Advertising Materials

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Advertising materials for a multitude of purposes

Choose branded advertising materials to pique your customers interest! SAXOPRINT prints your logo, your CI or your claim on diverse “give-aways”. We make sure that your next customer campaign or your next event is running well. Let us introduce you our product range for advertising materials.

Flyer & Leaflets – classics in advertising

Versatile folded leaflets or two-sided flyer are one of the most eye-catching image and claim displays ever. They combine short marketing messages with a lot of space for descriptions, offers or pictures. We print leaflets as advertising material in different formats, papers and folds. To print leaflets with a great look and feel we offer high quality finishing such as uv coat and lamination.

Leaflets and flyer are made as handout, for direct mails, menu cards or just as information for trade fairs. It’s easy to spread them and much easier to use. Choose flyer or leaflets from our advertising material to profit from all these advantages.

Ad poster printing service for a grand performance

Almost no other advertising medium generates as much public attention as large custom posters & advertising posters with emotive designs. Our posters are available from A3 to A0. Printing advertising posters is the perfect way to make your slogan and message well known – and impossible to overlook. Whether it's an event announcement, the launch of a new or improved product or general brand and image marketing, advertising posters are the perfect vehicles for wide-ranging outdoor advertising.

Especially in times like these, when many of us feel flooded with commercials, only an advertising poster with an innovative, minimalistic or humorous design can still catch our attention. In combination with smart colours, optical effects (e.g. fluorescent colours) and emotional artwork, posters work as advertising material and can take advantage of natural human curiosity to generate attention.

Our brochures & catalogues

Brochures and catalogues are used for company and image presentations, annual reports, handouts and seminar documentation, as pictorials or diaries. Of course they also can be also used for classic advertising material for products, mail-order and travel brochures.

We offer special bindings for every use case and many different formats or setups for every requirement. Take a look on our brochure category and print high quality at low costs.

Sending customers thank-yous with cards

Custom cards for business customers can also be a creative way to advertise. Prior to upcoming trade shows, in-house exhibitions or events, your invitations can be sent by post along with informational material. Custom printing gives businesses the opportunity to have their individual slogan or logo printed on appointment cards, business cards or invitations.

Businesses who decide to use a specialised card printer can:

  • have their cards printed affordably in large runs and in high quality.
  • have a slogan printed on the invitation itself.
  • place their card printing order simply and easily online.
  • use modern and personal advertising material.

Before an order goes into production, customers can choose from a large selection of paper types. Invitations from our UK online print shop can be printed on papers with grammatures of 280 gsm or 350 gsm. Paper weights of 170, 250, 300 and 400 gsm are more suitable for printing cards with photographs. SAXOPRINT custom cards can be printed on either one or both sides.

Our card printers offer colour scales (colour systems) such as 4/4, 4/0 (Euroscale), 1/1 and 1/0 (black), 1/1 and 1/0 (HKS/ Pantone), 2/2 and 2/0 (black + HKS/ Pantone), and 5/5 and 5/0 coloured (Euroscale + HKS/ Pantone) for printing your advertising cards. In order to increase the durability of the cards, the print shop can apply a UV coating as finishing. Should you need perforations, you can select from between one and six perforation lines from our online printers.

Printing cards with bonus areas – important for gaining and keeping new customers Many retailers reward their customers for loyalty with bonuses. Printing bonus cards gives retailers the opportunity to increase and build up their regular customer base at the same time. Bonus cards ordered from card printers can be printed with your slogans or company logo in various designs.

Order custom calendars with your own individual design from our online shop

To give you a little inspiration for your calendar along the way, we invite you to take a look at our blog.

We have put together a collection of 50 unique and striking designs for your 2016 calendars. Creative minds from all over the world have designed examples of decorative wall calendars for you that are as varied as our seasons.

Get ideas from intricately illustrated calendars, modern and playful variations, impressive examples with dynamic photo images, or simply traditional, imaginative examples. Then let your own creativity run wild, and give each of the 12 months in your 2016 calendar a unique look.

2016 deserves careful planning. Calendars help you to keep track of events and coordinate your appointments. We will show you how quick and easy it is to create a calendar with our free-of-charge calendar designer.

  • 1. Configure your own custom calendar
  • 2. Select your layout
  • 3. Upload your logo
  • 4. Upload images and photos
  • 5. Order your calendar!



Putting messages on walls or windows even on laptops or doors can bring your advertising claim to your customers or business partners. Use our wide range of stickers as classic advertising material, as label on your packaging, as give-away or just as fun for kids. There are a lot of use cases for stickers in marketing. It’s up to you to have the heart to use them.

Fan clappers – the advertising medium to liven up your event

Fan clappers are noisemakers and advertising banners in one, which makes them the perfect advertising material for all manner of sports events. Because fan clappers do not conflict with the safety regulations in stadiums, the public can use them at any sports event. Custom printed fan clappers are an especially effective direct advertising medium in football stadiums: They are visible during the entire match and also have a positive recreational character. SAXOPRINT advertising material like fan clappers, stickers or calendars help you create a successful advertising campaign.

When you have custom fan clappers printed by the SAXOPRINT online print shop, you place your advertisement right into the hands of your customers. Because printing fan clappers is affordable, they make ideal free giveaways with a long lasting branding effect. Widespread distribution within your target audience is guaranteed, and custom printed fan clappers are especially suitable for regionally active businesses. Almost anything can be printed on their practical format – from logos and slogans to specific statements or current promotional offers.

We make sure that your custom printed fan clappers are especially durable by producing them on robust print paper and celloglazing on both sides. They can survive a whole game with no problem. After the match, viewers like to take the fan clappers home with them. They can become collector items, souvenirs or even be used as wall decorations for an enduring advertising effect. Should they be left behind in the stadium after all, they can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, which sets them apart from conventional plastic fan articles made. A recycled fan clapper conserves resources – and might even return to our factory as part of our CO2 neutral printing process.

Custom printed fan clappers are also ideal as:

  • safe noisemakers for children and youths
  • popular clap fans used for indoor sports like ice hockey, swim meets and volleyball
  • unusual gift certificates and promotional lead-ins
  • effective instruments for new clubs to build up a fan base


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