Stickers & Labels

  • Round, oval, square, rectangle
  • For outdoors or indoors
  • Spot UV coating available
Custom Shaped Stickers

We are used for:

  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Giveaways for your customers
  • Promotional material for your sales team
  • Promotional events
Square Stickers

60 × 60 mm
72 × 72 mm
50 × 50 mm
105 × 105 mm
148 × 148 mm
120 × 120 mm
210 × 210 mm
297 × 297 mm
Rectangle Stickers

148 × 50 mm
100 × 60 mm
100 × 40 mm
90 × 40 mm
85 × 55 mm
70 × 40 mm
60 x 50 mm
60 × 40 mm
Stickers with Rounded Corners (3mm)

105 × 105 mm
85 × 55 mm
60 × 60 mm
Oval Stickers

70 × 48 mm
80 × 48 mm
120 × 77 mm
145 × 95 mm
Round Stickers

Ø 40 mm
Ø 50 mm
Ø 60 mm
Ø 70 mm
Ø 80 mm
Ø 90 mm
Ø 100 mm
Ø 140 mm
Ø 210 mm
Print Run from 250 to 10,000 units
Number of Sides 1
Colour Mode
4/0 euroscale
Material 90 μm outdoor vinyl
white matt | white glossy | transparent

95 µm adhesive material (vegan, removable)
80gsm indoor adhesive label material (writable)

90 µm window vinyl (reverse print)
Finishing Spot UV Coating

Used for:

  • Address and shipping labels
  • Labeling
  • Inventory and storage labels
  • Wine and product labels
Finished Size
210 × 96.3 mm
146.5 × 210 mm
146.5 × 103 mm
103 × 96.3 mm
103 × 71.2 mm
71.2 × 49.5 mm
33.6 × 49.5 mm
Print Run from 100 to 80,000 units
Number of Sides 1
Colour Mode
4/0 euroscale
1/0 black
1/0 spot colouring
2/0 black spot colouring
Material 80gsm label paper

Used for:

  • Product stickers
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Informational stickers
  • Wine and product labels
Finished Size
(Area for bespoke size)
289 × 202 mm
142.5 × 202 mm
202 × 94 mm
142.5 × 99 mm
99 × 94 mm
99 × 69 mm
69 × 47,5 mm
44.5 × 30 mm
Print Run from 5 to 7,200 units
Number of Sides 1
Colour Mode
4/0 euroscale
Material 135gsm vinyl white
white matt | white glossy

Custom Stickers with SAXOPRINT

Stickers can be used almost anywhere: as conventional advertising materials, collector stickers for consumers, for guerrilla marketing, for labelling objects or as window decals or decorative window films. Our online print shop gives you support even before you place an order with our sticker printers. We offer a free sticker template to ensure optimal print results. Our expert customer service team is standing by to give you useful tips about designing your own stickers, information about setting up your layout, or to answer any questions about the ordering process for your custom printed stickers.

Uses for Custom Stickers

Which target groups can you reach with sticker printing with SAXOPRINT? What marketing benefits do bespoke stickers offer you? Here are four of the many ways custom stickers can improve your corporate image:

1. Sticker Printing for Brand Marketing

Printed stickers are an advertising medium with staying power and can reach audiences not accessible by flyers. That makes them ideal for long-term slogans or branding campaigns. Usually, stickers are given out for free at exhibitions or events and find positive acceptance with consumers. If they are printed with a creative layout, cheeky slogan or smart graphics, the probability that they will be used, e.g. on mobile phones, windscreens or bumpers, increases. Stickers for advertising or informational campaigns from political parties, sports clubs, non-profit organisations and civil authorities are a popular way to excite fans or educate the public about specific issues.

2. Printing Collector Stickers for Consumers

You can promote customer loyalty with collector stickers like those given out for free in supermarkets or other businesses. Resellers can also have custom stickers printed to market collector books, e.g. for favourite football clubs or popular comic and cartoon characters. Even stickers from renowned companies like Apple and BMW are popular for decorating notebooks or mobile phones. Promotional campaigns where participants can create their own stickers are appealing to fans. Our round stickers are especially popular for decoration. The stickers can subsequently be used for marketing purposes.

3. Custom Labels

Labels are usually small and inconspicuous but very important. Label printing can bring order to your home or office. Custom labels can be used for CE logos, various verification and certification stamps, for operating instructions and device identification, as well as custom address labels or shipping labels. Especially when you use pre-printed packaging and need a quick alteration, printed labels are a professional alternative to handwriting. At SAXOPRINT, your custom labels are printed on transparent 90 µm adhesive film or white adhesive paper, allowing you to write or stamp on it. The film has excellent durability and UV resistance. For use on doors or windows (e.g. for car advertising, opening hours or sales in shops), we generally recommend ordering transparent stickers without whiteprint. Because they are see-through, they safeguard an adequate field of vision. If you want to be able to write or stamp on the labels, we recommend selecting our 70gsm adhesive paper. Label printing is easy and convenient.

4. Printing Window Decals for Larger Formats

Whether they are used for information about opening hours, as orientation maps or to advertise discount offers; window stickers or window decals are the perfect solution. We have a large selection of formats from A8 to A3, rectangles with or without rounded corners, larger squares or circles. You can also print your custom labels and stickers printed as vinyl stickers to protect them from light and weather and to give them a longer outdoor life span. Vinyl sticker printing gives you that extra staying power, with protection against the elements.

Your custom vinyl stickers can be ordered with or without full surface whiteprint. They are also available in reverse print, allowing you to stick your message on the inside of windows. Another option is to apply white print behind the coloured areas so that their luminance and colour brilliance are just as striking, even when they are used on dark surfaces. Vinyl sticker printing is offered both in the inherently glossy material or with a matt finish, which can be selected on our calculation page.

Inspiration for Custom Printed Stickers and Labels

We print your single sided custom labels and stickers with the CMYK offset printing process, which makes almost any colour possible. SAXOPRINT is proud to offer a wide arrange of custom stickers including: window stickers, vegan stickers and removable stickers. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from round stickers or circle stickers to square stickers and rectangle stickers—offered with our without rounded edges. Before you decide upon form and format, you should think about what information is to be placed on the sticker. Determine whether text and images, only text or a sole graphic make sense. These considerations are generally based upon the stickers’ purpose, and a draft can help you make those decisions. We recommend using professional graphics software like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator to set up the layout for your custom printed stickers. Our free print templates make a perfect layout for your stickers easy, and they are available for use with InDesign, Illustrator and PDF.

Affordable Printed Stickers – Forms and Materials

Our wide selection of forms and formats make it possible for you to use stickers for a multitude of purposes depending upon your layout. Affordable stickers are especially eye-catching in round and oval forms. If you are looking to be environmentally friendly, vegan stickers are a perfect fit for you. If you want to advertise less permanently our removable stickers do not leave adhesive residue upon removal. Window stickers, which are reverse printed, adhere to the inside of glass surfaces suitable for shop window advertising. SAXOPRINT offers square and rectangle (with or without rounded edges) and oval and round stickers in 9 formats from 40 to 210 mm in diameter, or in four formats from 70 x 48 mm to 145 x 90 mm. Incidentally, round stickers are particularly popular as campaign buttons—increasing invisibility; whereas angular forms are ideal for collections and label printing.

For car advertising or shop windows, we recommend having transparent window stickers printed. They allow the underlying paint to show or light to pass through. The added separation cuts (every 60 mm) make it easy to detach the stickers from the backing film. The stickers have excellent and durable adhesion to smooth surfaces, but they can leave behind negligible residue when removed.


Online Ordering Options for Printed Stickers

You can order custom stickers from our online print shop in print runs from 250 to 10,000 per order. Production times can vary depending upon the material and printing options you have chosen. Processing is included in the price of your stickers, i.e. they can be punched or individually cut and packed in stacks.

Along with the standard artwork check included in every order, you can also select one of our professional proofing options. Our employees in pre-press manually examine your print files for possible errors. Any changes you make to your printed sticker order are automatically reflected in the price displayed on the calculation pages. If you need to take a bit more time for your decision, simply use the button ‘print quote’ under the displayed order price. This option gives you a price quote guarantee that is valid for 14 days.

We offer resellers frequent orders special conditions for printed stickers. Please get in touch with our customer service team to find out about the benefits we have for you. Invoice on account, our high level of service and personal telephone consultation are only a few of the advantages you can expect from our many years of experience as an online print shop.

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