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Exhibition Walls

  • Textile or PVC walls
  • 2 different sizes per material
  • Easy to set up in 10 to 15 minutes
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Product Information

Product Information for Exhibition Walls

Exhibition Walls in Overview

Print Run
Number of Sides
Colour Mode

6 modules(180 x 200 x 1,5 cm)
8 modules (200 x 240 x 1,5 cm)

from 1 to 10 units

1 | 2

4/0 Euroscale

400 g/m² chromo duplex board

delivered preassembled

Exhibition walls PVC

9 areas (250 × 231 × 79 cm)
12 areas (300 × 231 × 99 cm)

from 1 to 10 units


4/0 Euroscale

430µm pop up PVC

delivered preassembled

Exhibition walls textile

9 areas (231 × 231 × 29 cm)
12 areas (306 × 231 × 29 cm)

from 1 to 10 units


4/0 Euroscale

270gsm blackback polyester

delivered preassembled


If you have more space on your stand, place one or more of these walls next to each other. The matching counter, which is also collapsible and made of the same fabric, is available here.


Exhibition Wall Styles

PVC Exhibition Stands - Curved

The second exhibition wall model is slightly curved, giving it a more innovative look. The PVC advertising tarpaulin is printed on several strong 430µm display rails which are attached using magnets, rather than velcro. It is extremely important to ensure that the alignment is correct, so writing and pictures are not affected. We recommend checking the background in advance and scheduling time to align the rails.

At approximately 50 kg, this system is significantly heavier than the textile model. Accordingly, the package includes a transport trolley which enables at least two people to transport the system without difficulty. We also digitally print the strong 430µm PVC display material as a 9 or 12-section version (250 x 231 cm or 300 x 231 cm) in a digital print. Thanks to its curved shape, motifs can also be placed on the edge, so they are partially visible from the front. The high resilience, total weight and strong base give this exhibition wall a high level of durability, even if subjected to light impact.

Exhibition Walls PVC

Materials for our Exhibition Walls

PVC - 430µm Pop Up PVC

430µm pop-up PVC is a high-quality and durable product and offers protection against external influences thanks to an additional laminate. The print is divided into individual areas and fixed to the curved system using magnetic locking mechanisms.

Pop up pvc
Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Our exhibition walls are extremely easy to assemble. Have a look at the assembly instructions and see for yourself! There you will learn how to assemble your product quickly and easily step-by-step.

Online Designer

Design Exhibition Walls Online - Online Designer by SAXOPRINT

It's this easy:

Select product
Select product
Configure product
Configure product
Create design
Create your design
Confirm and order
Confirm and order

FAQ's for Exhibition Walls

How long does it take to assemble an exhibition wall?

It would take one to two people 5-10 minutes to put up a textile exhibition wall. It takes around 5 minutes longer to put up the PVC exhibition walls, as each magnetic rail and the print need to be attached to the frame.

Can I use the walls outside?

No, our exhibition walls are not ideal for outdoor use as they cannot withstand wind. If you are looking for exhibition walls for outdoor use, we recommend ordering exhibition walls designed especially for this purpose.

How big and how heavy is the bag in which the exhibition wall is delivered?

Textile exhibition walls 3 × 3: 97 × 47 × 45 cm, 19 Kg

Textile exhibition walls 3 × 4: 97 × 47 × 45 cm, 22 Kg

PVC exhibition walls 3 × 3: 101 × 73 × 43 cm, 46 Kg

PVC exhibition walls 3 × 4: 101 × 73 × 43 cm, 51 Kg

Individual Exhibition Walls For Your Event

An exhibition wall is the perfect way to round off your promotional stand. In addition to the exhibition counter and roller banners, you can purchase mobile exhibition walls from our print shop, which you can take with you and set up easily. Exhibition walls are a great way to cause a stir with your exhibition stand and turn the heads of visitors. The motif banner is printed in a sublimation or digital print, ensuring impressive motifs with vibrant colours. As your advertising technology partner, we offer you support with helpful tips for your order and layout creation.

How your exhibition walls work

We print your mobile exhibition wall via digital or sublimation printing. The latter is a four-colour print procedure, where colours are combined with the material, ensuring that the banner is extremely durable and weatherproof and that colours show up in the right light.

You can design creative layouts and use our print templates as a basis to create an accurate print file. Our artwork guide will also help you. When you order exhibition walls, you receive a free basic artwork check for good measure. We will test your files for printability and inform you via email if changes are necessary. If you are ordering exhibition walls for the first time, we recommend booking an additional superior artwork check. Our prepress experts will check the files you submitted in great detail for a wide range of errors to ensure optimum print results.

Exhibition walls are large and, if staged properly, are the perfect way to turn heads. Even if you only use the exhibition wall as a partition from the main exhibition stand, you can store advertising materials, products and personal items behind it and it offers you advertising space. If you use an exhibition wall like an oversized poster, it helps to keep the following in mind with the layout:

  • Print your company logo in XXL for image campaigns
  • Retain the colour in your corporate design
  • Design a folding display in line with the overall concept
  • Ensure that your advertising message can be read
  • Carefully edit photos used for the large print, as errors are highly visible in XXL size

Online printing – seven advantages

The benefits are clear:

  • Delivery costs are included in the quoted price.
  • There are no hidden costs, as VAT is also included.
  • You can order on account, via prepayment or PayPal.
  • You can achieve a lower unit price by ordering several exhibition walls together.
  • We can also deliver without our return address, so that your products are sent in your name to any address within the United Kingdom
  • We will keep you posted on the status of your order in your customer account and by email.

We also offer you support on your order in our FAQs, and our service team are on hand with telephone or email support. You can find helpful tips and explanations in our blog, such as how to launch an effective advertising campaign and what the layout is all about.