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Sticky Notes

  • 250 to 5,000 units
  • 50 or 100 sheets
  • Portrait, landscape or square
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Product Information

Product Information for Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes in Overview

Print Run
Number of Sides
Colour Modes
Sticky notes with no cover square
Without Cover

72 × 72 mm
72 × 100 mm
100 × 72 mm

from 50 to 5,000 units

50 sheets | 100 sheets

4/0 Euroscale

80gsm uncoated paper

glue strip top | left

Sticky notes with softcover 72 x 100 mm
With Softcover

72 × 72 mm
72 × 100 mm
100 × 72 mm

from 50 to 5,000 units

Inside Pages:
50 sheets | 100 sheets


4/0 Euroscale

Inside Pages:
80gsm uncoated paper

250gsm chromium sulphate card

opening on top, glue strip on top | left 
book opening, glue strip on top | left

Sticky notes with hardcover and page markers
With Hardcover

105 × 78 mm | 78 × 105 mm

Notepad, small:
50 × 72 mm | 72 × 50 mm

Notepad, big:
100 × 72 mm | 72 × 100 mm

from 50 to 5,000 units

Inside Pages:
50 sheets


4/0 Euroscale

Inside Pages:
80gsm uncoated paper

Cardboard with gloss film laminaion

opening on top, glue strip on top 
book opening, glue strip left





Softcover: 250gsm Chromium Sulphate Card White

We use a high quality 250gsm chromium sulphate card in white to make the soft covers for your sticky notes. The cover is printed on the outside.

Sticky notes with soft cover
Online Designer

Design Sticky Notes Online - Online Designer by SAXOPRINT

It's this easy:

Select product
Select product
Configure product
Configure product
Create design
Create your design
Confirm and order
Confirm and order

FAQ's for Sticky Notes

Which print orientation do sticky notes with hardcover have?

The print orientation of the note pads depends on the format you select for the cover. You can see the corresponding sizes in the configurator page once you have selected the cover size.

What kind of finishing options are available for sticky notes with hardcover?

The covers are finished with a gloss film lamination.

How much bleed allowance should I have?

For sticky notes without cover and sticky notes with softcover, we need a 2 mm edge bleed all around. For sticky notes with hardcover, an edge bleed of 15 mm is required.

For more information, we recommend our free print templates and datasheets.

How many pages do the sticky notes have?

For sticky notes without cover and sticky notes with soft cover, you can choose between 50 or 100 sheets per block.

Printed Sticky Notes

Mini helpers with a maximum marketing effect

Sticky notes custom-printed with your logo are unobtrusive little giveaways with big advertising potential because they pop up everywhere. On the fridge, PC monitors or desks – sticky notes have become indispensable - either to remind oneself or others about pretty much anything. Having these notes printed with your company logo is an excellent marketing instrument for exactly that reason. We print sticky notes on 80gsm uncoated paper in print runs from 50 to 5,000 units. We also offer you optional covers made of 250gsm chromium sulphate card or cardboard with gloss film lamination to protect your custom sticky notes. Their uses are almost endless. Professionally printed with your logo, your slogan is bound to end up in places you never even dreamed of. While we can’t provide you with a list of how and where your advertisements might be used, we do have a lot of helpful tips about how to individually design your personalised sticky notes.

Sticky notes as supporting players in your marketing production

Sticky notes are one of the classic giveaways at exhibitions and events. They can be given out at almost any occasion to increase your popularity or image.

If you have an even larger surface in mind, simply opt for the 100 x 72 mm variation. It offers you more space for your marketing message and more space for customers to write on. To make sure that all crop and bleed margins, graphic resolutions and anything else relevant to your print file are correct, we provide you with a detailed artwork guide that includes all the information you need.

Sticky notes: little presents - large presence

Sticky notes are nifty little customer gifts. First of all, they are useful. The manufacturing costs are relatively low, and the notepads have a handy size, which makes them easy to give out at large events. SAXOPRINT offers sticky notes in the very popular square size (72 x 72 mm), which can also be ordered with a cover. This cover is the ideal medium for full-surface placement of your corporate design and a perfect marketing effect. The individual sheets are large enough to print a logo on the lower right side of the paper, and yet still leave enough room for customers and employees to write on.

Sticky notes as work tools in the office

A professional, unified customer presentation is important to you? We wholeheartedly agree, which is why our online print shop offers you sticky notes as just one component of your corporate design. A consistent visual image leaves a good impression on your customers both during and after consultations. Office materials and signage in line with your corporate image look clean and streamlined, and this effect can be achieved with numerous different combinations, e.g. sticky notes, individually printed ring binders, letterheads and envelopes, beach flags, roller banners and business signage (more information here) – all printed with your company logo, in corporate colours and graphics to suit any campaign.

Individually designed sticky notes with SAXOPRINT templates

Our sticky notes are printed with the 4/0 colour technique, which makes almost any colour possible. Before you begin designing, download our artwork guide and print templates – they’re free. The guide and print templates provide you with the foundation upon which you can place your design. They make it easy for you to visualise how much space is available for your advertisement.

Designing a compact advertisement on a small surface is often more difficult than designing a brochure that doesn’t need to take writing space for the customer into consideration. Instead, focus on a core statement. This message is best placed on the cover of your sticky notes. The notes themselves then only need to be printed with your logo, which you can easily place on the individual sheets and emphasise with your company colours. ‘Handwriting’ type fonts are a humorous design idea. They get attention by implying a previously written note. Motivational words or calls to action are also individual and creative. Should you decide to use the entire surface of the sticky note for your design, you can make creative use of transparency to ensure there is enough space left for actually writing a note! Symbols, clip-art and text placed in corners or as strips along the top and bottom of the notes are also great ideas.

It’s that easy to order sticky notes from our online print shop

After we receive your print files, we automatically subject them to our standard artwork check. If there are any discrepancies with our print requirements, we send you an e-mail with an error protocol. We recommend taking advantage of one of our more detailed proofing options, especially if you are having sticky notes printed for the first time. In this case, our pre-press department checks various aspects of your print files manually. Detailed information about the standard artwork check as well as our other proofing options can be found here.

You can select any options for your sticky notes from the configuration/ calculation page and the end price is immediately displayed for you – including shipping and VAT (which is also displayed separately). The quoted price is valid for 14 days when you click on ‘print quote’. We then send you an e-mail confirmation that allows you to place your order online at the confirmed price any time within the next 14 days. Then all you have to do is send us your print files, either by uploading them or by e-mail. You can follow the progress of your order in your customer account at any time.