Neutral Sticker, Label & Window Decal Sample Set

Musterset Aufkleber bestellen
The Sticker Sample Set gives you an overview of our selection of stickers, labels and window decals. You can order the sample set for a handling fee of £18 (net price excluding VAT).

Sample set contains:

  • 90 µm outdoor vinyl, white, matt
    optional spot UV coating available
  • 90 µm outdoor vinyl, white, glossy
  • 90 µm outdoor vinyl, transparent
    optional white underprinting
  • 90 µm Window vinyl (reverse print), transparent
    optional white underprinting
  • 80 g/m² Indoor label paper
  • 95 µm Adhesive paper (vegan)
  • 70 µm Standard window decal
  • 80 µm Frosted window film
  • 145 µm Perforated window decal
  • 80gsm label sheet
  • 135gsm custom shaped stickers
  • 135gsm custom shaped stickers
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