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  • Various sizes up to 150 × 400 cm
  • Durable 110gsm flag material
  • Different hoisting and stand options available
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*Beach Flags starting at £44.80 (net price for 1 beach flag straight). Go to offer
Product Information

Product Information for Flags

Flags in Overview

Print Run
Number of Sides
Colour Mode
Hoisting flags with cantilever
With Cantilever

120 × 300 cm
120 × 400 cm
150 × 350 cm
150 × 400 cm

from 1 to 25 units


4/0 Euroscale

110gsm banner material 
110gsm mesh polyester

hemstitch on top, loops left side 
hemstitch on top, snap hook left side

Hoisting flags
Without Cantilever

120 × 300 cm
120 × 400 cm
150 × 350 cm
150 × 400 cm

from 1 to 25 units


4/0 Euroscale

110gsm banner material 
110gsm mesh polyester

revolving seam, eyelets left side 
revolving seam, snap hook left side


If you are looking for a flag for your flagpole, select a hoisting flag. If you do not have a flagpole, you can order beach flags. Unlike hoisting flags, beach flags are supplied with poles.


Flag Styles

Our hoisting flags are the perfect advertising material to attract attention even from a distance. At a size of 1.5 x 4 m, you can get every message across. There are various options for attaching the hoisting flag to your flagpole.

Hoisting Flags for Flagpoles without Cantilevers

If your flagpoles do not have cantilevers, you can order our flags without cantilevers. Flags without cantilevers billow very effectively in the wind. The flags are hemmed all around and are processed with eyelets or snap hooks on the left-hand side as desired.

Hoisting flags without cantilever

Hoisting flags in detail

The hoisting flags can be attached via a loop, eyelet or snap hook. Please note: Your choice of processing method depends on which flag style you select.

With Eyelets (without Cantilevers)

Eyelets are available for hosting flags without cantilever. They have an internal diameter of approx. 1 cm. The eyelets are spaced 80 to 100 cm apart. One flag can have up to 6 eyelets.

Detailed view of eyelet

With Hemstitch (for Cantilevers)

You can use the hemstitch to attach the flags to the upper outrigger. The diameter of the hemstitch is approx. 4.5 cm.

Detailed view of loop

Materials for our Hoisting Flags

Mesh Polyester

The 110gsm mesh polyester is made from 100% polyester. This material is tear-resistant and has a slight stretch across the bias. It is particularly well-suited to outdoor use - the small holes (mesh) in the fabric make it ideal for use in windy areas. This means mesh polyester has higher durability compared to standard banner material.

Mesh polyester

For a long-lasting print quality on your flags, please take note of our tips for handling textiles.


FAQ's for Hoisting Flags

What should I consider when ordering a hoisting flag for my flagpole?

Ideally, you should order your flag to fit whichever type of flagpole you have. It is important for you to take a note of which type of fastening best suits your flagpole - for example, does your flagpole have a cantilever? If so, order your flag print with a hemstitch on top, which is specially designed for flagpoles with cantilevers.

Is it possible to wash the flag fabric when it gets dirty?

Yes, you can wash the print in any conventional washing machine at 30 degrees and with mild liquid detergent. Regular washing significantly increases the lifespan of the print.

Do you have hoisting flags in landscape?

We currently do not offer hoisting flags in landscape format.