Monthly Calendars

  • 3 or 4 month calendars
  • Multiple months per sheet
  • Or multiple tear away calendar blocks

We are used for:

  • Product presentations
  • Useful giveaways
  • Holiday gifts
  • Display the important days for your company
  • Permanent and visible reminder of your services
Finished Size Monthly Calendars

300 x 530 mm
300 x 600 mm
Multi Month Calendars

330 x 900 mm
330 x 700 mm
Print Run from 25 to 5,000 units
Number of Pages 12 tear-off calendar sheets (Monthly Calendars (single sheet) 3 and 4 months)
3 x 12 tear-off calendar sheets (Multi Month Calendars (multiple sheets 3 months)
4 x 12 tear-off calendar sheets (multiple sheets 4 months)
Colour Mode
4/0 euroscale
chromium sulphate cardboard silk finish (hanger)
offset paper (calendar pages)
Multi Month Calendars
hole punching
metal eyelet
Monthly Calendars
hole punching
date slide
  • Date Selector

    All Monthly Calendars come with a red date selector, which you can move to highlight the current day.

    It is made out of a transparent plastic and is easy to move both horizontally and vertically.

  • Calendar Details

    Multi Month Calendars have each month on seperate sheets in 10 different languages: ENG, GER, IT, FR, SPA, NL, PL, RUS, TUR, PT,. Calendar sheets are printed on 80gsm offset paper.

    Monthly Calendars have 3 months printed on a single sheet in 6 languages: ENG, GER, IT, FR, SPA, RU. This calendar is also printed on 80gsm offset paper.


See into the future with SAXOPRINT

It is sure to be a busy year so make sure you have an overview of the coming months! Custom Monthly Calendars from SAXOPRINT help you to see 3 or 4 months into the future. 3 Month Calendars or 4 Month Calendars help you to keep an eye on all of your important dates at a single glance. Perfect for doctor's offices where patients need to make follow-up appointments or as office calendars where you need to plan far in advance. Because you can design your own calendar, it is easy to create a photo calendar with your favourite photos. Our Calendar Designer makes it easy to create your personalised calendar. Just follow the instructions and upload your artwork to our calendar templates. Impress your customers, friends and family by giving them SAXOPRINT personalised calendars as a Christmas or New Year’s gift.

Your customisable options

Calendar printing with SAXOPRINT offers you a variety of customisable options for your monthly calendars. First decide whether you need to see 3 or 4 months at a time. Then, you have a choice of how the calendar is put together. Monthly Calendars display 3 or 4 months on one sheet that you can easily tear away each month. Multi Month Calendars offer you 3 or 4 calendar blocks consisting of 12 sheets each. Both 3 Month Calendars and 4 Month Calendars are supported by a 350gsm cardboard backing with a silk finish. Your custom calendar sheets are printed on 80gsm uncoated paper.

From layout to custom printed monthly calendar

Our online print shop offers you a large selection of calendar templates and tutorials to help you design high quality, target audience oriented calendars. We have put together a collection of calendar designs on our blog to give you a few ideas, e.g. in the article ‘Move Forward with Our Calendar Design Inspirations’. Our blog also gives you practical tips about print colours, printing processes and how to set up your print files.

In addition, SAXOPRINT online print shop offers you free calendar templates for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and PDF. Our free templates make it fast and easy for you to design your custom printed 4 or 3 month calendars and ensure that the printing requirements for your advertisement are fulfilled. Use our calendar templates to create a photo calendar, company calendar or collage calendar. Options such as format, number of pages, binding, colours and processing can be selected on our calculation pages. You can choose from the following options for your individual calendars:

Option single page monthly calendars multi-page monthly calendars
Format 300 x 490 mm (for 3 months)
or 300 x 560 mm (for 4 months)
330 x 700 mm (for 3 months)
or 330 x 900 mm (for 4 months)
Number of pages 12 tear-off pages 3 x 12 tear-off pages or
4 x 12 tear-off pages
Print run from 50 to 5,000 calendars from 50 to 5,000 calendars
Colours 4/0 colour Euroscale 4/0 colour Euroscale
Processing hole punched grooved, hole punched
or with metal grommet for wall mounting

So that setting up your print data runs smoothly, we have provided you with detailed information about print file settings in the service section of our website. Details about the resolution of photos and graphics, spacing, crop marks and embedded script are just some of the topics covered in our artwork guide. Our friendly customer service team is happy to answer any of your questions by telephone or e-mail. Our London-based customer service team can be reached from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm.

Printing custom monthly calendars – the SAXOPRINT ordering process

Once you have logged in or created an account as a new customer, you can configure your hanging calendar according to your own specifications, place your product into the shopping cart and complete your order by entering your delivery address. The next step is uploading your print files.

You have designed your custom printed 3 month calendars or 4 month calendars to be unique. We not only print them in the highest quality: We offer you extra service and confidence by checking your artwork before your calendars go to press in order to circumvent errors such as incorrect crop marks. We also offer you further proofing options, such as our PDF proof to enable you to check your layout in colour on your own monitor. It prevents not only time-consuming correction loops, but ensures the fast and effective production of your monthly calendars.

We print monthly calendars in runs starting from 50, but we also offer lucrative discounts for runs of 100 and up, which are especially interesting for resellers.

Tip: Calendar pricing is subject to diverse fluctuations. That is one good reason for you to make use of our quote function. You can be guaranteed the current price of your product for 14 days with no obligations. Our friendly customer service agents are happy to give you more information about the SAXOPRINT quote guarantee.

Custom printed 3 month calendars and 4 month calendars are not only practical giveaways for customers and business partners. You can also use your printed calendars in your own company offices to keep your working environment in line with your corporate design. With high quality products from SAXOPRINT, your customers and partners receive distinct calendars and can see the current date in less than a second. At the same time, your logo or slogan makes sure they think of you all year long.

Needless to say that we also offer you competent service for all of our other printed calendar products, such as desk calendars, annual planners, advertising calendars, wall calendars and pocket calendars.

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