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Beach flags draw attention and put your logo and your message in the limelight. We offer you high quality print  for your beach flags, with stable accessories for all weather conditions.

Find out about our shapes and prices.

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Beach flags - outdoor advertising with a big impact

Outdoor advertising is a good way for shop-owners, exhibitors and businesses to make passers-by and potential customers aware of innovations or locations. With a practical base and simple operation of the branded banner, feather flags or sail flags can be set up quickly in different settings.
SAXOPRINT advertising flags are UV-resistant, wind and weather resistant. They can be easily washed and can be used for 2-3 years if well maintained. The easily assembled feather flags can be set up in a range of different sizes and shapes, depending on the type of usage and choice of branding. Large sail flags can be used for outdoor advertising or events, while smaller teardrop flags can be installed inside or in front of small businesses. Whether it's in the reception of a hotel or the entrance area to a department store, on exhibition stands or as added decoration to a local area, custom flags are always attract attention.

Beach flags varieties and material properties

Beach flag matrial and construction
At SAXOPRINT, we offer you a large selection of different custom flags, allowing you to advertise your product effectively. You have your choice of many shapes and sizes, from our four sizes S, M, L or XL (200-450 cm) to our wide variety of advertising flags, like feather flags, teardrop flags and sail flags.

A sturdy stand and pole are included, a cantilever is also included with the sail flags. Decide which type of outdoor advertising meets your needs from custom flags, to roller banners or X banners printing in many sizes and formats.

When it comes to material quality, at SAXOPRINT, we accept no compromises and only offer you the very best quality for your feather flag. Here are just a few benefits of our beach flags:

  • Light banner material or mesh polyerster: 110gsm
  • Transparent, so your message is also displayed back-to-front in case of wind
  • Silk matte surface
  • High-resolution, sharp and vivid colours
  • Washable at 30°C to better protect material from corrosion
  • UV-resistant and lasts 2-3 years
  • Durable and tear resistant
  • Ribbon reinforced hemstitch for extra strength
  • Flame-retardant banner material with B1-certification
  • Flag is replaceable

Tip: In the case of frequent outdoor usage, we recommend that you wash the beach flag every 2-3 months to improve the durability of the material. Weather conditions and corrosion affect the material and can significantly reduce its lifespan. A 30°C wash in a standard washing machine with liquid detergent ensures optimum cleaning results for the material without fading the print.

Large range of accessories for specific locations and conditions

Ensuring the right stability in stronger winds is important when advertising outdoors. The larger the feather flag, the better or stronger the base needs to be. Sail flags come with an additional cantilever for stability. Consequently, we offer the perfect accessories for your needs in our quote:

Metal cross base S 3.5 kg for use in indoor areas
Metal stand S 3.5 kg for use in indoor areas
Metal cross base M 5.5 kg for use in outdoor areas
Metal stand M 5.5 kg for use in outdoor areas in the case of strong winds (wind strength 4)
Metal cross base L/XL with carry handle, 14 kg, for use in outdoor areas
The metal stand holds firm while the beach flag moves with the wind helping to draw the attention of potential customers to your location. In strong winds (up to wind strength 5) or on uneven surfaces such as grass or gravel.
Cross plate for beach flags, indoor and outdoor areas
Cross stand for indoor and outdoor areas – tube provided increases stability (can be filled with water or sand), not suitable for use in strong winds
Floor plug for fixing on grass or soft surfaces
Floor plug for fixing on grass or soft surfaces
Both the metal stand and cross stand move the beach flag with the wind and can help to draw the attention of potential customers to your stand. In strong winds (up to wind strength 5), we recommend using metal cross base L with floor plugs to fix your custom flags in place. In the case of winds of strength 6 upwards, you should dismantle your beach flags and move them indoors.

Thanks to our range of accessories, you can set up your beach flag wherever you like, even in strong winds and on uneven surfaces.

High service quality, fast production and optimum print results

Beach flag with cantilever
If you print your feather flag, teardrop flag or sail flag with us, we will offer you the support you need before you even complete your order. Our friendly customer service team is on hand via telephone to help you choose the right beach banner or accessories. Our quote also includes helpful information about the banner material, bases, optional accessories and how to create your print data.

We automatically verify that your artwork is correct before your order goes to print. Our flag templates are the perfect way to help you set your layout. If you are ordering beach flags online for the first time, we recommend our professional artwork check. Employees from our prepress will check that your margin values are correct, as well as potential sources of error such as the ideal resolution for your design. In the case of very large beach flags from 3 m in size, this is an important step to ensure optimal print results.

Our typical production time for beach flags is just 5 working days. If you need them more urgently, you can choose our express production of 3 working days. Your beach flags will be shipped in 1-2 working days, so you will have your brand new beach flags at your disposal quickly and with minimum fuss. Thanks to the variable batch sizes, you can also order single beach flags from us. The larger the order volume, the lower the unit price for individual beach flags.

Take advantage of the vast range of offers from SAXOPRINT and discover our services. We print your beach flags at low cost and in the highest quality. Prepare to be amazed by our exceptional and unique stand-out prints.

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