Loose Leaf Documents

  • From A4 to A6
  • 1 to 5,000 units
  • Punched and unpunched
Loose Leaf Documents

We are used for:

  • Technical documentation
  • Training manuals
  • Legal documents
Finished Size
148 × 148 mm
Print Run from 1 to 5,000 units
Number of Sides 1 | 2
Colour Mode
1/0 | 1/1 black
4/0 | 4/4 Euroscale
80 | 90 | 120gsm
Uncoated paper
135 | 170 | 250 | 300gsm
Silk/gloss finish paper
Recycled paper
Hole Punching


punched twice

punched four times

Sorting Method sorted by document set | sorted by sheet number

The utmost flexibility with loose leaf printing

A loose leaf document (also known as an unbound document) is a collection of unbound pieces of paper usually filed in ring binders. You will find loose leaf documents wherever information must be amended often.

Legal texts, product catalogues, training manuals or price lists normally need to be updated or adapted regularly. To avoid reprinting an entire book or brochure due to a few text amendments, loose leaf documents provide the simple option of reprinting individual sections and re-filing them into the document. The cost savings, compared to printing a whole new document, are enormous.

Your loose leaf printing advantages

  • Save the costs of a complete reprint
  • Flexibility for last-minute changes
  • Your document can always be fully up-to-date


Loose leaf documents – Printing options

As a professional online print shop, we offer you the utmost flexibility for your documents with loose leaf printing. From A4 to A6 as well as 148 x 148 mm, we’ve got all typical sizes covered.

Uncoated and recycled paper is ideal for documents made up of complete text. If you’re planning on adding images, we recommend our silk or gloss finish paper.

You can order your loose leaf documents complete with hole punching. Depending on whether you’re planning on filing the loose sheets of paper, you can choose between two or four hole punches on the left hand side.

To simplify later distribution, you can choose to have your loose leaf documents sent to you in document sets. Just select your preferred sorting method in the configuration page.

If you need help creating your print data, you can always get in touch with our specialists in the service centre. In addition, a detailed checklist with tips for uploading artwork is available to help you get started.

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