your artwork files, we only need five days to complete your order in our state-of-the-art production facility. As soon as this is completed, we prepare your order for dispatch by DHL or DPD. In addition, you can track the status of your order in your customer account.

If you would like a print sample before placing your order, simply contact our customer services. They will send you a sample without any complications. For desk pads intended as customer giveaways, we recommend you order a PDF proof or galley proof in advance. This is to make sure you receive the best printing result and it also gives you the chance to make amendments to the artwork if required.

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