Ring Binders

  • With a choice of folder mechanism
  • From 25 to 1,000 units
  • Optional accessories available

Ring Binder Printing For Effective Advertising

Print unique, custom-made ring binders with your company logo and images in our online shop. We offer a selection of mechanisms for personalised ring binders in either two or three standard widths. For optimum printing results, we have put together useful information for you on our SAXOPRINT blog, as well as free print templates for our ring binder products. We have also prepared tips and detailed tutorials about common questions regarding print file settings and designing your custom ring binders and folders.

Uses for your custom printed binders

Which audiences can be targeted with individually printed binders? What are the marketing benefits of custom ring binders? The following illustrates four ways to make an impression and give your company image added value:

1. Maintaining a professional corporate design

A consistent and uniform corporate design in the office is especially important if customers or business partners pay regular visits to your premises. Ring binders give your offices or salerooms a polished look. Given as gifts to customers, they are ideal for storage, e.g. for contracts and information material (q.v. point 3).

We recommend binders with lever mechanism for files. They can be ordered in standard format (290 x 315 mm) in widths of either 30 or 55 mm. The double lever arch mechanism with a compressor bar (also called a hold-down clamp) stops sheets from shifting and makes filing and removing documents fast and easy. The binders are made without space-saver slots, i.e. the cover is completely closed so that the rings are concealed. This makes it easy to stack them in shelves without worrying that they will shift. We also offer label pocket options for your ring binders. They are designed for use with interchangeable inserts and make finding the documents you're looking for easy. The optional finger hole on the lower part of the spine is a great help when removing binders from a full shelf.

2. Ring binders for training courses and seminars

For seminar and training course documents, we recommend printing ring binders with a variable mechanism and a 30 mm width. They don't take up much space on shelves; yet still give you a filing capacity of 280 pages. Printed with a creative and individual design, your customers and partners will hold on to these binders for a long time, which makes them an excellent vehicle for promoting your company profile.

3. Printed ring binders and folders for consultations and sales meetings

Insurance agencies, banks, estate agents, travel agents and car dealerships have to place especial emphasis on professional customer presentations. Alongside confidential data, information about the financial status of their customers is also collected. Representative binders with logos and in keeping with corporate design can serve to strengthen a trust relationship, not least because documents and contracts can be safely transported in them. We recommend using binders with either 2 or 4 ring variable mechanisms, because they make it easier to leaf through informational sheets and documents. The optional business card pocket is a good way to keep your contact information both safe and available at any time.

4. Collector binders for customers

Collector binders or organisers, for example for magazines or comics, recipes or sports collections, are very popular with customers – not least because the design of the organiser can be matched to its contents. Collector organisers are also profitable resale items and can be printed in designs with specific themes in mind, such as ‘My Kindergarten Days’, ‘My School Days’, or ‘Our Wedding’. Resellers can also take advantage of SAXOPRINT's special conditions and other incentives. Our customer service consultants are happy to give you further information on the telephone or by e-mail. We recommend ordering a 55 mm width with a 2-ring lever mechanism for collector binders combined with scratch-resistant protective lamination.

Your custom ring binder printers: professional and service oriented

We have your bespoke ring binders printed in a very short time – whether you have ordered 25 or 1000 binders. We also offer express production and delivery options. You can upgrade the binder covers with glossy, matt or scratch-resistant lamination. Four-colour printing enables you to have your binders printed in almost any colour and gives you design freedom for your individually printed binders.

The optimum width

100 sheets of 80 gsm offset paper (printer paper) add up to a width of about 11 mm. Dividers are thicker and must also be taken into account. The number of sheets (without dividers) that can be filed in each binder width option are listed below for comparison:

  • 30 mm width: up to 280 sheets
  • 40 mm width: up to 380 sheets
  • 55 mm width: up to 520 sheets

Designing layout and setting up print files

It is best to design your layout in Adobe InDesign. Simply download our artwork instructions along with a product template, and make use of the tips in our blog. Just to be on the safe side, we check the layout file you send us before printing starts. Our standard artwork check is always free of charge and ensures that the file is suitable for printing. This proof is not, however, a guarantee for errors such as incorrect resolution, crop marks (printer's marks) or spacing. These types of errors can be eliminated with a colour proof. Should a correction on your part be necessary, we automatically send you an e-mail.

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