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Pillow Boxes & Cardboard Sleeves

  • Perfect for vouchers, tickets or samples
  • Side-glued
  • Flat or curved packaging
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Product Information

Product Information for Pillow Boxes & Cardboard Sleeves

Pillow Boxes

Curved packaging Side-glued
Inner Dimensions Width (W) 60 to 540 mm Inner Dimensions Depth (D) 70 to 460 mm Inner Dimensions Height (H) 20 to 140 mm
Pillow Box
60 × 80 × 20 mm Select
200 × 90 × 25 mm Select
300 × 120 × 30 mm Select

Cardboard Sleeves

Flat packaging Side-glued
Inner Dimensions Width (W) 100 to 400 mm Inner Dimensions Height (H) 100 to 400 mm
Cardboard Sleeve Open
120 × 120 mm Select
148 × 210 mm Select
210 × 298 mm Select

Cardboard Sleeves Closed

Flat packaging Side-glued
Inner Dimensions Width (W) 100 to 400 mm Inner Dimensions Height (H) 100 to 400 mm
Cardboard Sleeve Closed
120 × 120 mm Select
148 × 210 mm Select
210 × 298 mm Select

You will find a summary of all pillow boxes and cardboard sleeves product specifications in the document linked below:


Materials Pillow Boxes & Cardboard Sleeves

Finishing Options

Finishing Options for Pillow Boxes & Cardboard Sleeves

Spot 3D UV Coating

Enhance selected details of your packaging design with spot 3D UV coating. The glossy and slightly raised appearance of spot UV coating gives the packaging a sense of elegance and feels pleasant to the touch. This finishing option is available for GC1 chromo board white and GZ1 chromium sulphate cardboard pure white.

Product image spot 3D UV coating
Test Run

Test Run - test now for only £19.90

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Choose a print run of 1
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Create online or download template
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Sample Set

Packaging Sample Set

Whether you choose the neutral or SAXOPRINT design, the packaging sample set contains all material and finishing samples, giving you a good overview of the stability and printing quality of our packaging.

If you order a sample set in the SAXOPRINT design, we will send you a voucher to the value of £11.00 (net plus VAT) for your next order.

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