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SAXOPRINT is approved exporter

SAXOPRINT Online Print Shop

Responsibility is a high priority for SAXOPRINT and has a long tradition. As a CEWE Group company, SAXOPRINT implements the social and corporate responsibility requirements set out in the Code of Conduct. These include environmental protection, social commitment, ethical behaviour and sustainable improvements in the value chain. SAXOPRINT continues to fulfil its responsibility and thus supports the sustainability of the company's success for our business customers as well.

Your benefits in a nutshell:

  • The movement of goods is categorised by customs as reliable and trustworthy.
  • Simple and fast processing, document checks and customs inspections - our parcels are among the fastest.
  • Simplification of customs declarations and transit procedures.
  • Discounts as part of the customs procedure.
  • Securing the end-to-end international supply chain from the manufacturer of a product to the end consumer.

The status of Authorised Economic Operator Full (AEOF) enables SAXOPRINT to obtain a simple procedure without the need for extensive re-examination and authorisations for simplified customs procedures. In this respect, the application of uniform standards when granting the status within the entire European Union and when shipping to Switzerland is of great importance.

The granting of this status is linked to extensive requirements with regard to reliability, solvency, previous compliance with the relevant legal provisions and, where applicable, the fulfilment of certain security standards.

Our responsible regional level

You can find further information at our regional level:

Zoll Nordost
Bahnhofstrasse 62
Postfach 312
8201 Schaffhausen

SAXOPRINT with the highest globally valid customs status AEO-F

In order to meet the increased requirements for all customs and security processes, SAXOPRINT achieved the status of "Authorised Economic Operator - AEOF" in 2018, following the status of "Approved Exporter" and "Authorised Exporter". This status was confirmed by the complete presentation of all business processes to customs in a subsequent in-depth inspection.

This status will be of great importance for our European customer and supplier relationships as well as our customers in Switzerland and the UK in the future. SAXOPRINT is thus recognised by the customs administration as a particularly reliable and trustworthy company and can take advantage of special benefits in the context of customs procedures. According to European Union customs law, an AEO-F certified company enjoys special privileges during customs clearance. SAXOPRINT is therefore part of the customs administration's risk management, which is becoming increasingly important in view of changes in the global security situation. The topic of "compliance" in export control plays a key role here. Among other things, we have had to prove that our suppliers also fulfil the requirements for a secure supply chain without violating legal regulations.

Another prerequisite for obtaining AEO-F is that our parcels only contain the print products that we have produced according to the customer's requirements.

What we as the SAXOPRINT team gain from achieving the highest customs security status is particularly evident in times of seasonal business. If our shipping team adheres to the specifications of the known shipping processes, SAXOPRINT parcels are always among the fastest in customs clearance. This will guarantee the required delivery reliability as an important part of our customers' quality standards.