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Over 500 SAXOPRINTERS are behind each and every one of our products. With our efficient processes, we work around the clock to ensure that you receive your products on time and at the best price, throughout Europe. Learn more about our processing procedures, from the order stage through to dispatch.

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We are Prepress

We’re the hands-on people that turn every print into a SAXOPRINT. We’re young. We’re dynamic. And we’re a diverse group of people with a strong team spirit. By pooling our various skills we can respond quickly and effectively to the needs of all the orders we receive We are where the buck stops when it comes to quality. The first key thing we do in Prepress is to check and approve the artwork. This will usually take the form of our Standard Artwork Check that comes free of charge with every SAXOPRINT product. In this check we make sure that the files are printable. We also offer a Superior Artwork Check which entails a more thorough check of your files. If there are problems with your file we will email you and give you some tips on the best way to set up your artwork. Once your files have been through our artwork check we optimise them ready for the next stage. If you wish we can send you a galley proof or PDF proof at this point. We send you these for approval to

We are Quality Management

We guarantee that every single print really is a SAXOPRINT. We’re an imaginative team with a wide range of specialities. We’re friendly and easy to talk to. And we have a lot of patience - something that’s particularly useful when you’re running quality checks on an ongoing production run. We make sure every printed product meets the very highest quality standards.Quality is a product of teamwork. Besides operational quality management, we also monitor strategic quality aspects, including process analysis and control and optimising all our production flows. To achieve this we work closely with our product managers and our complaints handling team.We are the trained eye.We have extensive expertise and experience in quality management and assurance in automated printing production. In order to guarantee high quality at all times, we need to be innovative, imaginative and tenacious. We work with highly effi cient tools and also benefi t hugely from the input we get from our production and administration colleagues, which gives us an outside perspective.

We are Marketing

We tell people about the qualities that make a print a SAXOPRINT. We’re marketing specialists hailing from seven different nations. Our team consists of native speakers from all the European countries in which we operate (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Austria). And our skills are just as diverse as our roots: from affiliate marketing to customer loyalty management to target audience marketing.We create, inform, promote and sponsor.Our team combines many years of experience in marketing printed products with fresh ideas. And we work closely with all SAXOPRINT departments - from Product Management to Customer Service to IT. In addition, we keep a close eye on trends and interesting developments. That’s how we can offer you exciting deals, attractive prices and new website features on a regular basis. All the information that reaches you via our website, our newsletter, our blog and our Facebook page comes from us. We make sure SAXOPRINT is featured regularly in the press, online and on TV. And this includes our wide-ranging sponsoring activities - in sports, social projects and environmental protection. Regionally, nationally and right across Europe. We produce and develop the content for our online shops: with high-quality products, efficient ordering processes and inspiring ideas. Giving you 24/7 access to printed products that meet our rigorous SAXOPRINT standards in every regard.