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    If any alterations are required, we inform you without delay.
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    Additionally, you can opt for additional Trusted Shops buyer protection covering orders of up to £2,500.
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Questions about ordering

Which methods of payment does SAXOPRINT offer?

Find detailed information on all payment options here.

When can I pay for my order?

If you have chosen one of our e-payment options (PayPal, Klarna Online Bank Transfer), the payment can be done directly after you have placed the binding order. As soon as we receive the payment confirmation from the e-payment provider, we will start to process your order (subject to the condition that we have received printable artwork or your print approval if you have ordered a pdf proof).

If you have selected prepayment, please be aware that the processing of your order will only start after the receipt of the payment on in our bank account (subject to the condition that we have received printable artwork or your print approval if you have ordered the pdf proof). However you can pay at any time also via e-payment directly under the section order overview in your customer area on our website.

Is it possible to pay on the customer area?

Yes, you can pay directly under the section order overview in your customer area via PayPal or Klarna Online Bank Transfer.

How can I supply my artwork?

You can find a list of the various upload options HERE.

Should you have any further hints or additional information please contact our customer service on 020 3608 0777 or by e-mail to service@saxoprint.co.uk.

Can I get a proof for the approval of my print?

At saxoprint.co.uk you can order an optional PDF proof.

The PDF proof is used to review the completed print file on your monitor. It is created with crop marks, in CMYK mode and with 72 dpi resolution. The PDF proof is available for all product groups except for brochures. You can conveniently download the view file in your customer account after creation and release it for production. You will be informed about this by e-mail.

Can I order products without value-added tax (VAT) on your website?

Products like flyers, folded leaflets and brochures can be ordered exempt from 20% VAT taxation under certain conditions. You can select the value-added tax in the calculation in the Service area.

Find further information on the taxation of products here: VAT exemptions.

Questions about the delivery

How long does it take for production and delivery?

We offer one delivery option: Standard. Production time and delivery time are both taken into consideration. There are no extra delivery costs as they are included in the price. The above mentioned working days are exclusive Saturday, Sunday and holidays. As working days count the weekdays from Monday to Friday.

  • Attention: Large print runs are sent on a palette by a forwarding agency and can result in delivery delays.
  • The respectively valid production time can be found on each product calculation page.

Which destinations does saxoprint.co.uk deliver to?

Your ordered products will be delivered within the territory of the United Kingdom (except the Channel Islands and Gibraltar) to the address you indicated while placing your order. Delivery to post office boxes and DHL service points is not possible. We will not deliver to any location expressly excluded on our website and/or outside of the United Kingdom.

Please note that there may be problems with access restrictions etc. for deliveries to trade fairs.

Can the order be dispatched anonymously?

Of course – on your demand, we will send the printed products with your address as the sender directly to your client without any information linking to SAXOPRINT. This service is completely free of charge, you only have to choose the option “reseller delivery” under sender address when calculating your desired print product.

Do I have the possibility of indicating multiple delivery addresses?

Yes – you have the possibility of entering up to 20 different delivery addresses. Just choose the option “delivery splitting” during the calculation. You can decide how many copies you want to be sent to which address. The additional costs will be calculated based on your entry.

Questions about your order

Where can I find out about the current status of my order?

If you are logged in, you can see all relevant information and the status of your order in your customer area under “order overview”.

There you also have the possibility of completing payments via e-payment and to transfer your artwork via our Upload-centre.

Can I track the shipping of my order?

Yes – this is possible under the section Order Overview in the customer area. Select the desired print job and click on “view shipping details”. A tracking of your order is only possible if the order has been dispatched already and if the order has not been sent with a forwarding agency (in case of larger print runs).

Do I have the possibility to choose an individual name for my print job?

Yes – You have the possibility to choose a job name for your print job which makes it easier to find and follow your job afterwards.

You can enter your desired name into the field “job name” which can be found under the shopping basket and also on the order overview page.

This job name will be mentioned again on the acceptance of the print job and the order confirmation, as well as on the invoice and on the shipping label. Furthermore you can search directly for the job name on the order overview in the customer area on our website saxoprint.co.uk.

How can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, you can do so directly in the Customer Area under “Order Overview”.

A cancellation of your order is generally possible before it is dispatched. We will need to charge you for any time and materials we’ve used up to the point of cancellation, therefore the sooner you cancel your order, the less it will cost. A small charge will apply if we’ve already processed your artwork and created your demanded proof.

  • AttentionWe strongly recommend you do cancellations via your customer area. A cancellation via email, telephone or fax cannot be accepted. Please note that your legal right to revoke is not effected.

What can I do if I’m unsatisfied with the printed product?

We offer top-quality printing at affordable prices - but of course something can always go wrong. If it does and your prints are in any way defective, we want our complaints process to be as easy as possible for you.

  1. Go to the Order Overview section in the My Account area of our website and open the order affected.
  2. On the right hand side, select "Submit a claim".
  3. Please fill out the form, giving us much detail as possible about the issue and preferably providing photographic documentation.
  4. File your complaint. Once we have reviewed it, we will contact you as soon as possible.

You are also welcome to contact us by phone, by e-mail, or by post. You can find our contact details here.

Please note that all visible defects must be reported with two weeks from receipt of delivery.

Questions about your artwork

Which file formats do we accept?

Please only use closed file formats:


  • Attention: If you save your PDF directly from a graphic program, please make sure to use PDF/X-4 or PDF 1.6.
  • When saving TIFF files, please reduce layers to only one layer.

Do I need print-ready files?

Yes – we can only accept and process print-ready files. Information on how to create your print file can be found in our artwork guide.

What do I do if my print data is faulty?

If your uploaded print data contains errors, you will have received an email with the corresponding error log. You will also find this in your order overview. All defects and errors that we have identified in your print data are listed there.

If you require explanations about a complex error, you can also find more detailed information on our help pages at any time. A direct link to the error described can also be found in your error log.

What do I need to be aware of when creating my print file?

Please make sure that you have selected the correct colour profile when saving your files:

PS0 Coated v3 - FOGRA51 for coated paper
PS0 Uncoated v3 - FOGRA52 for uncoated paper

We collected all information necessary for creating your print files in our artwork guide.

Why an additional bleed?

Please remember that your print data always has a bleed of 2 mm on each side to avoid white areas on your printed product. This means that background images and graphics should always be created 2 mm more than the actual format. Print data in open format is accordingly 4mm wider and higher than the actual format. For example, for A4 the size including bleed is 301 x 214 mm.

For advertising technology products, packaging, presentations folders, fan clappers and all monthly calendars, please prepare your print data with a bleed of 3 mm. For envelopes please prepare your print data with a bleed of 1 mm. For textile stretcher frames please prepare your print data with a bleed of 15 mm.

If this is not the case, there may be minimal deviations that lead to white margins due to machine-dependent interface tolerances.

Equally important design elements and fonts should be placed at least 3 mm from the final format (without bleed), and frames should not be used as boundary in the layout.

For more information, please see our artwork instructions.

Does saxoprint.co.uk check my artwork?

Yes – our standard artwork check is for free and always included. During the standard artwork check, we are verifying whether your artwork is printable at all. If you are not sure whether your artwork is appropriate for an optimal printing quality, please choose our superior artwork check. During this artwork check, we will control your artwork regarding the most frequent error sources. The exact characteristics of both artwork checks will be clarified on the following two questions.

What is included in your standard artwork check?

Our “Standard Artwork Check” is always included and the following will be checked:

  • if your artwork is provided in a closed and correct file format (PDF, JPG, TIFF or EPS)
  • if the number of pages is correct
  • if your artwork is provided in the correct size
    • We will scale your artwork automatically to the desired size (without bleeding) if the provided size is incorrect.(only if possible/proportional) Please note adjustments to the size, especially when scaling up the artwork (e.g. A6  A4) can cause a decrease in the resolution and furthermore no bleeding will be added.if your artwork is pre-assembled in case you have ordered folded leaflets
  • if the binding is clear to us in case you have ordered brochures
  • if perforation lines have been indicated and whether they are possible at all
  • if your artwork is provided as greyscale (if you have ordered one colour printing (black))
  • if HKS spot colours have been laid out and named correctly (if spot colours were ordered)
  • your artwork will be converted automatically into CMYK if it was created in RGB colour mode or with spot colours
    • Please note that the conversion can cause colour differences.
  • if all fonts are embedded

Our customer service will contact you immediately by email if your artwork present any of the problems mentioned above. Please note that conversions of size and colour mode will be processed automatically and there will be no information. Furthermore, we will not check if the side sequence of your artwork is correct.

What is included in your superior artwork check?

Use our “Superior Artwork Check” if you are uncertain whether your artwork meets all our requirements and if a high quality product can be provided. For a small fee of £14.10, the professional pre-press staff will carry out a review of your artwork files on the basis of the following checklist in addition to the standard artwork check:

  • if there are any layers in the artwork (PDF files)
  • if your artwork is provided in the correct size
    • Should your size differ from the one you have ordered our customer service will get in contact with you immediately, although we might be able to scale it.
  • if a bleed of 2 mm has been provided
  • Colour profile check (PDF files)
  • if the correct type of fold has been chosen and if the layout matches the position of the folding lines when ordering folded leaflets (gate fold, letterfold, z-fold, landscape or portrait)
  • if there is enough space between letters/graphic elements and the border (at least 3 mm)
  • if your artwork is provided in CMYK colour mode
    • Our customer service will get in contact with you if your artwork files are not created in CMYK. At your express request we can convert your artwork into CMYK, however this may result in colour deviations.
  • if the image resolution is sufficient (at least 250 dpi, posters at least 200 dpi, line art 1,200 dpi)

If your artwork presents any of the problems mentioned above our customer service will contact you immediately by email. Please note that no automatic conversions/adjustments will be made. Please also note that we will not check if the side sequence of your artwork is correct.

How do I create artwork for packaging printing correctly?

  • Please use our templates or our designer tool for your individual packaging. Here you will find both blank print templates that you can use for your individual design, and finished designs.

When working with templates, please note the following:

  • To make sure that your personal packaging can be printed and punched perfectly, you should always use our artwork.
  • Open the EPS or PDF file (dieline) in your design program
  • The dieline has already been created in a special colour and set to overprint, please retain these settings
  • The document is created in open end format of your product plus 3 mm bleed all round
  • When creating your print data, the shaded areas in the template must be kept free from colour (adhesive tabs)
  • Save your print file in PDF format
  • I you do want to save your print file in pixel format (TIFF, JPEG), the dieline is not to be included in the print file, as it would be printed as well - we therefore recommend Vectors

Here you will find our templates as well as our Designer.

Questions about our products

Which characteristics do the different types of paper have?

SAXOPRINT offers you a large variety of different high quality papers. In the following, you can find an overview of our papers and their most important characteristics. You can order our free print sample pack here.

Uncoated paper

  • available in 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm and 120gsm
  • appropriate for copier, inkjet and laser printer
  • uncoated on both sides, printable, writable and stampable
  • suitable for letterheads, thin flyers and folded leaflets and brochures

Silk finish paper

  • available from 90gsm to 400gsm
  • matt surface, coated on both sides
  • partly refined with dispersion varnish, hence it is neither writable nor stampable
  • suitable for flyers, folded leaflets, business cards, posters and brochures
  • Our 400gsm print paper silk finish is FSC® certified (FSC mix least 70%) - find more information about FSC here

Gloss finish paper

  • available from 115gsm to 400gsm
  • shiny surface, coated on both sides
  • partly refined with dispersion varnish, hence it is neither writable nor stampable
  • suitable for flyers, folded leaflets, business cards, posters and brochures
  • Our 400gsm print paper gloss finish is FSC® certified (FSC mix least 70%) - find more information about FSC here
  • Attention Due to the way glossy paper is produced, it has a slightly lower paper volume than silk finish paper of the same paper quality.

Uncoated board

  • available in 300gsm
  • high level of whiteness for an optimal printing result
  • can be written on and stamped
  • smooth surface

Chromo board

  • available in 450gsm
  • stable and tear-resistant volume paper
  • silky matt coated on both sides
  • ensures an excellent printing result

Postcard board

  • available in 280gsm and 350gsm
  • front (image) coated, glossy and varnished, not writable or stampable
  • back (address), uncoated and unvarnished, writable
  • great stiffness
  • suitable for postcards and bonus cards

Fluorescent paper

  • available in 80gsm
  • front in colours (yellow, green or red), reverse white (not printable)
  • only suitable for printing in 1/0 (black) because of the coloured surface
  • coated on one side, colourful, light-resistant
  • suitable for eye-catching posters

Affiche paper

  • available in 115gsm
  • matt-coated on one side, wood-free white
  • blue reverse side to prevent show-through when glued upon surfaces
  • suitable for posters used inside or outside

Recycled paper

  • available in 80, 170 & 250gsm
  • silk surface glue binding, uncoated on both sides
  • natural look, high degree of whiteness, 100 % recycled
  • depending on grammage, suitable for letterheads, flyers, folded leaflets, greeting cards, postcards, brochures or business cards

Natural paper

  • available in 80gsm, 160gsm and 250gsm
  • smoothed, wood-free copy paper with high volume
  • natural white, uncoated on both sides
  • depending on grammage, suitable for letterheads, flyers, folded leaflets, greeting cards, postcards or business cards

In what types of materials are the advertising technology products available?

Beach flags

  • 110gsm banner material (light, translucent textile for indoor and outdoor use, B1-certified)
  • can be washed in washing machine at 30°C (regular washing recommended in the case of outdoor use)
  • metal cross base, cross plate or floor plug also available on request

Pop-up tents and pop-up tents side panels

  • polyester 600D (robust, coated material for outdoor use, water-repellent)
  • the foldable scaffolding consists of ultra-strong 2 mm aluminium profiles with a diameter of 40 mm as well as aluminium bases and joints
  • the worm fence system can be adjusted based on four different height settings

Exhibition counters

  • 200gsm décor fabric (opaque textile with 6% stretch rate, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, B1-certified)
  • 430 µ pop-up PVC opaque, robust display material, special laminate protection, B1-certified)
  • both systems have a light, but strong, worm fence system
  • angled, beech-style tabletop (décor fabric), oval-shaped tabletop in black (pop-up PVC)
  • attached via Velcro tape (décor fabric) or magnets (pop-up PVC)

Exhibition walls

  • 200gsm décor fabric (opaque textile with 6% stretch rate for indoor and outdoor use, B1-certified)
  • 430 µ pop-up PVC (opaque, robust display material, special laminate protection, B1-certified)
  • 400 gsm chromo duplex board (double-sided printing on coated cardboard surface, foldable exhibition wall thanks to connectors)
  • Both systems have a light, but strong, worm fence system
  • Attached via Velcro tape (décor fabric) or magnets (pop-up PVC)
  • The individual modules of the sustainable exhibition wall are connected with connectors and elastic


  • 330gsm mesh tarpaulin (mesh for large-scale printing, B1-certified)
  • 500gsm PVC tarpaulin (weather and UV-resistant, can be wiped down, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, B1-certified)

Roller banners

  • 330gsm polyester fabric (for Design, Comfort, Outdoor and XXL casings - maximum opaqueness and colour brilliance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, textile-like surface, no curling effects, B1-certified)
  • 500gsm PVC tarpaulin (weather and UV-resistant, can be wiped down, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, B1-certified)
  • 175µm polyester film (for Design, Comfort and Classic casings - opaque material with high colour brilliance, suitable for indoor use)
  • 170 g/m² coated paper (for sustainable Roll Up - 100 % recyclable, for indoor use)
  • 360 g/m² PVC-free canvas (for sustainable Roll Up - opaque material)


  • transparent acrylic 5 mm (thermoplastic with transparent, clear surface)
  • hard foam board (PVC Forex) 5 mm (foamed hard board with silk-matte surface)
  • aluminium composite 3 mm (polyethylene core surrounded by two aluminium surface layers, white, lightly satinised surface)
  • acrylic Photo Printing 6mm (picture is printed on the reverse side of 3mm acrylic, backed with 3mm aluminium composite)
  • lightweight Foam Board 5mm or 10mm (rigid CFC-free PUR foam core, plastic-coated on both sides)

Cloth banners

  • 110gsm banner material (light, translucent textile suitable for indoor and outdoor use, B1-certified)
  • 200gsm décor fabric (opaque textile with 6% stretch rate, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, B1-certified)
  • 240gsm display material (opaque textile with 2-3 % stretch rate, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, B1-certified)
  • 330gsm polyester fabric (maximum opaqueness and colour brilliance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, textile-like surface, no curling effects, B1-certified)
  • You can wash banner material, décor fabric and display material in your washing machine at 30°C

X / L banners

  • 330gsm polyester fabric (only L banners - maximum opaqueness and colour brilliance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, textile-like surface, no curling effects, B1-certified)
  • 330gsm mesh tarpaulin (X banners only - mesh for large-scale printing, B1-certified)
  • 500gsm PVC tarpaulin (X banners only - weather and UV-resistant, can be wiped down, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, B1-certified)
  • black plastic frame (X banners) or reinforced base and height-adjustable, aluminium telescopic rod.

What packaging products does SAXOPRINT offer, and what are their properties?

Product Packaging can be tailor-made online thanks to SAXOPRINT® easy box. From the 7 packaging categories, choose one of our 25 standard models. Adjust the dimensions to the millimetre, so the packaging fits your product perfectly. You can download the corresponding packaging templates directly in the shop page. In the data sheets, you will find information about uploading your artwork. Additionally, you may consider our online designer tool to create your packaging online.

We have the following materials on offer for your packaging:

350gsm GC chromo cardboard
This classic packaging material has a white silk matt finish on the outside, guarantees a colour-accurate print and is strong and flexible.

350gsm GC1 chromo board natural
The uncoated exterior and light-yellow tone provide a natural-looking surface and lend the packaging a natural look.

350gsm GZ1 chromium sulphate cardboard
This pure white paperboard is very strong and therefore ideal for high-quality, premium packaging.

300gsm kraft board brown
This unbleached and uncoated board has a brown colouring and is especially tear proof and durable. Please note colour deviation may occur due to the colouring of this board.

Dispersion varnish
For print runs of 100 units and above, we provide your packaging with a dispersion varnish. This protects the surface and ensures a high-quality print. Please note: packaging is unwritable and un-stampable after dispersion varnish has been applied.

Please note: our packaging is not safe for food; however, it can be used as an overpack for pre-packaged food.
SAXOPRINT easy box

Our mailer boxes are made out of a 230gsm GD laminated B-flute cardboard. It has an adhesive strip and tear thread.

Our Mailer Envelopes are available in B4 and B5 formats. Mailer envelopes are made of a 450gsm GD chromium duplex cardboard. They have an adhesive strip and tear thread - ensuring an easy way to seal and open them.
Mailer Boxes and Envelopes

Does SAXOPRINT offer spot colours?

Yes, you can order HKS or Pantone spot colours for many print products. Just select the desired colour in the calculation in the Service area. You can choose from 99 different HKS spot colours or from 1,728 different Pantone spot colours.

We will be able to recognise the selected colour in your artwork. Please name the colour channel of the spot colour with the correct number in your artwork.

What does “creasing” mean and for which folded leaflets and brochures is it recommendable?

Creasing is an additional refinement to enhance the quality of your product. Especially for papers with a higher density and also covering colour applications, creasing should be chosen to prevent breaking at fold and thereby the chipping of the colour. Your print product with fold will be automatically creased at a paper type of 160gsm and over.

What needs to be taken into account when ordering notepads and desk pads?

Please note for notepads and desk pads that colours that are applied to the side of the glue binding at the edge slight colour variations can occur due to gluing.

For notepads you can choose depending on their size between 2 and 4 punches on the left side of your pad. The holes have a diameter of 6mm and are 80mm apart, and 12mm from the edge (measured from the hole centre).

If you want to create checkered or lined notepads and desk pads, you will find in our print templates ready-made designs that can be customised with your logo.

Questions about our brochures

Which is the correct side (long/short) for the binding of brochures?

The binding depends on the chosen format. If you choose portrait format, we will bind on the long side, if you choose landscape format, we will do the binding on the short side.

What do I have to take into consideration when preparing the artwork for brochures with perfect binding and books with hardcover?

Please supply the artwork for the content sides as consecutive, individual sides in one file, beginning with the right side (side 1) and ending with the left side.

Please put the artwork for the cover into one file consisting of two sides (inside and outside cover).

  • Make sure the respective width of the spine has been included. The appropriate value for the thickness of the spine can be found in our artwork guide.

Side 1 = outside back cover (C4) + outside spine + outside front cover (C1)
Side 2 = inside front cover (C2) + inside spine + inside back cover (C3)

Um das Umblättern Ihrer Broschüre mit Klebebindung zu erleichtern, werden die Umschlagseiten in 7 mm Abstand zum Rücken gerillt.

  • To facilitate turning the pages of your brochure with perfect binding, the cover pages will be creased 7mm away from the spine. Therefore, position contents (texts and important design elements) at least 10mm away from the spine and do not use images that override pages. When choosing brochures with perfect binding, position contents (texts and important design elements) at least 10mm away from the spine and do not use images that override pages.

We collected all information necessary for creating your books with hardcover here:

Data sheet books portrait
Data sheet books landscape
Data sheet square

What does PUR stand for in perfect binding?

PUR is the abbreviation for the polyurethane adhesive that we use. The application of a very thin film of adhesive means the pages can be opened easily right to the middle. Used for brochures/catalogues or workbooks subject to heavy stress.

Questions about our finishing options

For which products is a finishing available?

The following products have optional finishing: Flyers, folded leaflets, business cards, postcards, greeting cards, advertising posters, brochures (cover), wall calendars, desk calendars, pocket calendars, bonus cards, appointment cards.

What kind of finishing is available?

You can choose between dispersion coating, UV coating (full, spot and spot 3D UV coating) and lamination (matt, glossy or soft touch) as finishing types for your products. For SAXOPRINT® easy box packaging, we offer spot 3D UV coating and metallic foil blocking in gold and silver with a 3D effect.

We offer UV coating in glossy finish and dispersion coating in silky finish. You can order our lamination both in glossy and silky versions.

To intensify the desired finishing effect, we recommend you to select our silk finish paper for a matt UV coating or gloss finish paper for a glossy UV coating.

What is the difference between UV coating, dispersion coating and lamination?

UV coating is a lacquer that hardens instantly upon exposure to UV light. It results in an abrasion resistant, tough, and depending on the selection of gloss or matte, a surface that can withstand high stress and optically enhances your print product.

Dispersion coating is a popular and environment-friendly sealing method to protect print products. In the process, the paper is coated with the thin liquid coating. Fast and even drying creates a flexible protective layer on your printed product that is pleasant to the touch and enhances the texture of the paper.

Lamination is a finishing method with a wafer-thin foil. This kind of lamination ensures stability and protection of your print product, increases durability and colour effect.

What do I have to consider when I choose finishing?

If you opt for a one-sided finishing, please pay attention to the correct name of your print data according to the selected page, which is finished. - Send your print data in multiple documents (one document per page), please name the document unequivocally, e.g. "job number, page 1, finishing". If you send your print data in a single document (one document all pages), then the first page in the document corresponds to the front and the second to the rear page.

Technical questions

Saxoprint.co.uk does not work correctly, what is the problem?

Saxoprint.co.uk was optimised to function with all well-established browsers. If the website should not be displayed or works correctly, please check for the following causes:

  • cookies are deactivated
  • JavaScript is deactivated
  • a Popup-Blocker is activated

We recommend using one of the following browsers which can be downloaded free of charge.

For PC:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome

For Mac:

  • Safari

Our friendly customer service team will gladly assist you with any questions or problems.