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Business Cards

  • Standard or folded business cards
  • Up to 400gsm cardstock
  • Spot colours and finishing available

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*Business Cards starting at £15 (net price for 50 business cards, 85 x 55 mm, 1 side, 1/0-coloured, 250gsm gloss finish paper) Go to offer

Business Cards

What our business cards are used for:

  • Personal cards for each member of staff
  • Presenting your company’s contact details on a card
  • Blank business cards for creative customisation
55 x 85 mm
Print Run from 50 to 50,000 units
Number of Sides 1 | 2 | 4
Colour Mode
1/0 | 1/1 black
1/0 | 1/1 HKS
1/0 | 1/1 Pantone
2/0 | 2/2 black + HKS
2/0 | 2/2 black + Pantone
4/0 | 4/4 Euroscale
4/1 Euroscale + black
5/0 | 5/5 Euroscale + HKS
5/0 | 5/5 Euroscale + Pantone
170 | 250 | 300 | 400gsm
Silk/gloss finish paper
Natural paper
Recycled paper
280 | 350gsm
Postcard board

creased (4 sides only)

flat (unfolded)


UV coating

spot UV coating

spot 3D
UV coating


soft touch lamination

  • Silk/Gloss Finish Paper 

    This paper is finished with a synthetic silk or gloss coating. This gives the paper a more finished, smoother and stronger surface, which enables high reproduction and better print quality, particularly in the case of pictures and contours.

  • Recycled Paper

    Recycled paper consists of 100% recycled used paper. As well as saving wood resources, in comparison with conventional paper production, more than 70% of the energy and water used is saved, In short: Recycled paper significantly protects the environment.

  • Natural Paper

    All paper that is not coated during its manufacturing process, is known as natural paper. So natural paper is an uncoated paper, which gives the print product a very good level of opacity and a vivid and high-class look and feel.

  • Spot Colours: HKS & Pantone

    Create a high level of recognition with individualised spot colours. Spot colours with HKS or Pantone achieve a unique spectrum of colours and a faultless representation.

    More information
  • UV Coating 

    Enrich your printed products with UV lacquer and give your order a high-quality touch. Thanks to modern finishing methods, your product is highly resilient and resistant to external influences.

    More information
  • Lamination 

    Give your product an elegant look and a high-quality feel. Emphasise your quality standards by film laminating. It enhances the colours, and protects the product against external influences.

    More information

Printing business cards online with SAXOPRINT

Your first contact with perspective customers means, above all, making a good impression. Even in the digital era, online printed business cards are still a great way to break the ice. The right layout and cheap business cards from SAXOPRINT, your professional online business card printing company in UK, can help you make a positive first impression, make sure that your customers remember and know how to reach you after you've met.

Historical and cultural evolution of the business card

The origins of the business card can be traced back to the 17th century, when they were used as calling or visiting cards. As the name suggests, these were used by the upper classes to announce a visit or to invite the recipient himself to call. Back then, visiting cards usually just had the name of the caller on the front side, and the back side could be used for making notes. With time (around the 19th century), calling cards were adopted by the middle classes and emphasized their status, background and profession. The business card was born. These small, printed cards were ornately decorated with embellishments and crests. Portraits were often printed or even painted on them. Later on, portraits were replaced with photographs. Every house even had its own card box used to collect visiting or business cards and to keep track of the ladies and gentlemen received.

With the industrial development at the onset of the 20th century, businesses often had to exchange contact information, and the cards evolved into the business cards we are familiar with today: a type of advertising material to promote oneself. They are as much a part of good etiquette today as they were 400 years ago. There are, however, transnational cultural differences to take into consideration. For example, in Japan business cards contain as much information about a person as possible. Position in the company, and even personal activities such as volunteer work can be included on business cards.

In Japan, information about the social status of a prospective visitor is very important before that person can even be considered for an introduction. Once the business cards are printed, it is a grievous faux pas if the cards themselves are not error free, or for international use, only printed in one language. Business cards that are not up to standard are a sign of disrespect or unreliability.

Regardless of era or culture, printing business cards is essential when you plan to meet potential customers, build up business relationships or simply stay in touch.

Professionally printed business cards leave a lasting impression

Business cards are usually stored in business card boxes, albums or a Rolodex. Once a business card has found its way into the wallet of the recipient, it is always at hand, which can have a positive effect on business relationships. Professional business cards are also an indispensable requisite for sales talks and consultations of any kind, at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and high-end product promotions. Business cards should always be ordered from a professional online printer – preferably SAXOPRINT – as they are often distributed along with other high-end advertising materials to leave customers with a lasting good impression.

The entire company in miniature

Those seemingly tiny business cards fulfil a very large function for your company. Business cards represent employee and company alike. They provide relevant contact information and sometimes also information about your range of goods and services. For these reasons, serious thought has to be put into your design before printing business cards online, not least due to their limited space. Business cards have neither a standardised format nor content. In the UK, however, printed business cards in credit card size are the norm.

At our online print shop you can have business cards printed in portrait or landscape orientation with a size, paper and finishing selection. Our options ensure that the design of your business cards can be tailored to fit in with your company logo and corporate design. If the colours, logo and potential images are predetermined, this information must be contained in your print files.

Printed business cards usually comprise the name of the company; title, name and position of the presenter; and contact information such as address, telephone, fax or mobile number, e-mail address. Details about your website and social media profiles may also be included. Sometimes information about key activities, maps, QR codes or slogans are often found on online printed business cards. The design must also take the following into consideration: brand recognition, an optical effect to set them apart from other business cards, and good legibility in regard to font type, size and line spacing. Printed greeting cards can also serve as business cards to complement your range of printed products, for example when invitations are sent out to your customers or business partners.

For more extensive information that exceeds the surface of a conventional one or two sided business card, our online printshop also offers you folded, 4-sided business cards. Folded business cards automatically generate more interest as they are less common. Four-sided business cards also provide enough space to print additional information such as special offers, descriptions or pictures, and hold the recipients attention for a longer time. Supplementary printed materials such as leaflets, brochures and postcards can also be ordered from our online printshop.

Colour effects and paper for printing affordable business cards online

For affordable business cards, our online printing service offers a selection of high-quality card stock with a smooth, closed-pore surface in densities from 170 bis 400gsm, which can be ordered as free samples before you print. Folded business cards should be creased after the paper is printed so that the ink on the fold will not flake and so that the cards can be folded properly.

This sturdy card stock makes for first-class printing of fonts and images and has a very good feel to it. Especially for frequently handled business cards, e.g. with a printed calender on the reverse side, an ultraviolet coating is a good idea. It gives the business cards even more durability, protects them from scratches and makes the colours appear more brilliant. Affordable business cards printed with a UV coating are instantly recognised as high-quality products and attract even more attention. They reflect the quality you have to offer.

Online business card printing in a few easy steps

To make designing your business cards even easier, we have put together a selection of free business cards templates for your convenience. They are available in both portrait and landscape formats and can be used for your own layout in various desktop publishing programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, etc. Our detailed instructions give you many valuable tips along the way about how to design your individual business cards and set up your print files. For design ideas and how to set up printing files, it is well worth taking a look at our blog. It is full of tutorials and design tips, including business card composition, and much more. Prior to print, our prepress performs a basic data check for printability. For error-free and the best printing results, we recommend ordering a PDF, galley or colour proof.

Whether you are ordering a large run of 50,000 business cards online, express prints or prints with non-standard HKS or Pantone spot colours, our online printshop is your dependable partner for business cards that are attractive and effective advertising materials. So try out SAXOPRINT as your business card printing company in UK!

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