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On average

X and L Banners

  • Useful for many different occasions
  • Easy to set up, take down and transport
  • Different formats - up to 215 cm tall (L Banner)
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Product Information

Product Information for X and L Banners

X and L Banners in Overview

Print Run
Number of Pages
Colour Mode
X Banners   front
X Banners

30 × 43 cm (print area: 28 × 39 cm)

70 × 175 cm (print area: 64 × 160 cm)

70 × 190 cm (print area: 64 × 180 cm)

from 1 to 25 units


4/0 Euroscale

PVC tarpaulin

delivered preassembled

L Banners   front
L Banners

80 × 215 cm

from 1 to 25 units


4/0 Euroscale


delivered preassembled


X and L banners are very light compared to roller banners and represent a good alternative to these. Both X and L banners are very easy to transport and set up.


Variants for X and L Banners

The two banner types differ from one another not only in size, but also in the choice of material. This allows you to tailor your advertising display precisely to your needs.

X Banners   back

X Banners

  • X-shaped system
  • 500gsm PVC tarpaulin
  • Silk-gloss surface
  • Motif banner completely opaque, but still translucent, four eyelets
  • Black frame (coated plastic) with suspension bracket for motif banner
  • High-quality brilliant print results
  • High-resolution, sharp print with vibrant colours
  • Durable, wipeable
  • Suitable as tent or counter cards in 30 x 43 cm size or floor stands in 70 x 175 cm or 70 x 190 cm sizes
  • Braces ensure high stability of X banner
  • Bulging disappears within a few hours of unpacking
  • B1-certified (flame-retardant)
  • Hauling rope bag included as standard
L Banners   back

L Banners

  • L-shaped system
  • 330gsm polyester fabric (AIRTEX®)
  • Silk-matt surface
  • Motif banner completely opaque, but still translucent, mounting via terminal strips kit and telescopic rod
  • Chromed aluminium frame ensuring stylish design
  • High-resolution, sharp print with vibrant colours
  • Exceptional advertising effects even in poor light conditions
  • Durable, crease-resistant, practically tear-proof
  • No glare in the case of direct lighting
  • Powerful and vibrant colour rendering
  • Size 215 x 80 cm
  • Extra-strong base for high stability
  • Practically no bulging, high strength
  • B1-certified (flame-retardant)
  • Transport bag included as standard

Materials for X and L Banners

330gsm AIRTEX® - for L Banners

In the case of L banners, we use a flexible 300gsm AIRTEX®, ensuring maximum opaqueness and colour brilliance. The textile-like surface prevents curling.

Polyester fabric

For long-lasting durability of the print quality on your L banners, please refer to our care instructions for textiles.

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

It's this simple! We will show you step by step how to build your banners quickly and easily.

Online Designer

Design X and L Banners Online - Online Designer by SAXOPRINT

It's this easy:

Select product
Select product
Configure product
Configure product
Create design
Create your design
Confirm and order
Confirm and order

FAQ's for X and L Banners

Is it easy to change the printed cloth on an X banner?

The X banner is one of our products where the print can be changed very easily. The print is fastend to the frame by 4 eyelets which means you can change the print without the need of tools or glue.

Create A Positive Impression With X and L Banners

Particularly in salesrooms, it is important to present new products and special promotions in the right way to attract potential new customers. Our X banners are the perfect way to have the space you need to advertise your campaign, with regular print changes possible if needed. They are printed on high-resolution PVC tarpaulin or polyester fabric (AIRTEX®) by our print shop to ensure optimal print results.

Many possibilities for our X and L banners

Our high-quality X and L banners are printed based on our four-colour print process. This ensures exceptional colour brilliance and sharpness, which is especially important in the case of lettering.

As these advertising displays have limited stability, we recommend using them in indoor areas. You can use them to advertise on the shop floor or counters:

  • in salesrooms,
  • at promotional or exhibition stands,
  • in the reception area of your business.

Our advertising displays are the perfect way to showcase your products, services and campaigns. The motif banners are extremely easy to exchange, allowing you to advertise conveniently and at low cost across multiple branches.