• DL, C4 or C5 formats
  • Recycled or natural paper available
  • Security printing on the inside available

We are used for:

  • Sending all of your business mail
  • To highlight special offers or deals
  • Direct mailings in your corporate design
  • Campaigns with special envelopes
Finished Size
Print Run from 100 to 50,000 units
Number of Sides 1
Colour Mode
4/0 euroscale
80 | 90gsm
uncoated paper
natural paper
recycled paper
peel and seal with window
peel and seal without window

We are used for:

  • Sending all your business mail in your corporate design
  • Presenting your terms and conditions or handbooks in your corporate design
  • Making copies for seminars or workshops
Finished Size
Print Run from 250 to 200,000 units
Number of Sides 1 | 2
Colour Mode
1/0 | 1/1 black
1/0 | 1/1 HKS
1/0 | 1/1 Pantone
2/0 | 2/2 black + HKS
2/0 | 2/2 black + Pantone
4/0 | 4/4 euroscale
4/1 euroscale + black
5/0 | 5/5 euroscale + HKS
5/0 | 5/5 euroscale+ Pantone
80 | 90 | 100 | 120gsm>
uncoated paper
premium uncoated paper
natural paper
recycled paper

Up to 6 lines of perforation

Hole Punching

not punched

double punched

fourfold punched

  • Uncoated Paper 

    Uncoated paper is a strong paper type made 100% from cellulose. The age-resistant surface lends a soft tone to images, while text is easy to read. Uncoated paper can be written and printed on, making it suitable for photocopiers and printers. Standard offset uncoated paper is 80gsm, and the premium offset uncoated paper is 90gsm.

  • Recycled Paper

    Recycled paper consists of 100% recycled used paper. As well as saving wood resources, in comparison with conventional paper production, more than 70% of the energy and water used is saved, In short: Recycled paper significantly protects the environment.


  • Natural Paper

    All paper that is not coated during its manufacturing process, is known as natural paper. So natural paper is an uncoated paper, which gives the print product a very good level of opacity and a vivid and high-class look and feel.



Printed envelopes: a professional first impression

Impress your customers and business partners before they even open their mail. Individual, high-quality printed envelopes make you stand out as a professional and imaginative business, right from the start. Marketers can also distinguish their advertisements from other sales letters by having creative and snappy envelopes printed. At SAXOPRINT we are aware of these advantages and support you with innovative printing techniques, design ideas and services to give you optimal results.

Have professional envelopes printed

Our envelopes in the standard formats DL envelopes, C4 envelopes and C5 envelopes are perfect for sending invitations, small informational or advertising brochures, and in A4, A5 und DL formats for extensive contract documents. The practical adhesive strip on the back makes sealing envelopes both quick and clean.

Custom printed envelopes can be ordered in runs of 100 and up, you can order them as standard or window envelopes in conventional formats. When you select a print run volume from our configurator, you automatically see the updated price for your printed envelopes. The larger the print run for your personalised envelopes, the lower the price for each individual unit. We print your custom envelopes according to your personal specifications in runs of up to 50,000. Absolutely individual: with your logo, images, graphics and/ or slogans on the front, back or on both sides.

4-colour printing makes it possible for us to print your custom envelopes in almost all colours. We print your envelopes on 80gsm white offset (printer) paper for DL envelopes and on 90gsm paper for C4 envelopes and C5 envelopes. Furthermore, our printed envelopes are opaque to protect their contents from inquisitive eyes. The pattern tint on the inside (1/0 colour, black) provides privacy protection for sensitive correspondence such as pay cheques, bank statements, or other personal information. Use our envelope template to design the perfect envelope for your business.

5 tips for individual envelopes that get attention

1. Clever use of corporate design and logos

Envelope printing with your logo and company colours is the classic way to attract attention and strengthen your corporate image. Make sure that you choose a layout – serious or flashy – that suits the purpose of your letter (business letters, informational material, customer promotions, etc.) Use our user-friendly envelope template to create right envelope for your needs.

2. Prominent placement for new customer promotions

Offers become eye-catchers with strategic placement. Potential customers take notice of striking advertisements, even if they never open the letter itself. In addition, your advertisement stands out from the mass of white envelopes lying on the desk. Tip: The contents of the envelope can be printed on a letterhead made of standard or premium paper, which also makes an ideal advertising letter when it is custom printed.

3. Add a confidentiality statement

Important documents like pay cheques are meant to be read solely by the recipient. It is advisable to have your personalised envelopes printed with “Confidential” or “Personal” when it is appropriate for the contents. A creative advertising technique is to use the confidentiality statement as a marketing instrument in order to pique the recipient's curiosity and motivate him to open the envelope.

4. Getting attention with colour

Our high-performance, state-of-the-art machinery guarantees brilliant print results. You can tap the full potential of our extensive colour system range: 4 colour printing, HKS and a multitude of Pantone hues create compelling envelope advertising with brilliant colours or elaborate designs. We print exclusively on top quality paper for offset printing to ensure excellent results even with large print runs.

5. Awaken curiosity with white space

Creating mailshots so that they set themselves apart from other advertising mail is a challenge. Instead of having the entire envelope surface printed, a clever use of white space is often more effective, making important information the centre of attention.

You design your envelopes with imagination – we give you the free print templates to make things even easier. We also provide you with an artwork guide to assist you in designing your envelopes. Just to stay on the safe side, we proof the layouts you send us with a standard artwork check to make sure that your files are suitable for printing. You can also order an optional PDF, galley or colour proof.

You can also send small giveaways such as sticky notes or printed labels in your individually designed envelopes to make sure your company image leaves a lasting impression. Of course the classic way to use your envelopes is to send letters on personalised letterheads to business partners, friends or customers.

SAXOPRINT envelope printing service

Make use of our free envelope templates, tips from our blog and our artwork guide to design perfectly printable envelopes for production. The templates ensure an ideal printed result. Experience has shown that they also minimise the time and effort you spend on print file corrections, and they make it possible for us to produce your custom printed envelopes even faster. For documents that need a little more protection, we suggest using our durable mailing envelopes.

You design your envelopes with imagination – we give you the free print templates to make things even easier. We also provide you with an artwork guide to assist you in designing your envelopes. Just to stay on the safe side, we proof the layouts you send us with a standard artwork check to make sure that your files are suitable for printing. You can also order an optional PDF, galley or colour proof.

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