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Booklets printing

  • Individual booklet for your CD or DVD
  • From 25 to 200.000 units
  • Up to 24 pages
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Custom printed DVD and CD booklets

Booklets for CDs and DVDs are an ideal medium to provide your customers with supplementary information about what is on the discs. Whether your design is composed of pure, text-free artistic graphics or done in story telling style, custom printed CD booklets or DVD booklets provide a great way to set the stage for your media.

With the SAXOPRINT UK online print shop, you can count on fast, dependable production and delivery, no matter how large your print run. We offer you free print samples so that you can see our CD and DVD booklet paper and print quality for yourself, before you order. We also offer you lots of tips about how to create your CD and DVD supplements into the right light.

CD booklets - the small supplement with an enormous effect

A CD cover alone offers relatively little surface area. Customers and fans, however, often long for more information than can fit onto the front and reverse side of a jacket. With a custom printed CD booklet from SAXOPRINT, you have 4, 6 or even 8 pages to satisfy their cravings.

Examples of uses for CD booklets:

  • music productions
  • product presentations
  • instruction manuals for software
  • corporate information

In addition to the obligatory playlist printed on the jacket, music productions can gain added value by providing fans with background information, e.g. biographies, how the songs evolved or photos from live concerts. CDs for promotional purposes can make use of the booklets to, for example, give an overview of products or services and list their most important benefits.

SAXOPRINT offers you custom printed CD booklets in the standard 120 x 120 mm format in print runs starting from only 25 and up to 200 000. You can select from 4, 6 and 8 page folded CD booklets, and up to 52 pages for printed CD booklets with covers with or without covers. In addition to CD booklets, you can, of course, also have our online print shop produce your CD covers. We recommend coordinating the design of both printed products in order to prevent them from clashing and to promote brand recognition.

DVD booklets - original supplements for your keep case

Just as with CD booklets, custom printed DVD booklets give you the opportunity to include more information about your DVD. You can place entertaining content such as photo spreads, comics or background information about the musicians’ backstage lives on tour in the booklet. Other uses are instructions on how to use the DVD, e.g. if the DVD is a software program. These are just a few examples of the many ways DVD booklets can be used, whether they are purely for entertainment or purely for informative purposes.

  • music videos
  • product presentations
  • event documentation
  • software
  • image videos
  • club videos, e.g. for an anniversary or the year in retrospect
  • wedding videos

DVD booklets for documentations or films can make the DVD even more interesting for viewers by giving them a look behind the scenes. The information makes them bond with the product even more, and - depending upon what’s on the DVD - influence them to purchase further related products. Your custom printed DVD booklet can include, e.g. photos of merchandising articles, announcements about bonus promotions, coupons or contests related to the film. This multi-page supplement offers many possibilities.

Freedom of design is especially important for the creative venture any DVD presents. SAXOPRINT online print shop offers you a large selection of paper, colour, binding and page options for both custom printed DVD booklets and CD booklets. In 120 x 180 mm standard format and with print runs starting from 25 and up to 200 000, we offer you the right run for your DVD - from wedding keepsakes to large scale film productions.

We are also more than happy to print covers to match your custom printed DVD booklet for an outstanding, professional look.