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  • Adjustable dimensions
  • 21 styles in 1 billion variations
  • Online Designer with 3D preview
NEWFood-Safe Packaging
Select packaging

Product Information

Product Information for our Packaging

Packaging in Overview

Customised Sizes
Print Run
Colour Mode
Product packaging group image

Standard Sizes:

Size S

Size M

Size L

adjustable dimensions

from 1 to 10,000 units
food-safe packaging available from 100 units

full print coverage on the exterior (4/0 coloured)

GC1 chromo board white

GZ1 chromium sulphate cardboard 

die cut, glued

dispersion varnish

spot 3D UV coating

metallic foil blocking (gold | silver with 3D effect)

Available from 50 units, cannot be used in combination with food-safe packaging

flat packed

Mailer box
Mailer Boxes

Standard Sizes:

Size S

Size M

Size L

adjustable dimensions

from 100 to 10,000 units

full print coverage on the exterior (4/0 coloured)

GD laminated B-flute

die cut, strip and tear thread

dispersion varnish

flat packed


In the configuration page, you can order food-safe versions of your selected packaging. Food-safe packaging is printed with special printing inks suitable for food contact materials. Please note that the materials do not have a grease or moisture barrier and are, therefore, not suitable for direct contact with moist or oily foods.


Materials for Packaging

Finishing Options

Finishing Options for Packaging

Spot 3D UV Coating

Enhance selected details of your packaging design with spot 3D UV coating. The glossy and slightly raised appearance of spot UV coating gives the packaging a sense of elegance and feels pleasant to the touch. This finishing option is available for GC1 chromo board white and GZ1 chromium sulphate cardboard pure white.

Product image spot 3D UV coating

Packaging Sample Set

Whether you choose the neutral or SAXOPRINT design, the packaging sample set contains all material and finishing samples, giving you a good overview of the stability and printing quality of our packaging.

If you order a sample set in the SAXOPRINT design, we will send you a voucher to the value of £11.00 (net plus VAT) for your next order.

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Online Designer

Design Packaging Online with the Online Designer

Design Packaging Online:

Select product
Select packaging
Configure product
Configure packaging
Create design
Create design
Confirm and order
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Increase Sales Revenue With Custom-Made Product Packaging

Packaging is much more than just protective covering for shipments; it functions as space-saving storage and as an efficient transport solution, as well as having a role in increasing sales. Companies use packaging as a targeted advertising medium to communicate their publicity messages and the benefits of their product with the aim of influencing customer decisions in the retail sector. As such, packaging design, size and shape have a direct influence on product sales and revenue.

Why do products need product packaging?

Attractive product packaging, adapted to the target group, creates a link between products, brands, and potential buyers. It catches people’s attention and stimulates demand, provides information about the product and makes consumers want to buy it. Custom-made product packaging is therefore particularly suitable in the following cases:

  • You intend to build up your brand recognition and customer confidence
  • You need to communicate product benefits and advertising messages effectively
  • You want to differentiate yourself from competitors
  • The product is not self-explanatory and room for text is needed
  • The product design is not particularly impressive or attractive
  • Bricks-and-mortar retailers expect your products to be packaged
  • Storage and shipping need to be more efficient
  • The products need protecting from damp, dirt, or other environmental influences

If a uniform brand identity is important for your company, implement your corporate design on the packaging; your unique company colours and logo will make it easy for consumers to identify your brand quickly. Nowadays, customers are often confronted with shop shelves crammed full of different products – and find it hard to choose between them. A packaging design that stands out and makes a positive first impression can be the deciding factor in the buying process. Creative and high-quality product packaging increases the value of a product, too, because buyers consider the item inside to be of higher quality accordingly.

SAXOPRINT® easy box - the new generation of packaging printing

Our SAXOPRINT® easy box is designed for numerous products and lines of business. Whether you need to pack up cosmetic products, stationery supplies, small electronic components, jewellery, or medical products, boxes can be configured in up to a billion variants due to the millimetre-specific dimensions and box types. Standard sizes with little scope for individual personality are now a thing of the past!

Advantages of the SAXOPRINT® easy box

The fact that our boxes can be measured and configured to the millimetre reduces the necessity for packaging materials, which is better for the environment. What is more, the SAXOPRINT® easy box is not made of plastic packaging, and is almost 100% recyclable. Full-surface four-colour printing leaves a lot of scope for varied design and gives the packaging the personality it needs. Further advantages are:

  • A range of high-quality and tear-resistant materials to choose from, including 350gsm GC chromo board
  • Standard measurements or bespoke sizes available
  • Easy folds which end customers will be familiar with
  • Available in quantities of 1 and above, with money-saving special offers for larger orders
  • Space-saving storage due to flat-pack shipping
  • Suitable for resale
  • Shopping Configurator with 2D + 3D live preview video.

A billion variants to choose from

Since the shape and size of our SAXOPRINT® easy box can be freely configured to meet your requirements, you have the choice of a billion variants. We offer 21 basic shapes in 7 different categories, all of which you can configure as you wish to your own format. As well as gift wrapping, collapsible boxes with Euro hole suspension, and shipping boxes, we also offer special shapes like triangular or loop packaging.

A SAXOPRINT pro tip: Take a look at our product sample set to get an impression of the quality of our printing, the material, and its stability. This will also enable you to recognise all forms of basic packaging and the types of fold they contain so you can decide on the right type of packaging for you.

Why choose our online printing company?

Our printing company was founded in 1999 as a specialist in the production of high-quality advertising media such as brochures, business cards, and flyers. In our state-of-the-art production site, we complete several thousand orders per day. More than 550 workers ensure that these are printed to the highest quality and ready on time for despatch to the nine European countries that we deliver to.

We have been printing packaging for corporate customers since 2012. Our customers benefit from our personalised specialist advice, available from when you begin to choose your product and throughout the whole order process. Other reasons to use our online printing company are:

  • Shopping configurator with up-front prices
  • Product sample sets available to aid decision-making, with no further obligation
  • Templates, checklists, and instructions to help you create a professional packaging design;
  • SAXOPRINT Designer allowing you to produce a suitable product packaging design with no need for previous knowledge or additional software
  • No hidden costs (cardboard-punching and shipping costs are always included)

Design and order packaging online

Professional packaging design versus the SAXOPRINT Designer

Depending on the choice of theme and the expectations and goals of your company, designing product packaging can be a major undertaking. Comprehensive experience in composition and design are just as important as knowledge of the effects of colour, shapes and form, and words on your target group. Communications and product designers, advertising agencies and graphic designers specialise in packaging design; their experience and consulting services make them especially worthwhile partners for companies new to the market.

A SAXOPRINT pro tip: The higher the order quantity, sales targets, and general business expectations, the more we would recommend investing in a professional packaging design.

Do you only have a small budget (or even no resources at all), but still need to produce product packaging? Take a look at our SAXOPRINT Designer! Even with no specific knowledge, you can create a suitable layout. Upload your logo, choose a base colour for your packaging, or use a full-surface image – let your imagination run free! Thanks to our 3D preview function, you can keep checking your packaging design throughout the design process, viewing it from all sides as you work.

Our downloadable data sheets will help you to identify important elements such as the front and reverse sides, base, and lid before the layout is set. Information about fold and perforation lines is also included.

If you are still unsure which type of packaging is right for your product, just order our product sample set – and experience our excellent printing quality and fast delivery service for yourself!

This is how easy it is to order from us

We place great value on service and user-friendliness, and for this reason, we have optimised our order process and slim-lined it down to the following five easy steps:

  • First of all, set up a customer account
  • Next, configure your product for printing with our shopping configurator
  • Now create your own design template – or do this using the SAXOPRINT Designer
  • After your data has been uploaded and approved, we apply our data-check to make sure the design corresponds to our printing requirements
  • Once your file has been accepted, you will receive an order confirmation and can track the progress of your order online
  • A SAXOPRINT pro tip: If you upload your design and we have received payment by 5 pm, we can start producing your order the very same day

Or Choose Your ECMA or FEFCO Standard Packaging

The ECMA code (European Carton Makers Association) describes a standard model of die cut packaging and folding cartons. The FEFCO code (Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Carton Ondule) describes products that are normally made with corrugated cardboard or heavy cardboard

Our mailer box is made of a durable 230gsm GD laminated B-flute cardboard. All other SAXOPRINT easy box products are generally made of coated 350gsm chromo cardboard.