Personalised Stamps

  • Round, square and rectangular
  • Different colours available
  • Individual text plates availabe

All SAXOPRINT stamps at a glance

Wooden Stamps - natural and classy

Our classic wooden stamps are available with round or rectangular stamp shape. Ten different sizes are available in total. Our wooden stamps are made from high-quality beechwood. The ink pad provided is available in blue, red or black.

Stamps "Green Line" – sustainable and high quality

In the case of Green Line stamps from Colop, you can select from the 2300 and 2600 models as well as printer models 20, 30 and 40. Each option is based on environmentally friendly and sustainable production. The printer models are produced from at least 75% recycled plastic. You can change both the text plate and the integrated ink pad for all models.

Stamps "Printy" – small, light and stylish

Printy stamps from Trodat are compact companions for office life. Several Printy models are available in different casing colours. The casing is made from strong plastic and comes with an integrated ink pad and a text plate made from solvent-resistant rubber. The ink pad can be changed in an instant. The text plate can also be easily changed.

Stamps "Professional" – durable product, optimal ease of use

Professional stamps from Trodat are equal to every challenge in the office and are particularly strong and durable. The casing of the 5215 stamp is made from metal and coated in high-quality plastic. It contains an integrated original trodat® ink pad in the desired colour and an individually designed text plate. Both the ink pad and the text plate can be replaced. trodat® offers a 10 year manufacturer's warranty for models 5203, 5204, 5206 and 5208.

The stamp components of the Printy series are primarily made of recycled plastic and, like the trodat®-Professional4.0 series, have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel.

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