• Small and large print runs
  • Formats from A7 to A4
  • Up to 400 pages (with glue binding)


Small print runs for brochures - from 1 to 99 units

*Brochures starting at £17 (net price for 1 brochure, 148 x 148 mm 1/0-coloured, 115gsm silk finish paper) Go to offer

Tips from the experts
End Paper
Types of Binding

Used for:

  • High-quality company and image presentations
  • Annual reports
  • Dissertations/theses, yearbooks
  • Handbooks and seminar documentation
  • Product, mail-order and travel brochures
  • Pictorials and diaries
Please note that there are some configuration restrictions for brochures printed digitally.

135 | 170 | 250 | 300gsm
silk/gloss finish paper
DL small
105 x 297 mm
100 x 100 mm
105 x 105 mm
120 x 120 mm
148 x 148 mm
210 x 210 mm
210 x 280 mm
Bespoke sizes:
min. 99 mm | max. 297 mm
min. 100 mm | max. 300 mm
Types of Binding perfect binding
staple binding
loop binding
spiral binding
Print run from 1 to 99 units (digital)
from 25 to 200,000 units (offset)
Number of Sides from 8 to 100 pages in increments of 4 (stapled, loop bound, spiral bound)
from 40 to 400 pages in increments of 4 (perfect bound)
Colour Mode 1/1 black
4/4 euroscale
Material Inside pages
uncoated paper

80 | 160gsm
natural paper

recycled paper

90 | 115 | 135 | 170gsm
silk/gloss finish paper
160 | 250gsm
natural paper

170 | 250gsm
recycled paper

135 | 170 | 250 | 300gsm
silk/gloss finish paper

up to 6 perforation lines


UV coating


soft touch


without cover

with cover

folded front cover

folded back cover


Tips from the Experts - Brochures

Brochures are ideal for use as an advertising medium, to put across information, as documentation and for many other purposes. To ensure your brochures are of the highest professional quality, we’d like to give you a few important tips.

If your brochure has more than 52 pages, we recommend a cover with a weight of at least 250gsm for greater stability. If you want to display a large graphic or relevant information when the brochure is opened or closed, consider a 6-sided folding cover. To give your brochure even more elegance and stability, you can opt to have the cover finished with a UV coating or lamination.

Templates to help you produce your artwork files

We recommend using our practical templates for producing your artwork files. Our templates are available for downloading in all common graphics formats from our website. Full details of the product concerned are provided in the templates.


When folding brochures with a large number of pages, creep can occur. This means that the inside pages are pressed outwards. If the brochure is cut along this point, the inside pages will be shorter. (Fig. 1)

Schematic illustration of creep (1)

To ensure items close to the page edge such as page numbers, lines or other layout elements are not cut off or end up too close to the edge of the page, it is important to allow for creep when producing your artwork files. So please allow a 5 mm safety margin around the edge of the page. We recommend allowing a bigger margin for brochures with more than 32 pages. You will find more information on compensating for creep in brochures in the artwork instructions provided on our website.

Tips for creating artwork files for brochures

Create all pages as sequential single pages, starting with the front page. Send us these single pages in one document. Don’t forget to delete any superfluous pages before you save the finished file. Any pages you want to remain blank should be included in the file. Also check that the pages are in the right order in your document. We do not sort the pages by page number.

Tips for brochures with perfect binding

To avoid problems in processing the artwork for brochures with perfect binding, please send us separate files for the cover and the contents. To ensure easy page turning, the cover will be creased 7 mm from the spine. So please keep all copy and main design elements at least 10 mm away from the spine and avoid images that spread across two pages.

4-sided cover (2)

Create all content pages as sequential single pages. For extra strength, the first and last pages of the content pages will include a 5 mm cover hinge that is glued onto the inside of the cover. Please note that this reduces the visible design area of these pages.

The cover has to be fully assembled and provided with a spine. The width of the spine varies depending on the number of pages. Further details on calculating the width of the spine can be found in the instructions for artwork files on our website. (Fig. 2)

6-sided cover (3)

Cover file
Side 1 = outside back cover (U4) + outside spine + outside front cover (U1)

Side 2 = inside front cover (U2) + inside spine + inside back cover (U3)

With a 6-sided cover, the page adjoining the inside flap is 2 mm shorter and the inside flap is 18 mm shorter. (Fig. 3)

Artwork check

We run a Standard Artwork Check free of charge on every print order. This includes checking the file format, the number of pages and the embedded fonts. If we encounter any problems during the Standard Artwork Check we will advise you immediately by email. To be 100% certain that your artwork files will produce a perfect result, you can order our special Superior Artwork Check for a small surcharge. This service includes checking the bleed, the graphics resolution and the distance between any logos and text and the trim edge.

What we’re used for:

  • Non-fiction, textbooks, dictionaries, literary works
  • Accounting journals, cash books, annual reports
  • Dissertations/theses, yearbooks
  • Notebooks
  • High-value business gifts
  • Product, mail-order and travel brochures
Please note that there are some configuration restrictions for books with hardcover printed digitally.
210 x 210 mm
Print Run from 1 to 99 units (digital)
from 100 to 10,000 units (offset)
Number of sides 48 to 400 in increments of 4
Colour Mode Inside pages
1/1 black
4/4 euroscale
1/0 black
4/0 euroscale
Material Inside pages
80 | 90 | 100gsm
uncoated paper

90 | 115 | 135 | 170gsm
silk/gloss finish paper
2 mm
bound in book binding board

covered in silk finish paper
End papers
uncoated paper white

front end paper black

end paper ridged, high white
Headband white | red | blue | black

flat spine

rounded spine


PUR perfect bound

individually shrink-wrapped

Finish Cover


soft touch

  • Tailband white

  • Tailband red

  • Tailband blue

  • Tailband black


The headband is a small coloured band which is stuck to the top and bottom of the spine in the case of hardcover books and case binding. It is used to cover the gap between the spine and the body and to enhance the appearance of the book. It also protects the book from dust and wear. The headband should not be confused with a bookmark or ribbon mark. It is available in white, red, blue and black.

  • End Paper Uncoated Paper white

  • Front End Paper black

  • End Paper Ridged, high white


The end paper and front end paper connect the body of the book (content) to the cover. The end paper and front end paper is bonded to the cover and cannot be printed on. It is used to reinforce the book and protects both the first and last page of the book. You can choose between three different materials from SAXOPRINT.

  • Staple Binding 

    The individual pages are folded and secured along the spine with wire staples facing inwards. Staple binding is extremely robust and is ideal for brochures with between 8 and 100 pages. Pages can be bound in sections in a 4- or 6-sided cover.

  • Loop Binding 

    The folded pages are stapled with looped wire staples the appropriate distance apart for standard lever arch fi les and folders. The staples are then shaped into loops to enable the brochures to be neatly filed way.

  • Spiral Binding 

    Spiral binding is ideal for small numbers of pages. It enables the pages to be opened up completely fl at. Choose between a black, white or silver spiral. Spiral binding is suitable for between 8 and 100 pages. 


  • Perfect Binding (Softcover) 

    We recommend the PUR gluing method for high-use products and for brochures with between 40 and 400 pages. As with a book, the pages are glued in sections in a 4- or 6-sided cover. The thin glue strip makes them easy to open wide.


  • Perfect Binding (Hardcover) 

    For books with hardcover, the single pages are enclosed within a 2mm thick bookbinding board and glued with polyurethane. The cover is finished with either a matt or gloss film lamination. You can also select between a flat or rounded spine, if your book has a spine width of more than 20mm.


Printing professional brochures with SAXOPRINT

SAXOPRINT is your experienced online printer for professional booklet printing & business brochure printing with traditional binding. We also produce high-quality soft and hardcover books and booklets with perfect binding. It goes without saying that advertising materials such as flyers and leaflets, business cards and posters are also included in our print product portfolio.

Our employees from production, marketing and customer service are continually striving to provide you with support, such as print templates, instructions and tutorials. Visit our blog for interesting articles, tips and tutorials for all things printing. We make it easy for you to create your brochures and obtain optimal print results.

Free format: For much more specific needs

When you have unique and original ideas you need something that fits them. We know that, so we now offer free format: bespoke sizing with which you can create your catalogue or brochure just as you imagined it.

You can choose from a range of 99 mm to 297 mm wide and 100 mm to 420 mm long. You can also choose the weight and type of material to have the catalogue of your dreams in your hands.

Printing brochures with different types of binding

SAXOPRINT offers a large size, paper, finishing & folding selection. You can select the right kind of binding, paper weight and cover finishing suited to your purpose, content and intended longevity of your brochures. The more often affordable brochures are in use, the more robust the cover, binding and paper weight of the inside pages all have to be. We will demonstrate the differences between individual binding options and their applications to brochure printing here:

Printing brochures with softcover perfect binding

Brochures with perfect binding and softcovers are suitable for, among other things, catalogues, business reports and professional periodicals and journals. After the pages are printed (in stepped runs from 4 to 400 pages), our finishing experts create the PUR perfect binding, which is made of robust polyurethane adhesive and ensures a durable page bond. No adhesive residue is visible when the pages are turned. In addition to traditional covers, covers can also be ordered with flaps for the front and reverse sides. They make it possible to place large-surface illustrations and information on the three inner pages, and thus make effective use of space when printing brochures.

Books with hardcover perfect binding

Books with hardcover binding are characterised by a firm cover, which is made of 2 mm bookboard and glued to gloss coated 135 gsm wood free paper. A cloth spine covers the gap between the block (contents) and the cover. It is glued between the top and bottom edges of the book spine. You can choose from four different colours for books with a width of at least l cm. Our customer service representatives are happy to help you with any questions you have about book and booklet printing. This type of hardcover binding is very robust and is suitable for textbooks, product and service catalogues, annual reports, or as notebooks for customers and employees. Celloglazing the hardcover surface is included in the price. The book endpaper not only enhances the first impression upon opening the book, it also binds the contents (block) to the cover.

Printing brochures with saddle stitching

Depending upon a final format of 8 to max. 100 pages (in groups of four), brochures can be ordered with saddle stitching. Saddle stitching (also called staple binding) is a traditional, affordable type of binding for periodicals and customer magazines, as well as for comic books, information brochures, image and advertising booklets. The printed layers are connected at the spine by two metal staples on the fold. This type of binding is especially good for large, two-page illustration spreads, because none of the image gets “cropped”.

Printing brochures with spiral binding

We produce brochures from 8 to 100 pages with Wire-O (spiral) binding. They are often used for menus and wine lists, for presentation handouts and price lists, as well as for notepads. Wire-O binding is both hardy and flexible, and it is available in the colours black, white and silver. This type of binding makes for easy page-turning and individual brochure folding.

Printing brochures with eyelets

Brochures with eyelets are ideal for detailed presentations of products and services, school materials or for subscriptions with regular replacement supplements that are then collected and filed in ring binders or ring folders. Brochures from 8 to 100 pages (in steps of 4, and depending upon the selected format) can be bound with eyelets.

Brochure printing with high-quality binding techniques, paper and colour schemes

We use two basic kinds of paper at our online printers for brochure printing. Either wood-free, uncoated offset paper in weights from 80 to 120 g/m² or art paper in weights from 90 to 250 g/m², which can be ordered in ten different weights each.

Depending upon binding type, we offer you seven to eight various portrait and landscape formats as well as three square formats for the individualised design of your brochures. Customers of our online print shop can compare the various paper types and weights used by SAXOPRINT, prior to ordering, with our free-of-charge printed brochure samples. We can make the final printed product with either four-sided or six-sided cover layouts according to your needs.

For colour brochure design, we use five general colour systems that either conform to the European Colour Scale for offset printing (euro scale) or to the HKS colour system. Printing options are 4/4 colour (European Colour Scale), 1/1 or 2/2 colour (black or HKS) and 5/5 colour (European Colour Scale).

Brochures and leaflets from SAXOPRINT – lots of tips and extras

For brochure and leaflet design, it goes without saying that SAXOPRINT online printshop offers customers professional advice along with many tips and extras. For example, we are experts in outstanding print finishing with UV coating.

In accordance with the graphic design previously worked out together with our customers, the surfaces of the print products are either partially or fully coated and then cured with ultraviolet radiation. The result is high-gloss quality with exceptional optical and haptical characteristics.

Prior to the final production of our printed products, we provide customers with various proof options to choose from. Galley proofs are not binding in respect to colour, and they are intended solely for text revision purposes. A colour or title proof simulates the brochure print in regard to text and colour results. One very efficient print proof option is our pdf proof. It is sent by e-mail and provides a colour and text print simulation within record time.

We also publish news, tips, tutorials und templates about professional brochure printing in our newsletter and in our regular blog articles.

Service options for brochure printing

SAXOPRINT offers all of the service options you would expect from a modern, professional internet print shop. Our customers decide upon the delivery times of their orders themselves. Alongside our standard production times of 4 to 10 working days (depending upon the product), we also offer 3 day express production for most of our products.

Our affordable online print shop offers delivery times starting from two working days. Multi-address delivery of our print products is also available. Resellers can have us ship a single order to up to ten separate addresses and profit from special brochure printing conditions.

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