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CD and DVD printed products

In advertising, first impressions are paramount to success, especially when it comes to expensively produced media such as CDs and DVDs. With a specifically targeted design cover, the attention is drawn to the medium and the recipient’s curiosity is piqued. Rely on us as your online print partner for printing covers and CD booklets.

CD covers – an impressive way to present CDs

No matter whether it’s a music album, audio book, PC software application, presentation or advertising giveaway, a title sheet matching the content of the CD designed for a jewel case or slim case is important to attract attention. Just as with newspapers and magazines, the cover of the CD is decisive for successfully conveying the message which should then be reinforced by double-sided printing after the CD case is opened. A convincing cover sheet encourages potential customers to buy and should fit into the overall concept in respect of paper quality and colour brilliance. As well as copying and printer paper with untreated surfaces, our print shop also offers the choice of silk- and gloss-finish paper for professional CD covers. Resellers can benefit from discounts and also enjoy a range of extra options and more extensive services.

DVD covers – well informed all over

The larger surface area of a DVD box, or keep case, not only shows the recipient that this is a higher-quality product but also presents more opportunities for presentation and communication. The reader takes in all sides of the DVD cover when turning it over and can get a comprehensive impression of the main message on the front and the more detailed information about the contents of the DVD from the back cover. Properly balancing the paper quality and print colour is especially important for this type of presentation. Choose the right copy-, printing- or photographic paper for your DVD cover. We can provide one for every concept. Silk, gloss and durable paper qualities are every bit as possible as printing with consistently identical colour quality with HKS colours.

CD booklets - the informative insert

If you don’t want to overload your CD cover with too much information, or if you want to include additional information about the CD in the case, you can use booklets of up to 24 pages. CD covers and CD booklets should always match for consistency. Depending on the amount of information to be included, CD booklets can be folded with a half-fold, letterfold, Z-fold (concertina) or no fold, or you can have an insert with staples which may also include a cover. Detachable paper strips (perforation) can easily be incorporated into the design if you want to have additional advertising messages such as coupons, or reply cards to facilitate future use.

Before the print templates for CD booklets and CD or DVD covers finally go to print, our proof options make it possible to have a preview of the printing results. This way, you can spot any errors before the order goes to press. Printing only starts once you give the go-ahead.

Individually printed covers and booklets on quality paper with expressive colours, concise wording and attractive illustrations are the same in terms of content as with the medium of shop windows and business cards.

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