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Producing booklets with adhesive binding
You want to order high-quality booklets from our online print shop? Let us give you a bit of background into the creation of adhesive binding and its manufacture. The idea of adhesive binding goes right back to 1930. The inventor and industrialist Emil Lumbeck was looking for a way to replace the traditional method of bookbinding with staples or thread. He was also anxious to find a way of restoring worn books. To do this he cut the spine off the old book and glued it back on with his own specially developed adhesive, known as Lumbeck glue. The basic idea for booklets with adhesive binding was born. However, it was to be 17 years before Emil Lumbeck got together with his son-in-law Hans Ehlermann in Verden an der Aller to establish their own company. Ehlermann, a mechanical engineer, built the machines Lumbeck required to be able to produce adhesive binding on an industrial scale. Lumbeck binding no longer used a lacquer, but a resin-based adhesive to improve the durability of the pages. As a result, the production of adhesive binding was adopted by the majority of the industry. The process was continually being improved through the invention of new machines and by now, the sheets could be gathered singly or in blocks and then chamfered on the back. The now roughened rear of the book block was fanned out on both sides in the adhesive binder. Then the adhesive was applied and finally lined up with the cover. For adhesive binding today there are basically three different techniques available: hot-melt gluing which is frequently used in digital printing, the cold adhesive (dispersion glue) technique, largely used in semi-automatic production and the PUR gluing that we use in our print shop.
Our PUR adhesive binding represents durability

PUR adhesive binding is probably the best binding technique of all, as it combines optimum temperature resistance coupled with great adhesive strength. We can therefore guarantee top binding quality for booklets with a very easy opening action. Thanks to working with polyurethane, or PUR for short, this type of binding is extremely durable and long-lasting. Therefore it is perfect for business and annual reports, books with up to 160 pages and information booklets and picture brochures for high-value products such as cars, machines, or luxury watches etc. For booklets with more than 50 pages, we recommend a cover of at least 250gsm to improve strength. Booklets with a folded cover are especially suitable for positioning large graphics or placing relevant information which can be seen when the booklet is opened or closed. Emphasise the main points and attract extra attention with our UV coating to enhance the perceived value of your booklets and accentuate the colours.
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