Climate-neutral shipping with

Our efforts in the field of environmental protection are also transferred to our partners. That is why we have our goods shipped with DPD and DHL. Because with every delivery we make a contribution to climate protection.

Climate-neutral shipping with every order

Sustainability is a top priority in our corporate philosophy. As an international printing company, we see it as our duty to make the greatest possible contribution to the preservation of our environment. This is not only reflected in our own efforts, but also in the selection of our partners. We work together with parcel service providers DPD and DHL to reduce and offset CO2 emissions during transport.

With every order you support climate protection, because our products come to you with climate-neutral shipping. This does not cost you anything, but helps the environment to a great extent. Whether optimization of shipping processes or participation in climate protection projects. Thanks to CO2-neutral shipping, every shipment contributes to a sustainable climate economy.


Climate-neutral shipping with DrivingChangeTM

As part of the Group-wide CSR strategy DrivingChangeTM, DPD has committed itself to transporting each package in a climate-neutral manner. By 2020, the DPDgroup also aims to reduce traffic-related CO2 emissions by 10 percent per parcel compared to 2013. In Germany, DPD promotes climate neutrality through a large number of projects in areas such as electric mobility, the use of freight bicycles or energy-efficient construction projects.

Climate-neutral parcel transport

DPD has been measuring shipping and corporate emissions since 2006. The technology is now so advanced that it is possible to determine exactly how high the CO2 load is for each consignment. Not only the transport routes are taken into account, but also all internal processes. This measurement makes it clear at which point how much is consumed and where should be optimized.


DPD ships almost everything by land and thus saves the immense CO2 consumption of air freight. To this end, more and more electric vehicles are being used in cities. Trucks are still used for longer distances, but aerodynamics are continuously improved. For letter mail DPD already dispenses for the most part completely with motorised vehicles in urban areas and increasingly uses bicycle couriers.

In addition to transport, DPD also takes internal measures. These include the exclusive use of recycled paper and energy-saving measures using state-of-the-art lighting technologies. In addition, the company continuously monitors and optimizes the areas in cooperation with TÜV SÜD:

  • Power usage
  • Paper usage
  • Fuel consumption
  • Water usage

Balancing/ Compensating

The third pillar of CO2-neutral shipping is emission compensation. This concerns emissions, which cannot be prevented despite all reduction measures. Total Zero will then support climate protection projects that counteract CO2 emissions. These could be local projects in Europe or international programmes in developing countries.

In addition to climate-neutral parcel transport, the CSR strategy DrivingChangeTM also places great emphasis on intelligent city logistics, social responsibility and innovative corporate action.

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