SAXOPRINT is certified by FSC®

Any economic activity has an impact on nature. Especially in the printing industry these effects are particularly high due to the huge demand for paper and the use of chemicals.

SAXOPRINT Ltd has set a goal of keeping the impact on people and the environment as low as possible.
Environmentally friendly printing with FSC® Paper

SAXOPRINT Ltd. has been FSC® certified since 2013. The goals of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) are:

  • Responsible forest farming worldwide
  • Protection of endangered species
  • Improving the living conditions of local populations

We are committed to implementing and further developing all the objectives and requirements of FSC®. The high demand for paper products, in particular, is reason enough for us and our customers to be aware of the origin of wood for paper production and to support companies that are actively committed to sustainable sourcing and production.

Order your print products with FSC® paper from our print shop and make an active contribution to protecting and conserving the forests. FSC® certified paper is used in the manufacture of a wide variety of print products:

Silk / gloss finish paper (90 | 115 | 135 | 170 | 250 | 300 | 400gsm) 
Recycled paper (80 | 170 | 250gsm) 
Natural paper (90 | 160 | 250gsm)

Advantages of a FSC® print shop
  • Paper is sourced from sustainable forestry
  • Careful treatment of the environment (no over exploitation/no deforestation)
  • Extensive compensation of environmental pollution thanks to FSC® pressure
  • Extensive environmental compensation measures
  • Forestry businesses are visited to check if trees are being replanted

Print products with FSC® paper therefore combine perfect quality with environmental protection.

Our Top Products with FSC®-Certified Paper
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