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You can print postcards at, your online print shop, cheaply priced and in first-class quality. Use our multiple configuration options for postcards. Postcards can be printed in the standard greeting card formats A6 and DL at SAXOPRINT.

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Postcards printing

Suggestions for using business postcards

There are many different use cases for postcards. SAXOPRINT prints postcards for classical mail sending, for advertising issues or as invitation card - it doesn’t matter which form you choose. If you are planning postcard marketing but don't yet have a lot of experience, our experts would like to offer you some inspirations for a successful campaign.

1. Printing postcards for mailshots

Bulk mail or mailshots are typically used in three ways: properly addressed as letters with supplements, advertising brochures or leaflets, or as affordable postcards in A6, or as oversized postcards (235 x 125 mm). We would like to say a few words about the latter by way of explanation: A6 postcards are similar to flyers in that they are relatively small and are more prone to being overlooked in a full mailbox than brochures or letters. For that reason, we recommend a heavier paper or cardboard of at least 250 gsm for printing custom postcards.

Oversized postcards also have almost twice the advertising surface and get more recipient attention. This format is only about 5% smaller than our A5 option and is more economical. As with printed advertising postcards, we recommend designing the front side with an eye-catcher that gets an immediate response and compels the recipient to read the reverse side.

2. Periodical supplements

Affordable postcards placed in periodicals have to be directed very precisely at their target audience in order to distract the reader from the actual content of the magazine. They look especially high-quality on premium glossy art paper, with a print finishing such as UV coating, which really makes the colours pop out. Choose from our large paper and finish selection. Additional perforation lines make it easy for the reader to detach the postcards from the magazine and react to your advertising campaign.

3. Prize draw cards

Postcards printed on postcard board are ideal for prize draw cards that the reader can send in. As a rule, art printing paper is sufficient for draws at advertising or promotional stands, where they are immediately dropped into a tombola. Additional perforation lines are perfect when you want to give a blank part back to the customer to make sure he remembers your company.

4. Printing greeting cards and invitations as postcards

Postcards are perfect as invitations to events, trade exhibitions, new openings or product launches. They are not only less expensive to send than folded cards with envelopes, they are also more environmentally friendly. Having greeting cards printed for your regular customers reminds them of your cooperation and fosters trust in your company.

Ordering options for printing custom postcards with our online shop

You can order and print postcards at Saxoprint UK online printers in the 4 colour Euroscale system, or choose to add non-standard HKS or Pantone tones and spot colours. Black and white printing with or without spot standard colours is also possible. The postcard board is finished with a dispersion varnish on the front side and is matt on the reverse to make it easy to write on.

Perforation lines are a very good instrument for increasing your response quota, for example with postcards for prize draws or in magazines. As business reply cards, the participant only has to write a few lines or tick a few boxes and put the card in a mailbox with no need to pay for postage.

Whether it's a small run from 25 to 1,000 or large runs from 2,000 to 200,000, we print your order printed in a very short time. Take advantage of our expert postcard printing services!

We recommend finishing options such as UV coating or celloglazing for the sides of your affordable postcards that will not be written on. Coating and lamination makes the paper more robust, the colours more brilliant and gives the card a high-quality feel.

For a small surcharge of between 1 and 2% of your order value, you can actively support a climate protection programme and play a part in carbon offset. You can communicate your participation to your customers with your own certificate and QR code.

Companies who need multiple delivery addresses for a single order can also select our split delivery service for up to 10 separate addresses. The number of copies sent to each address can be individually set. We save you the trouble of having to submit separate orders for each delivery address, and you don't have to unpack our delivery only to repack and forward it yourself. SAXOPRINT makes printing individualised postcards easy for you.

Creating postcard layouts and print files for online printing

Free print templates along with our print file instructions and artwork guide give you the information you need to prepare your layout for production. Before your custom printed postcards even see a press, we check your file for its printing suitability in order to ensure an optimal printed result. This standard artwork check is free of charge. We also offer comprehensive proofing options for a small fee. Our staff of experts personally check your files in detail according to all relevant criteria.

We recommend using a professional graphic design program like InDesign to correctly set bleed, layers and images for an optimal print file. We have lots of tips and advice for you on our blog about setting print files correctly. The blog also contains a large collection of useful, free print tutorials with step-by-step instructions for everything related to printing custom postcards. For really quick printing, use our express delivery. This way, you will receive your printed postcards in only one to two days after completion.

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