Partnerships and Co-operations

Our partners are as diverse as our customers!

Whether you are on the racing track or in a museum, SAXOPRINT is there for support. We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our partners.

The Great British Postcard Competition

Logo TGBPC The Great British Postcard Competition launched in April and challenged the UK’s creative community to design their interpretation of Great Britain in 2017 on a postcard. The competition was run through SAXOPRINT’s design platform SAXOPRINT ProStudio. The almost 300 entries displayed a wide range of topics from food and drink, to landscapes and leisure, to social and political topics like the Brexit, NHS and homelessness.

The competition came to an exciting close on September 25th, 2017 with an exclusive VIP awards evening and art auction at the Proud Gallery Camden. Head judge John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols) announced his top five postcards and eventual winner. “I was overwhelmed by some of it. It made my decision making process difficult, because I became so involved with each little postcard achievement. I just let them hit me emotionally”, said Lydon. The Grand Prize winner took home £5,000. The Peer Vote winner and Young Talent winners recieved a Wicom Cintiq 13 HD and £1,000 respectively.

The awards evening ended with an art auction benefiting The Big Issue Foundation. The shortlisted designs were also available for sale as well as all of the designs in postcard form. Almost £1,800 were raised all together. All proceeds went to support The Big Issue. SAXOPRINT will also be donating 1,000 boxes of 10 specially selected postcards to The Big Issue Foundation. These will be sold on The Big Issue Shop shortly.

The Creative Awards by SAXOPRINT

Logo SAXOPRINT Creative AwardsLogo Creative Awards by SAXOPRINT 2018Every year, SAXOPRINT organises the SAXOPRINT Creative Awards competition, which invites creatives to design a publicity campaign - a poster and/or video - for an NGO in France. A jury of professionals elects a shortlist, with the first prize emerging as the official campaign of the NGO partner.

The competition launched in 2015 in partnership with WWF France with global warming as its theme. The display in the Parisian metro of the winning campaign - "Pandarévolution" - during COP 21 (2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference) and the exhibition of the best designs at the French Senate immediately made the competition one of the most important events of the year. In 2016, SAXOPRINT once again partnered with WWF, this time with protecting the oceans as its theme. The competition took a social turn in 2017 with 'les Restos du Cœur', a charity delivering food packages and hot meals to the needy. 2019 saw a partnership with 'Secours Populaire', an NGO dedicated to fighting poverty and discrimination. The prize is now one of the most important creative competitions in France thanks to the support of various media partners, advertising departments and influencers.

With this competition, SAXOPRINT aims to give an NGO a creative platform for passing on their message to the public. The task has been successfully accomplished, with more than 10 million people able to discover the poster campaigns in the Parisian metro every year and at public exhibitions in various cities in France.