Neutral Material Sample Box for Resellers

Order neutral sample box
Test out the quality of our materials and finishing options for yourself. The Sample Box contains all materials for our Advertising Technology products, paper samples brochure, sticker sample set and packaging sample set. The Sample Set is available to order for £27.00 (net plus VAT). We also provide a voucher to this value for your next order.

The Sample Box contains:

  • Paper samples brochure
  • Brushed aluminium, 3 mm
  • Aluminium composite, 3 mm
  • Corrugated plastic board, 2.5 mm
  • Hard foam board, 5 mm
  • Acrylic glass, 5 mm
  • Acrylic photo print, 6 mm
  • Lightweight foam board, 5 mm
  • Sticker sample set
  • Packaging sample set
  • Self-adhesive vinyl, white, 70 µm
  • Frosted window film, 80 µm
  • Perforated window decals, 145 µm
  • Blackback polyester, 270 gsm
  • Display material, 240 gsm
  • Mesh polyester, 145 µm
  • Banner material, 110 gsm
  • Polyester fabric, 330 gsm
  • Polyester film, 175 µm
  • PVC tarpaulin, 500 gsm
  • Mesh tarpaulin, 330 gsm
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