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Ad Banners

  • Over 30 different formats (portrait and landscape)
  • PVC, cloth and mesh banners
  • Optimal hold with eyelets, hemstitch or clamping bars
TipBespoke tarpaulins
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Print in standard and free formats

Product Information

Product Information for Ad Banners

Ad Banner in Overview


100 × 50 cm

100 × 100 cm

150 × 50 cm

150 × 100 cm

150 × 150 cm

200 × 50 cm

200 × 100 cm

200 × 150 cm

200 × 200 cm

215 × 73 cm

250 × 50 cm 

250 × 100 cm

250 × 150 cm

250 × 200 cm

300 × 50 cm

300 × 100 cm

300 × 150 cm

300 × 200 cm

300 × 250 cm

300 × 300 cm

340 × 173 cm

350 × 50 cm

350 × 100 cm

350 × 150 cm

350 × 200 cm

400 × 50 cm

400 × 100 cm

400 × 150 cm

400 × 200 cm

400 × 300 cm

500 × 50 cm

500 × 100 cm

500 × 150 cm

500 × 200 cm

600 × 40 cm

600 × 60 cm

600 × 100 cm

700 × 100 cm



Bespoke sizes


min. 100 cm | max. 1000 cm


min. 50 cm | max. 250 cm

Print run

from 1 to 25 units

Number of Sides


Colour Mode

4/0 Euroscale


330gsm mesh tarpaulin

500gsm pvc tarpaulin

cutting, with/without hemstitch
Eylets corners
cutting, revolving seam, eyelets in corners
Multiple eylets
cutting, revolving seam, multiple eyelets
Terminal strips kit

without terminal strips kit

with terminal strips kit


Materials for Ad Banners

Depending on where and how you want to use your advertising banner, two different materials can be used to meet your specific needs. Both types of advertising banners and tarpaulins can be printed easily and in the best quality. They offer a high-quality and extremely durable advertising space.

Mesh Tarpaulin

Alternatively, we also offer advertising banners made of 330 g/m² mesh tarpaulin, which are also B1-certified. This PVC perforated fabric is somewhat transparent and permeable to light and air due to its production. This makes ad banners made from mesh tarpaulin perfect for covering entire building fronts without heavily reducing the flow of light into the building. We recommend using this material in areas with high wind, as the air permeability protects the material and thus ensures longer durability.

Mesh tarpaulin


The choice is yours - we offer tarpaulins with eyelets or a hemstitch.

With Eyelets

We recommend eyelets at all four corners or every 50 cm if you are using the advertising banners on buildings, bridges or railings. The eyelets are made from nickel and have an inner circumference of 12 mm and an outer circumference of 25 mm.

Banner with eyelet

Our tip: If you are using your advertising banners in outdoor areas, we recommend using high-quality fastening solutions. Cable ties, which are commonly used as a fastening for tarpaulins, should only be used to a limited extent. Because cable ties have rigid and inflexible material properties, they are unable to stretch in the wind. This could cause the banner to rip in a worst-case scenario. We recommend using stretchable tension belts.


FAQ's for Ad Banners

How much wind can a mesh tarpaulin withstand?

If mesh tarpaulin is tied to a building fassade, it has a wind load of 74 kg per m². Free-hanging, it can withstand a wind load of 170 kg per m². The mesh structure of the fabric reduces the wind load by 20 - 30 %, so even large formats can be easily and safely fastened outside.

Is the hem part of the printed image?

Yes, the hem is part of the print area and is printed as well.

Is there a sustainable tarpaulin material?

Currently we do not have any ecological tarpaulin material in our product range. Due to our high printing volume, however, we are able to use each roll to its maximum capacity and therefore have as little waste as possible.

Advertising banners and tarpaulins – flexible advertising that hits the target

Thanks to their flexibility and large range of different sizes, advertising banners and tarpaulins can be used in many ways for a range of advertising goals. At construction sites, in addition to their advertising message, they provide an additional layer of protection and prevent debris from escaping. For events, they are frequently used to advertise the event in advance, as well as to decorate indoor areas and help customers find their way around. Wherever you want to use your advertising tarpaulins, you will find a wide range of sizes, big and small, in our shop, along with various materials and appropriate further processing. This enables you to configure the perfect form of advertising tailored to your specific needs.

Advertising banners in practical use

Our advertising banners can be used practically anywhere. For example, simply as a site cover or as an all-over, beautifully designed building front covering. Our advertising banners look the part here, just as they do for advertising in sports stadiums or adding a decorative design to construction hoardings and fences.

Both types of advertising banners and tarpaulins can be printed easily and in the highest quality, and are a premium and extremely durable advertising space. The benefits are clear to see. In brief, our advertising banners and tarpaulins:

  • can be flexibly used,
  • are weatherproof,
  • are particularly durable and strong,
  • are heat and UV-resistant,
  • are easy to clean
  • can be installed and transported quickly and easily.

As a result, our advertising tarpaulins are the perfect way to achieve full effect in a wide range of different areas, as well as ensure effective and highly visible advertising. Making the choice for a banner like this gives you added value, as you will always have the chance to benefit from this form of advertising.

From idea through to print

If you want to place your advertisement on a banner, you can avail of our years of experience when designing your print layout. We will help you to prepare the right print templates, as well as check your files directly after you upload it through a standard artwork check. We want to make the order process as easy as possible for you and speed up production. With the highest-quality materials, high production standards and our experienced employees, you will enjoy print results. Our friendly customer consultants are on hand to help by telephone or email with any questions you may have.

Take advantage of our offers at SAXOPRINT, and with our help, create an outdoor advertisement that is durable and highly visible thanks to its colour brilliance, and one that is sure to achieve the desired advertising results.