How to work with the inDesign-template for your product
  • The file is provided for you in open end format with added bleed difference in CMYK colour space.
  • After opening, first superimpose your layers: Windows - Layers
  • "My layer" is your design layer
  • Before saving, the layers marked in colour (orange, green) should be deleted to avoid printing these with the others. They are used solely for the purpose of orientation while designing your artwork.
  • In the case of files with several pages, you will also find 2 pages in your template document so that you can work on the front and back pages separately.
  • The circled numbers identify the pages which you want to design, whereby (1) is always the cover sheet of your finished product.
  • If you open a file and your borders, the fold lines or the text area are not recognisable, this is due to the size of your format.
  • Use the magnifying glass tool to zoom into the template to precisely position your texts and images.