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Eco-Friendly Printing

Internal measures for sustainability at SAXOPRINT

For us, the latest technologies go hand in hand with environmental protection. We use sustainable materials and low-emission production. By choosing SAXOPRINT, you will benefit from high-quality print products and an environmentally conscious online printing company. To protect our natural environment, we observe the following internal environmental protection measures.

Sustainable Production

Alkoholfreier Druck Alcohol-free Printing

Thanks to our advanced printing equipment, alcohol is no longer needed for basic processing. Our alcohol-free ink has a thicker consistency, which prevents splattering during printing. It also dries considerably quicker. This not only helps the environment and our employees, but also optimises turnover times for your print orders.

Biodegradeable ink Biodegradeable Ink

The ink we use for printing replaces mineral oil with other raw materials such as plant oils. These are more biodegradable and provide the same high-quality print results. Also, we store our inks exclusively in large-volume containers to reduce waste.

Nachhaltige Papiernutzung Sustainable Paper Usage

We use a collective print process. Multiple orders are arranged on sheets of paper in such a way as to ensure that as little paper as possible remains unused. Thanks to our modern equipment, we also use 50% fewer print sheets to set up the print process than with conventional printing machines. Our high quality standards in our production processes help us to avoid rejects and production surpluses. Unavoidable waste is collected in large containers and then recycled.

Das gesamte Unternehmen macht mit The Entire Company Plays Its Part

Every SAXOPRINT employee is committed to reducing consumption of paper, water and fuel. We have reduced our energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipment, modern lighting and making the most of waste heat from our machines to heat the production facilities. SAXOPRINT is also committed to environmental protection outside of its production halls, providing employees with subsidised tickets for local public transportation.

Transparent Sustainability

CEWE Sustainability Report

SAXOPRINT & Cewe Sustainability Report

SAXOPRINT has been part of the CEWE Group since 2012. For many years, we have championed transparent sustainability reporting. We present and document our activities in the area of sustainability in the annual CEWE Sustainability Report.

Download the 2019 CEWE Responsibility Report

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

SAXOPRINT is ISO 14001 Certified

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised certificate for environmental management systems (EMS). The comprehensive test criteria for the certificate covers a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues. From purchasing to a multitude of corporate processes, risk assessments, corporate communication, resources and waste disposal, SAXOPRINT complies with the rigorous regulations, as audited by the ISO 14001 from 2015. As a company, we are focused on continually improving all our processes to ensure we make the best possible contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.  

Download the ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 50001

ISO 50001

SAXOPRINT is ISO 50001 Certified

ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised standard for systematic energy management. In accordance with the certification, the company's energy consumption is recorded and evaluated to determine overall energy efficiency. Our goal is to improve our overall energy consumption in the long term.

Download the ISO 50001 Certificate



SAXOPRINT Awarded Imprim’Vert Label

Imprim’Vert is a French environmental certificate, specially developed for the print industry. SAXOPRINT has been certified by the Imprim’Vert label since 2017. After intensive examination, all processes and factors relevant to sustainability were checked and are reviewed regularly. To list a few of these aspects, our materials, their storage, use and disposal are examined. Imprim'Vert also reviews our avoidance of toxic substances and use of sustainable energy. 

View Imprim'Vert Certificate PDF (French)

Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops

Shop in Confidence with SAXOPRINT and Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops has examined our website intensively. This is a benefit for you as your order in our online shop is protected by the Trusted Shops money-back guarantee. Also, you can leave a review about your experience with our delivery process, products and customer service in the Trusted Shops website. We are always happy to recieve feedback from you. So far, over 50,000 of our customers have left a Trusted Shops review since 2012.

You can find out more at the Trusted Shops website.

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