Greeting Cards

  • Send customers personalised greetings
  • Wide range of formats
  • Easy to design online

new300gsm uncoated board &
450gsm chromo board

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards - Sending customers thank-you cards and invitations with style

At SAXOPRINT we are experts in printing greeting cards. With high-quality, perfectly-printed greeting cards, you will leave a lasting impression with the recipient. Whether a greeting card or an invitation, personalised greeting cards designed by you are great for customers, business associates and staff as well as your nearest and dearest.

Emails are very soon deleted because they lack emotion and you can’t touch them. Not only are greeting cards personal but they’re decorative too. Many customers put their Christmas cards on their desk or on a pin-wall. So that your greeting cards are well received, we can arrange first-rate printing and outstanding designs for your cards at SAXOPRINT.

Greeting cards for every occasion

Personalised greeting cards can be ordered from our print shop in small runs of only 25 and up to very large runs of 200,000. That makes printing custom greeting cards as perfect for small events such as company parties as for commercial greeting card vendors with a large retail distribution. Professionally printed greeting cards by SAXOPRINT can be used in many different ways to make a positive and lasting impression on your customers, business associates, staff or guests. A few examples:

  • Christmas cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Wedding invitations, anniversaries or company events
  • Personalised thank-you cards
  • Branded company cards for every occasion
  • Event invitations

We love to show off our large paper, fold and finish selection and have many different sizes and formats for you to choose from. The print samples also clearly demonstrate the difference between paper with and without UV coating. Colours appear more brilliant, and the feel of the paper is unique, which results in a really eye-catching custom printed greeting card. The cards can be coated on one side or on both sides for the same price. Creasing and folding is already included in the price of the custom printed cards. Of course we can also leave them unfolded if that's what suits your needs.

Upon receiving your files, SAXOPRINT online print shop performs a free standard artwork check to make sure your files will print well. For perfect colour results and particularly for colour fidelity, take advantage of our inexpensive proofing services. Further options such as express delivery or split delivery can also be selected individually. For urgent orders: use our 48h Turnaround service and receive your delivery within 2 working day by 5pm.

Season’s Greetings from SAXOPRINT

Create custom Christmas cards with SAXOPRINT. Your custom holiday cards are sure to impress both loved ones and customers. Personalised Christmas cards can holiday cheer to friends and family, create a bond with customers or – if you are looking for Christmas card printing for charity – get donors in a generous spirit. If you are sending a family photo for the holidays, consider using our Christmas card templates to create photo Christmas cards. The possibilities are endless with SAXOPRINT’s wide card range and customisable options, you are sure to create the perfect personalised Christmas card for your individual needs.

In the print template section of our website, we have put together a collection of both ready-made design templates and pre-formatted blank templates for you to design your own personalised greeting cards with ease. They can be used with various desktop publishing programs. We have designed our free print templates not only with the intention of providing you with inspirational ideas for your own creations. The templates also ensure you have the right settings for correct bleed, and other criteria from the start. The templates are available for free on our online print shop for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and as PDF files. Making sure your custom printed greeting cards are a big success is as important to us as it is to you. We suggest you have a look through the artwork and layout information in our guide. It contains detailed, step-by-step instructions to make layout and design easier for you – and it's free. Order custom greeting cards online from the SAXOPRINT online print shop, and give your creativity free rein. Your customers and business associates will be impressed!

What our greeting cards are used for:

  • Reactivation of your customer base
  • Advertising material with added value for special ocasions
  • Greeting card campaigns
  • Personal messages to increase customer bonding
DL A5 long
DL small
Print Run from 25 to 200,000 units
Number of Sides 1 | 2 | 4
Colour Mode
1/0 | 1/1 black
1/0 | 1/1 HKS
1/0 | 1/1 Pantone
2/0 | 2/2 black + HKS
2/0 | 2/2 black + Pantone
4/0 | 4/4 Euroscale
4/1 Euroscale + black
5/0 | 5/5 Euroscale + HKS
5/0 | 5/5 Euroscale + Pantone
170 | 250 | 300 | 400gsm
Silk/gloss finish paper
Natural paper
170 | 250gsm
Recycled paper

280 | 350gsm
Postcard board
Uncoated board
Chromo board

creased (4 sides only)

folded (4 sides only)


UV coating

spot UV coating

spot 3D UV coating


soft touch

  • Silk/Gloss Finish Paper 

    This paper is finished with a synthetic silk or gloss coating. This gives the paper a more finished, smoother and stronger surface, which enables high reproduction and better print quality, particularly in the case of pictures and contours.

  • Recycled Paper

    Recycled paper consists of 100% recycled used paper. As well as saving wood resources, in comparison with conventional paper production, more than 70% of the energy and water used is saved, In short: Recycled paper significantly protects the environment.

  • Natural Paper

    All paper that is not coated during its manufacturing process, is known as natural paper. So natural paper is an uncoated paper, which gives the print product a very good level of opacity and a vivid and high-class look and feel.

  • Spot Colours: HKS & Pantone

    Create a high level of recognition with individualised spot colours. Spot colours with HKS or Pantone achieve a unique spectrum of colours and a faultless representation.

    More information
  • UV Coating 

    Enrich your printed products with UV lacquer and give your order a high-quality touch. Thanks to modern finishing methods, your product is highly resilient and resistant to external influences.

    More information
  • Lamination 

    Give your product an elegant look and a high-quality feel. Emphasise your quality standards by film laminating. It enhances the colours, and protects the product against external influences.

    More information
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