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Cloth Banners

  • Over 20 different formats
  • With hemstitch, eyelets or terminal strips
  • Banner, blackback, display fabric or AIRTEX®
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Product Information

Product Information for Cloth Banners

Cloth Banners in Overview


Fixed Sizes:

70 × 50 cm

80 × 80 cm

100 × 50 cm

100 × 70 cm

100 × 100 cm

120 × 120 cm

150 × 50 cm

150 × 100 cm

150 × 150 cm

200 × 50 cm

200 × 100 cm

200 × 150 cm

200 × 200 cm

220 × 180 cm

250 × 50 cm 

250 × 100 cm

250 × 150 cm

250 × 200 cm

300 × 50 cm

300 × 100 cm

300 × 150 cm

300 × 200 cm

400 × 50 cm

400 × 100 cm

400 × 150 cm

400 × 200 cm

Standard Sizes:



Bespoke Sizes


min. 100 cm | max. 1000 cm


min. 50 cm | max. 250 cm

Print run

from 1 to 25 units

Number of Sides


Colour Mode

4/0 Euroscale


banner Fabric

display Fabric

blackback Fabric

AIRTEX® (polyester fabric)

cutting, with/without hemstitch
Multiple eylets
cutting, revolving seam, multiple eyelets
Terminal Strips Kit

without terminal strips kit

with terminal strips kit


If you are looking for banners for outdoor use, we recommend our robust PVC or mesh tarpaulins.


Materials - Textiles Compared

Find the right material and processing type for your cloth banner. We will explain the differences between our four materials, their respective properties, and pros and cons.

270gsm Blackback Fabric

270gsm blackback fabric is a 100% opaque material. The back side of this polyester material has a black PU Blockout coating. The fabric has a good resistance to creasing and is also B1-certified.

Blackback polyester

330gsm AIRTEX® (polyester fabric)

Polyester fabric is an innovative material. The fabric is sealed up with plastic and is therefore perfect for outdoor use. It ensures maximum opaqueness and is relatively heavy at 330gsm. Motifs are printed in high resolution and with exceptional colours. Bulges are barely visible and the surface is napped so no light can be reflected. The material can be wiped down and is very easy to maintain. Our cloth banners with AIRTEX® are also flame-retardant and extremely durable.

Polyester fabric

With proper care, your cloth banners can last a long time. We've compiled textile maintenance rules and information on material stretch and shrinkage in a handy document for you.

Alternatives to textile banners

You may also consider our PVC tarpaulins or mesh banners. With their high durability, these are well-suited for outdoor use and can withstand even the strongest winds. Our friendly customer service team would be happy to help you choose the right tarpaulin or cloth banner for you.


Fastenings for Cloth Banners

Your cloth banners will be cut to the size you would like. We have three drifferent types of fastenings that you can select for hanging up your cloth banners:

  • Terminal strips for the top and bottom
  • Hemstitch for suspending by means of wire or tensioning ropes, rods, etc.
  • Eyelets on all sides ( every 50 cm), e.g. for fences or scaffolding

In our shop you can choose your processing individually. The price is independent of the chosen edition, format and material.

Please note: You can also order cloth banners without fastenings. In this case, your cloth banner will simply be cut to the desired size.

With Eyelets

The eyelets are located every 50 cm around the fabric banner and are also suitable for outdoor use to ensure strong attachment to fences, bridges or trees. The eyelets are tear resistant up to a wind force of 6. They can be selected depending on the format.

Banner with eyelet

FAQ's for Cloth Banners

Is there a matt material (that doesn't reflect much light)?

Banner material and blackback fabric are both matt textiles.

Is it possible to wash the fabric when it gets dirty?

Yes, you can wash the print in any conventional washing machine at 30 degrees and with mild liquid detergent. Regular washing significantly increases the lifespan of the print.

How can I transport or store fabric prints? If they crease, can I iron them?

The fabrics have different degrees of crease sensitivity. Basically, you can wash, hang and dry all fabrics. This makes them wrinkle-free again. As an option, you can also iron the fabrics on the reverse side at low temperatures. We do not recommend steam irons, as they can leave partial drying stains on some fabrics.

Cloth Banners Skillfully Used

Cloth banners are firmly established in the sales and advertising industries. They are commonly used as ceiling banners in sales rooms, for decorating display windows or walls or for partitioning in exhibition rooms. They are also used outdoors as event, bridge or fence banners as an alternative to tarpaulin.

Cloth banners are impressive, flexible and original advertising media for indoor and outdoor use. Based on the latest printing procedures, their quality has improved significantly in recent years. Now, one-sided printing is sufficient to achieve vibrant colours and motif reproduction on front and back. With SAXOPRINT, you receive high-quality textile banners in a range of sizes (0.70 m to 4.00 m in height), four different materials and with a large selection of accessories to meet even the highest demands.

Decorative textile banners from SAXOPRINT

With 23 different sizes, you can easily select the size you want from our quote. If you need a special size, please contact our customer service team. Based on the selected batch size (1-25 units), you will receive a corresponding overall price for your order including delivery charges.

Are you a reseller or running a chain of shops? Then save yourself time and avail of our free reseller service.

Simple printing of cloth banners

Printing cloth banners in our print shop is not rocket science. In just a few simple steps, you can order them online: Choose the desired size, specify the material and place your order. Then you submit your textile banner models to us. Thanks to our artwork check, you are sure to have optimal print results. We check your print templates for potential issues and contact you immediately if we find any errors.