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reducedRoller Banners, Cloth Banners and Tarpaulins

SAXOPRINT – your professional online shop for print advertising

SAXOPRINT not only custom prints advertising and business materials such as flyers, letterheads and brochures. We also offer a complete line of customised products for exhibitions and events. You can have SAXOPRINT produce any and all important advertising and marketing materials, printed exactly according to your specifications and guaranteed to satisfy even the most exacting quality standards. Our line of marketing materials was developed with special attention to mobile and multi-purpose application, durability and, of course, an exceptionally brilliant print to ensure that your campaign is well received by customers and business partners alike.

State-of-the-art print advertising to bring your marketing ideas to life

Printed advertising and marketing products are amazingly multi-faceted and surprisingly multi-purpose. We all know that roll ups are great for exhibitions and events, but they can also be very useful in offices and salesrooms as dividers or mobile screens. Our exhibition counters are perfect for receptions in small rooms and can be easily moved to adapt to changing situations. Textile banners hanging from shop ceilings can serve as decorative orientation aids. Banners made of PVC or flag bunting, attached to bridges or fences are robust outdoor advertisements for publicising your events. When it comes to print advertising, we are a high performance partner, providing you with high quality advertising and marketing instruments that sell your company and products professionally. Our state-of-the-art machinery, the combination of both sheet-fed printing, web offset printing and digital printing all make it possible for us to unify efficiency and top quality. Should any questions about our products or the ordering process arise, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

Roll ups

Roll ups play an important role when you need an advertising instrument that can be easily transported, quickly set up and taken down. As your specialist for print advertising, we offer roll ups in various sizes and 6 formats right up to our 2.4 m x 2 m XXL roll up. Our Classic and Design models are suitable for advertising at exhibitions and events. For outdoor advertising, we recommend the model Outdoor, e.g. to complement market stalls. The roll up system includes a cassette casing and a transport tote bag. They make set up so easy that your banner is almost on display before you’ve taken it out of the bag. Various printable materials suited to your purposes can be ordered from our online shop. Examples are anti-reflection, 450 gms PVC banners for exhibition applications or our Airtex opaque polyester that can double as screens. Roll ups in high quality digital print are ideal for promotional events. These large surface advertising instruments can be printed with your logo, slogan or product photos.


It’s almost impossible to overlook a beach flag waving in the wind. This attractive, modern type of flag is an impressive way to get your slogan out in the open at outdoor events. Custom beachflags are ideal for creating a lot of attention, for example, as part of an image campaign or as ‘shopper stoppers’ in front of stores. The printed colours on the lightweight 110 gsm bunting are absolutely brilliant. Their large size - available in dimensions up to 5.2 m – is certain to grab the attention of customers and passers by. We also offer 5 different bases so that your beach flags have a solid stand, yet enough play to move along with the wind. These advertising flags are available in four shapes in various sizes, which makes it possible for you to choose the shape you want and have them printed for any occasion and with any design. The thin bunting stands up to light, wind and weather, and it’s even washable. Beach flags can be used for both indoor events, such as exhibitions, in hotels, or in shops; or outdoors at sports events or markets. Incidentally, your slogan or advertisement is highly visible from all angles – even its mirrored image – due to the transparent material we use for custom printing beach flags. This effect can be taken into consideration when you design your beach flags to further enhance your advertisement.

L banners

The L banner is a lightweight display with a chrome-plated aluminium frame that makes an elegant impression. Similar to roll ups, this advertising instrument can be set up in a very short time and is a real eye-catcher at indoor exhibitions and events. This advertising display has an L-shaped frame and is also an attention getter in your reception area or in shop and seminar rooms. We print your 80 cm x 215 cm design on robust Airtex fabric. The print is produced in 4/0 Euroscale colour technique, and your display order comes with the frame included in a practical transport tote bag. You can also order banners without frames from our online shop, so you can switch displays any time you like. The 330 gsm fabric is a B1 certified, flame resistant material, which makes it suitable for large indoor events like sports meets, receptions and conferences.

X banners

This marketing product is particularly suitable for use in salesrooms and supermarkets, e.g. for promotions, handing out samples for test tasting or introducing new products. The X banner is available in 3 sizes, and the smallest, 30 cm x 43 cm, can be placed on counters. You can also have X banners custom printed in the sizes 70 cm x 175 cm or 70 cm x 190 cm. The X-frame is made of lightweight aluminium, and the banner is attached to the corners of the frame with grommets. You can switch the printed panel at any time and change banners over and over again for advertising that is full of variety. Print is done in 4/0 colour technique on an opaque and UV-resistant 500 gsm panel that can be wiped off when necessary. The display includes frame and panel in a practical tote bag for transport.

Textile banners

Textile banners are a particularly versatile marketing product from our online print shop. We offer them in four different variations: in 110 gsm light flag bunting, 200 gsm décor fabric, 240 gsm display fabric and 330 gsm Airtex polyester, coated fabric. All of these materials are B1 certified, flame-resistant and washable. You can use the banners indoors, e.g. as custom printed ceiling displays, as a backdrop for promotions or as room dividers. Outdoors, textile banners can be used as advertisements on construction fences, walls and bridges or at open air events. We also offer you mounting options suited to your location, e.g. clamping strips, and the banners themselves can be delivered with tunnel hems or grommets. All of these options can be selected from the configurator when you place your order.

Advertising tarpaulins

Our advertising tarpaulins are made of either 330 gsm mesh or 500 gsm PVC panels. The robust, opaque PVC panel has exceptionally high colour brilliance and is ideal for construction fences or as banners for bridges. The mesh panels, in contrast, are light, translucent and allow both air and light to pass through, which makes them the perfect choice for façade advertising or in locations that are prone to wind and inclement weather. Our print advertising and signage shop contains all extra options, such as grommets, tunnel hems or aluminium clamping strips. Our mounting options make it easy for you to attach your custom printed tarpaulins in a safe and secure manner. These systems are so flexible, that you can change your advertisements any time you like. We offer a broad selection of dimensions in both portrait and landscape orientation for your printed banners. You can order advertising banners in print runs from 1 to 25 from our online print shop, and the higher the run is, the lower the unit price.


Signs are particularly robust, durable and decorative advertising products. They can be used for orientation, for surgeries or practices to publicise opening hours, or to emphasise the corporate design of your business. In order to provide you with signage exactly suited to you or your company, we offer 3 variations, each in a selection of sizes. Custom printed signs on 3 mm aluminium composite board are generally used for advertising signage in outdoor areas. The 5 mm PVC Forex hard foam panels are popular for exhibitions, and signs printed on 5 mm acrylic sheets - either transparent or with whiteprint underlay - are great as decorations. Colours are especially brilliant on custom printed acrylic sign.

Exhibition walls

Mobile exhibition walls covered with textile or PVC panels are an ideal complement to SAXOPRINT exhibition counters. Whether they stand alone or are just one component of your trade show stand: custom printed exhibition stand walls can also double as, e.g. room dividers, as eye-catchers or as barriers between stands. Your taste testing promotions in supermarkets, service presentations at regional exhibitions or organisation information stands are sure to be a success. Depending upon the model you choose, the folding lattice system includes accessories such as hook and loop tape or magnets, which are delivered in either a transport box or trolley. The custom printed exhibition walls can be set up alone or by two people with just a flick of the wrist. The stands can be transported in almost any passenger automobile, and the custom printed design can be changed at any time. This affordable marketing product ensures a professional impression at any exhibition. The exhibition walls are robust and easy to clean. For an impressively brilliant and pin-sharp design, we custom print your exhibition walls in either dye-sub or digital printing technique. We do recommend that you use these products primarily indoors or when canopies are available in order to prolong their longevity and to ensure the long-lasting functionality of the lattice grate. If the panels do get damp, they must be carefully dried before they are packed into the transport box or trolley for storage.

Exhibition counters

Two variations of exhibition counters can be ordered from our print advertising shop: a rectangular counter with a textile covering and countertop in beech wood look or the oval variation with a heavy duty PVC covering and black countertop. Both systems are equipped with lattice grilles and can be combined perfectly with exhibition walls or beach flags. One person can easily set them up and transport them in the tote bag that is included in delivery. If these marketing instruments are meant to be used for taste testing, we recommend the oval pop up counter, as it is heavier and easy to wipe off. The rectangular version, on the other hand, is a better choice for information stands because it is also equipped with shelves, making it ideal for storing leaflets, brochures, giveaways and business cards. This custom printed exhibition counter model is also B1 certified to meet the fire protection regulations at almost any indoor event.

Pop up tents

The pop up tent range in our shop includes an easy-to-set-up lattice grill system in four adjustable heights. The custom printable tent canopy, bases, ropes, tent pegs and transport trolley are all included in delivery. Walls with or without windows, sidewalls and doors can be ordered and custom printed according to your own specifications. The side panels can be custom printed outside, inside or on both sides. Pop-Up tents are probably the most important advertising instrument for organisers of outdoor events, markets or open-air concerts and productions. Sports organisations, event and wedding planners for summer receptions and outdoor promotions appreciate our high quality pop up tents.

Their PU coating is 100% waterproof, UV-resistant and flame resistant so that the tents can also be used for indoor events and meet fire regulations. Our pop up tents are available in 3 sizes: 3 m x 3 m, 3m x 4.5 m and 3 m x 6 m. They are printed on a 600D polyester material, which results in a dramatic, large-format advertisement that is highly visible. A custom printed tent roof also draws attention from a large distance and can be used to attract customers and visitors from afar. The side panels are very easy to set up and take down, which makes you absolutely flexible. You can react quickly to any change in weather at outdoor events: open windows to let in fresh air, close the sides completely if it starts to rain, and take them down when the sun shines.

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