• Round, square and rectangular
  • Different colours available
  • Individual text plates availabe
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Product Information

Product Information for Stamps

Stamps in Overview

Stamps "Green Line"
Stamps "Professional"
Stamps "Printy"
Wooden stamps
Print Run

from 1 to 10 units

Casing Colour

stainless steel/black (Professional Stamps)

blue | black | grey | red (Printy Stamps)


recycled plastic (Green Line Stamps, Printy Stamps)

brushed stainless steel/plastic (Professional Stamps)

beechwood (Wooden Stamps)

Ink Pad

blue | red | black


Variants: All SAXOPRINT stamps at a glance

Wooden Stamps - Natural and Elegant

Our classic wooden stamps are available with a round or rectangular stamp shape. Ten different sizes are available in total. Our wooden stamps are made from high-quality beechwood. The ink pad provided is available in blue, red or black.

Wooden stamps

Stamps "Printy" – Small, Light and Stylish

Printy stamps from Trodat are compact companions for everyday in the office. Several Printy models are available in different casing colours. The casing is made from strong plastic and comes with an integrated ink pad and a text plate made from solvent-resistant rubber. The ink pad can be changed in an instant. The text plate can also be easily changed.

Stamps "Printy"



FAQ's for Stamps

Which font size should I use to ensure the letters on my stamps remain legible?

To ensure that all letters are easy to read, the font size should not be less than 7 pts (2.47 mm).

Should I create my artwork file for stamps as a mirror image?

Your stamp artwork will be produced as it is displayed in the file and therefore does not need to be mirrored.

What is the minimum thickness of lines, dashes or borders for stamps?

Lines, dashes, or borders should be at least 1 pt (0.353 mm) thick. Lower thicknesses will result in an unsatisfactory print result.

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