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  • Squared, hardcover
  • Sheets micro-perforated for clean removal
  • Accessories in many colours available
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*Notebooks starting at £180.79 (net price for 10 Notebook Classics, A5, pages: 90gsm uncoated paper) Go to offer

Product Information

Product Information for Our Notebooks

Notebooks in Overview

Print run
Number of sides
Colour Mode
Book spine
Page marker
Elastic closure, elastic pen loop
Notebook Classic


from 25 to 1,000 units

128 sides
192 sides

Notebook Pages:
preprinted, grey grid lines

4/0 Euroscale

Notebook Pages:
90gsm offset paper

2 mm cardboard

micro perforated notebook pages


straight (128 sides)
round (192 sides)




Notebook Premium


from 25 to 1,000 units

192 sides

Notebook Pages:
preprinted, grey grid lines

4/0 Euroscale

Notebook Pages:
90gsm offset paper
90gsm cream-coloured writing paper
90gsm recycled paper

2 mm cardboard

micro perforated notebook pages



white | cream

silver grey | black | yellow | orange | red | green | blue



Which notebook model is the right one for me?

Our two notebook styles - Classic and Premium - differ from each other in terms of the optional extras available. Both models are supplied with dispersion adhesive binding which provides a long-lasting, durable product for you.

Premium Notebooks

Available in seven contemporary colours, our Premium Notebook has a range of useful features, including a pen holder loop and an elasticated closure band to keep the notebook shut and stop pages getting dog-eared. In addition, the ribbon page marker helps you find your most recent notes quickly, and each sheet has a vertical micro-perforation, making it easy to tear out easily and tidily.

Customise the 90gsm offset paper to match your personalised design, choosing between cream-coloured writing paper or recycled sheets. Both options offer high quality and stability.

With our Premium Notebook option, you can print the whole surface of the hardcover sleeve. The gloss laminated finish helps your colours to shine - and keeps your notebook looking good for longer.

Notebooks Premium



The Pages of our Notebooks

Micro Perforation

Every page has a micro perforation, making them easy to tear out. The perforation is barely visible and the page is secure inside the book.

Notebooks   Microperforation

Materials for Notebooks


Questions about our notebooks

Which size is the right one for me?

You can order your SAXOPRINT notebooks in two sizes: A4 and A5. These two standard paper sizes respond to different specifications, so think about what you need the notebook(s) to do.

Thanks to its practical 148x210mm dimensions, A5 is the perfect size for notebooks intended to be portable as it fits easily into many pockets and small bags. So for taking notes or jotting down ideas while travelling for business, for instance at a trade fair, an A5 notebook is an absolute must.

The larger A4 format measures 210x297mm, so notebooks of this size are more suitable for extensive notetaking or even drawings and sketches, for which they offer plenty of space. They are also more comfortable for people whose handwriting is larger.

What is the best way to customise my notebook cover?

If you are intending to use notebooks as promotional gift items, then it is very important for your company logo or the key message to be prominently positioned on the cover. Depending on the precise nature of your advertising message, it might be best placed on the front or the back cover, or indeed on either side. We recommend making sure that the desgin doesn't stretch over both covers, however, as this doesn't work very well in visual terms. For best results, use our free print templates.

An ideal way to underscore elements of your corporate design on our Premium Notebook is to select the best match from the seven colour options available for the elasticated closure band and pen holder loop. We would recommend opting for colours which contrast with the cover (e.g. orange band and loop for a dark blue cover) as this will attract attention to the notebook.

How do I keep a notebook tidy?

Whether you are taking the minutes of a meeting or simply jotting down ideas or writing notes as you talk to somone, it is easy to let a notebook get untidy, unmanageable even - despite the fact that notebooks are intended to help you keep things organised! There are a couple of easy tricks, however, for keeping things well structured.

One common mistake is to take overly lengthy notes. Instead, it's best to stick to single keywords in order to keep your notes manageable. You might also have wondered whether it's a good idea to keep different notebooks for different topics, and this indeed another way to make sure your notes don't get out of control: try using different colours for varying purposes so that you can tell them apart easily even if you keep all of your notebooks are in the same place.

Our notebooks offer a range of other features which will help you keep your notes structured. The squared layout makes it just as easy to use the notebooks in landscape as in portrait format, which opens up possibilities such as drawing diagrams, thought-maps, schematics. Also, the micro-perforation helps you to remove pages tidily, without tears for use elsewhere - e.g. on pinboards as to-do lists or scanned into your computer.

Which pen is the right one for you?

No-one can tell you what kind of pen or pencil to use in your own notebook! If you want our advice, though, here are a few things you might want to think about.

Opt for pens with quick-drying ink. Otherwise, you could quickly end up smudging your notes to the point of being illegible if you shut your notebook at the wrong moment. And while pencils may, at first glance, look like a good idea as writing can be erased and corrected if necessary, the lead, too, can smudge and become difficult to read.

Another consideration is ink that does not blot through your paper: this can lead to you wasting space in your notebook and also make it look untidy, unprofessional even.