I am the neutral Material Sample Box for Resellers

Order neutral sample box
I will show you and your customers the materials used to make SAXOPRINT's advertising technology products without indicating where I come from. I will also show you the print quality that is typical of all of our products. I also include the unbranded version of the Paper Samples Brochure "Paper and Finishing". I am available for £22.95 (net price excluding VAT).

You and your customers can use me for comparison in order to make an objective decision. I contain the following:

  • Transparent acrylic, 5 mm
  • Hard foam board (PVC Forex), 5 mm
  • Aluminium composite, 3 mm
  • Brushed aluminium composite, 3 mm
  • Corrugated plastic board
  • Blackback polyester, 270gsm
  • Display material, 240gsm
  • Banner material, 110gsm
  • Mesh polyester, 110gsm
  • Polyester fabric, 330gsm
  • Mesh tarpaulin fabric, 330gsm
  • PVC tarpaulin fabric, 500gsm
  • Polyester film, 175μm
  • Standard window decal (white vinyl)
  • Frosted window decal
  • Perforated vinyl
  • Paper Samples Brochure “Paper and Finishing”
  • Uncoated board insert, 300gsm
  • Chromo board insert, 450gsm
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