UV Coating

  • Exceptional touch
  • Brilliant look (matt or glossy)
  • Scratch resistant

newSpot UV and Spot 3D UV Coating

Finishing with the latest UV coating method

Unlike other finishes, UV lacquer completely relies on solid particles. Neither water nor solvents are used. This is environmentally friendly, and also reduces the drying time. Using a roller, the solid resin particles are applied to the printed product as a lacquer film, and are interconnected by the subsequent UV exposure.

Thus, they provide a complete and comprehensive layer of coating. Compared to conventional finishes, UV lacquer shines more vibrantly or looks more matte. The modern finishing processes effectively underline the visual appearance and mechanical properties of almost all printed products.

Your benefits at a glance


Due to its hard surface, UV lacquer has excellent protective properties, as well as high durability, value stability and abrasion resistance. UV lacquer combines excellent mechanical properties and good corrosion protection.

High-quality look and feel

The modern finishing processes effectively underline the visual appearance and mechanical properties of almost all printed products. UV lacquer is ideal for glossy brochures, calendars, flyers or brochures (multi-page, folded flyers). Postcards and business cards also obtain a perfect finish thanks to UV lacquer. With matte lacquer, the product seems more reserved and less defined by light dispersion, but it stands out with an elegant and impressive matte representation. With glossy UV lacquer, photos and graphics become more brilliant, more colourful and more expressive. This therefore applies to many print products, such as glossy brochures, flyers and brochures. It ensures stability and abrasion resistance for business cards and postcards.

Top service

Indeed, we also offer our excellent UV finishing service in our online print shop. UV lacquer finish can be ordered when configuring your printed product. In our standard service, please allow a maximum of one working day more for the production of your UV-finished prints. If we receive your order before 5pm, your prints will go into production on the same day, and this will count as the first working day. Our prepress specialists run a standard artwork check every time you order. Your files are checked for print capability. Additionally, a pdf proof will be e-mailed to you. Production will only start with your approval.

Solvent free and environmentally friendly

The lacquer coating consists mainly of polymerisable binding agents and is dried in a special UV drying system. For all-over coating with UV lacquer, the printed sheets are inserted into the machine, coated, and then dried using very little energy, and cured.

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