The FSC® Label

The FSC label

Have you chosen an FSC®-certified paper for your product? Then add the FSC® label and show your customers that you are actively concerned about climate and environmental protection. You can choose to print the label on your product with one click in the configuration.

Find out now how to get it printed and what you need to pay attention to, so you will be able to print the FSC® label without any problems.

How is the label placed on the product?

Label size 21 x 32 mm

Flyers | Postcards | Letterheads | DVD Covers | CD Covers | Greeting Cards | Menus

Margin: 2 mm white space all around
Orientation: landscape / portrait
Page: front or back
Placement: bottom left/bottom right 5 mm from margin

The FSC® label 21 x 32 mm

All FSC® papers at a glance

In addition to a list of all the FSC® paper types available, we’ll also introduce you to the FSC® label and our commitment to environmental protection.

Discover FSC® papers

Printing the FSC® label - it's that easy

1. Select FSC® Paper

FSC® Label step 1

Select an FSC® certified paper when configuring your product.

2. Select FSC® printing

FSC® Label step 2

In the lower section of the configuration, you can optionally choose to print the FSC® label. You can choose whether you want to place the label on the front or back of your printed product.

3. Finalise artwork files

FSC® Label step 3

When creating your artwork files with a graphics program such as InDesign or with our Online Designer, make sure that there is enough space for the label in your design. With the help of our datasheets, you can find out exactly where you can place it.

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