Proof options for a best possible printing result

With our proof options you can get a first overview of your printing final result

You can choose between PDF proof and Colour proof.

Save time and money with our SAXOPRINT proofs, correct quickly colour values and graphics.
PDF proof
pdf-proof Application The PDF proof is used to review the completed print file on your monitor. You can check for mistakes and non-embedded fonts or layers. Your order will be printed after your have released it in the customer service area.
Features It is created with crop marks, in CMYK mode and with 72 dpi resolution. The PDF proof is available for all product groups except for brochures.
Shipping The PDF proof will be sent to you by e-mail immediately after your print data has been processed to the e-mail address you specified.
Cost The PDF proof is available at for £ 2.00.

Colour proof
Colour Proof Application The colour proof, or title proof, simulates the print result and you can assess the colour and check the text in your print product. Your order will be printed after you have released it in the customer service area.
Versions Depending on the product that you ordered, you can chose between a colour proof for the front, back or both sides. The title proof is available for brochures and includes the colour-binding print of your brochures front page.
Features Please keep in mind, that the colour proof is not created with the paper you ordered and it comes without any post-printing processing such as cutting, stapling or folding and creasing. The maximum format is A3. Larger products (ad posters, posters) are scaled to A3. Colour proofs are not available for products using spot colours, products printed on neon paper, copy/printing paper or for advertising flyers.
Shipping The colour proof will be sent to your billing address via mail order firm after your print data has been processed.
Cost The colour proof is available for £ 27.00 (front or back, title proof) and £ 44.00 (both sides).

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