Spot colours: HKS & Pantone

Create a high level of recognition with individualised spot colours. Spot colours with HKS or Pantone achieve a unique spectrum of colours and a faultless representation.

You can find a list of our printable Pantone colours here.

Pantone-Print offers more spot colours

As Pantone-Print is an international colour technology, it has become an indispensable part of global colour communication. From 14 base colours, 1728 spot colours can be mixed and accurately represented, irrespective of personal colour perception, and fast and uncomplicated colour communication can be realised. Unlike in conventional four-colour printing, the colour shade is not mixed, but plotted as an extra colour. So that the colours can look the same on different types of paper, there are spot colours for different paper textures, and Pantone specifications C for “coated” (coated art paper) and U for “uncoated” (uncoated natural paper). This is recognized during printing, thus ensuring a material cross-compliance of the individual shades.

There are specific guides, to ensure the most accurate colour reproduction. In our print shop, we use the PANTONE® PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDE coated, uncoated 2nd Edition, 1st Printing, which guarantees an exact match with the PANTONE® 7548-7771 colour range. A spot colour is a full-tone colour in its own right, and must not be mixed during printing. We can recognise the desired colour on the basis of your print data. Please name the colour channel of the spot colour in your print data, corresponding with the appropriate ID number.
Your benefits at a glance

More colour with Pantone-Print

Pantone and HKS spot colours offer a far greater colour spectrum than conventional CMYK offset printing colour technology. This enables us to meet virtually all of your printing needs. With these spot colours we are able to print every shade with consistent colour quality.

Well-suited to corporate identity

Due to the precise colour determination, Pantone and HKS colours are particularly well-suited to company logos, which are meant to mediate accurate recognition. In particular, rich and bold full tones can be accurately mixed with spot colours.

Same colour on different paper

To show that the colours look the same on different paper types, we offer our spot colours on both matte art paper and uncoated paper. For each colour, there is a specification for both uncoated (natural) and coated (matte or gloss) paper.


  • 88 base colours, which may only be approximately represented by CMYK
  • low prices for spot colours
  • accurate and objective colour communication through the listed colours
  • combinable with white, black or CMYK


  • 1.728 spot colours, which are difficult to represent with CMYK
  • global certification, in compliance with high international standards
  • combinable with white, black and CMYK
  • Please find a list of our printable Pantone colours here

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