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  • 7 different materials
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Standard sizes or bespoke dimensions
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Please note that all signs wider than 180cm have to be sent in several separate pieces. We will do this automatically and at no extra cost to you; your sign will be split into pieces in a way which best suits the design.

Product Information

Product Information for Signs

Signs in Overview


Fixed Sizes:

30 × 20 cm

40 × 20 cm

40 × 30 cm

45 × 30 cm

50 × 50 cm

60 × 20 cm

60 × 30 cm

60 × 40 cm

60 × 50 cm

70 × 50 cm

75 × 50 cm

80 × 20 cm

80 × 60 cm

90 × 60 cm

100 × 50 cm

100 × 70 cm

100 × 75 cm

100 × 100 cm

120 × 30 cm

120 × 40 cm

120 × 60 cm

120 × 80 cm

140 × 105 cm

150 × 50 cm

150 × 70 cm

150 × 100 cm

180 × 120 cm

Standard Sizes:





Bespoke Dimensions


min. 20 cm | max. 300 cm


min. 20 cm | max. 120 cm

Print Run

from 1 to 25 units

Number of Sides

1 | 2

Colour Mode

4/0 | 4/4 Euroscale

Printing Options

without white underprint

white underprint

white underprint behind colour area

Printing options in detail


3 mm
aluminium composite

2.5 mm
corrugated plastic board

3 | 5 | 10 mm
hard foam board

5 mm
transparent acrylic

5 | 10 mm
KAPA® plast lightweight foam board

3 mm
brushed aluminium

6 mm
acrylic photo printing

3,8 mm
DISPA® paper board

Cutting no holes
Holes corners
cutting, drilled holes in corners
Multiple holes
cutting, multiple drilled holes
Holes top corners
cutting, drilled holes in top corners

12 or 16 mm

Self-adhesive hanging plates


Materials for Our Signs

Hard Foam Board Signs - PVC Forex in 3, 5 and 10 mm

These are made from hardened foam (PVC forex), creating a sign that is lightweight and break-proof. The material is B1-certified, flame-retardant and relatively light. The board is also waterproof and the print has a silk-matt appearance, thanks to the low-glare surface. This creates a particularly high-quality look. We can also include optional drill holes in all four corners of your sign for mounting. Additionally, you can order our spacers as an accessory, making it even easier to mount the sign.

Hard foam board sign

Brushed Aluminium Signs - Silver Surface

Brushed aluminium signs have the same properties as our aluminium composite signs: they are just as lightweight and durable. The main difference is the print. Brushed aluminium signs have a textured, silver surface and this is also visible in the print. The result is a high-quality, textured sign that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Brushed aluminium sign

KAPA® plast Lightweight Foam Boards - In 5 and 10 mm

These are ideal for indoor use. Because they weigh so little, KAPA® plast lightweight foam board signs are suitable for hanging from a ceiling. They consist of a polyurethane foam core that is plastic-coated on both sides. In addition to their lightness, these foam board signs ensure an optimum print image for your signs. Make your stand into a real eye-catcher at your next exhibition or trade fair with lightweight foam board signs.

Lightweight foam board signs

DISPA® paper board - 100% recyclable

Thanks to their special structure, our environmentally friendly DISPA® paper plates are dimensionally stable and extremely light. They are 100% recyclable, meaning that this material is perfect for your sustainable business presentation. For mounting, we can supply the DISPA® paper panels with holes drilled in the corners. The spacers are also suitable for this material, but note that the spacers are not recyclable.

We recommend using paper panels indoors only.

DISPA® paper board

Fastenings for Our Signs

Your sign will always be cut to the size you need. We offer several fastening options:

Hanging Plates - For Signs Without Drilled Holes

You can affix signs to walls without drilled holes with the help of our self-adhesive hanging plates. You can affix these to the back of your sign. The overall effect is an untouched printed image that seems to float on the wall. A set of self-adhesive hanging plates consists of two hanging plates (load capactiy of approx. 4 kg per piece) and two transparent spacers.

Please note: To order hanging plates, please select 'cutting' as your type of processing in the configuration page. Please note hanging plates are not available for transparent acrylic signs.

Signs with self adhesive hanging strips
Printing Options

Printing Options


FAQ's for Signs

Can I use my sign outside?

All of our signs are suitable for use outside except lightweight foam board and DISPA® paper board.

What are the diameters of the drilled holes?

Depending on the options selected, the hole diameters are as follows:

  • 6 mm without spacers
  • 8 mm with 12 mm spacers
  • 10 mm with 16 mm spacers

What is the distance between the edge of the sign and the centre of the drilled hole?

The distance is 15 mm.

How long can the colours survive for when exposed to the sun?

Depending on solar radiation, the colours can last for up to 3 years.

High-Quality Sign Printing to Generate Awareness

Beautiful and clearly visible signs can be used in a wide range of areas. Depending on the material used in the signs, they can serve different purposes and create different visual impressions. At SAXOPRINT, we offer our customers a wide range of sizes and materials when it comes to sign printing. Because of our variety, we can print signs exactly as you need them.

Sign printing for every occasion

Modern advertising signs are extremely versatile. At exhibitions, in addition to serving as orientation guides, signs are often used as advertisements at exhibition stands or to showcase products. In business premises, signs can mark out directions inside and outside the building and highlight the corporate design of the business when printed and presented in the right way. Doctor's office signs, on the other hand, are commonly used in medical practices and primarily provide information regarding opening hours and contact details.

Our online print shop provides sign printing in a wide range of sizes, so the right size you are looking for is available, whatever your objective. We provide the following sizes:

  • 4 standard sizes A0, A1, A2, A3
  • 27 special sizes from 30 to 180 cm and from 20 to 120 cm
  • Available in portrait or landscape mode

Size is not the only factor that affects the impression and appearance of advertising signs: the materials used are also a factor to consider. Accordingly, as an experienced online printer, we offer a large selection of suitable, high-quality materials for sign printing.

We offer the most convenient, beautiful and versatile signs for your business.

Printing your own sign – customised sign printing and board printing

Regardless of the material you select, your first step is to create your own individual print data for our online print shop. With our board printing procedure, we can comfortably print your advertising signs or company signs and promise you quick, outstanding results.

To simplify the print process, we give you the option of using our print templates for your artwork. We also offer a special service, where we check your print data based on our specifications, to ensure it is suitable for printing. If something isn't quite right in your artwork files, you will automatically receive an email with an error report from out prepress. If you have any questions, our customer service team will be happy to help you.