Environmentally-friendly printing

For us, the latest technologies go hand in hand with environmental protection. We use sustainable materials and low-emission production. By choosing SAXOPRINT, you will benefit from high-quality print products and a responsible online printing company. To protect our natural environment, we observe the following internal environmental protection measures.

We promote sustainable production

  • Alcohol-free printing

    Thanks to our advanced printing equipment, alcohol is no longer necessary for basic processing. The ink is now less damp, thus preventing undesired splatters. Alcohol-free ink also dries considerably quicker. Consequently, the use of alcohol-free ink not only helps the environment and our employees, but also optimises lead times for your print orders.
  • Biodegradable inks

    In our printing inks, components containing mineral oil are replaced by renewable materials such as plant oils. These materials biodegrade more easily and have no effect on the quality of the print results. We also store our inks exclusively in high-volume containers to avoid the waste associated with several small ink cans.
  • Sustainable paper usage

    We follow a collective print process. Here, different orders are arranged on sheets of paper in such a way as to ensure that as little paper as possible remains unused. Thanks to our modern equipment, we also use 50% fewer print sheets to set up the print process than with conventional printing machines.
    Our high quality standards in our production processes help us to avoid rejects and production surpluses.
    Unavoidable waste is collected in large containers and then recycled.
  • The entire company plays its part

    Every SAXOPRINT employee is committed to reducing consumption of paper, water and fuel. In 2014, we reduced our carbon emissions by 14.6% compared to the previous year. This was based on lower energy consumption through the acquisition of energy-efficient supply systems and equipment, as well as the modernisation of our lighting systems and the use of waste heat from our machines to heat the production facilities. SAXOPRINT is also committed to environmental protection outside of its production halls, providing subsidised tickets for local public transportation.

Everybody can make a conscious decision to help the environment

Our previous initiatives show that print quality and sustainable production are not mutually exclusive. With every print product you order, you are choosing an environmentally friendly production process which is continuously optimised. We want to continue along the path together with you.

Further information relating to environmental protection

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