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Due to their stability, signs are popular and have many uses, both indoor and outdoor. Perfect for presentating products, opening hours or directions, and decorating office walls.
Choose from our wide selection of materials and formats. Our signs are a real eye-catchers.

new Signs with bespoke dimensions

Catch attention with high quality printed signs

Beautiful and clearly visible signs can be used in a wide range of areas. Depending on the material used in the signs, they can serve different purposes and create different visual impressions. Accordingly, at SAXOPRINT, we offer our customers a wide range of sizes and materials, when it comes to sign printing. Because of our variety, we can print signs exactly as you need them.

Sign printing for every occasion

Modern advertising signs are extremely versatile. At exhibitions, in addition to serving as orientation guides, signs are often used as advertisements at your exhibition stand or to showcase your products. In business premises, signs can mark out directions inside and outside the building, as well as highlight the corporate design of the business when printed and presented in the right way.

Docter office signs, on the other hand, are commonly used in doctors' and therapists' practices and primarily provide information regarding opening hours and contact details. Our online print shop provides sign printing in a wide range of sizes, so the right size is available, whatever the objective. We provide the following sizes:

  • 4 standard sizes A0, A1, A2, A3
  • 25 special sizes from 30 to 180 cm and from 20 to 120 cm
  • Available in portrait or landscape mode

Size is not the only factor that affects the impression and appearance of advertising signs, of course, but also the materials used. Accordingly, as an experienced online printer, we offer a large selection of suitable, high-quality materials for sign printing. You can order the following types of advertising signs:

  • Aluminium panel (3 mm) with a white satin surface
  • Aluminium panel (3 mm) brushed texture
  • Hard foam board (equivalent to the brand Forex Board) (5 mm)
  • Corrugated plastic board (equivalent to the brand Correx Board)
  • Acrylic transparent panel (5mm), for illuminated signs (8 mm), an optional white, optional white print is available (entire surface or behind coloured areas)

We offer the most convenient, most beautiful and most versatile signs for your business.

Sign printing and materials at a glance

3 mm Aluminium composite
5 mm Hard foam board
5 mm Acrylic transparent
5 mm Acrylic with white underprint

Aluminium composite

The aluminium sign offers a stabile surface for your signs. The material is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The Aluminium signs consist of two aluminium panels with a white satin-finish or a brushed texture on the surface; the two panels are connected with a polyethylene core. The aluminium not only provides stability, but is also lightweight with a strong flexural strength.

Thanks to a protective film and a polyethylene core, the signs are resistant to breaking and can easily withstand temperatures between -50°C and 80°C. Our aluminium signs for outdoor advertising, as they are UV-ray resistant and hold up to 5 years.

Hard foam board

The PVC forex hard foam board is often used as an advertising sign at exhibitions. The material is B1-certified, flame-retardant and relatively light. The board is also weatherproof and, with its low-glare surface, the information printed on it appears in a silk-matt style, giving this sign a particularly high-quality appearance. It is simple to mount, and easy to drill holes in. Alternatively, you can order our spacers as an accessory, making it even easier to mount the sign.

Corrugated plastic board

Corrugated plastic boards (equivalent to brand Correx boards) consists of a durable polypropylene. Corrugated plastic signs are not only durable but also easy to install. These signs are perfect for outdoor advertising, as they are both UV and weather resistant Because corrugated twin wall sheets are so light you can easily transport several at a time. This material makes the perfect plastic yard sign or election sign. SAXOPRINT is your partner for all of your election sign printing or yard sign printing.

Acrylic glass

Signs behind acrylic glass have a unique and high-quality design. The motif is a real eye-catcher in your office building or living room. With its depth effect and gloss, acrylic glass ensures greatly increased focus on the pictures or motifs. You can choose between transparency or white underprint. Transparent signs allow the wall colour to become part of the motif, provided that sufficient space was afforded in the design. We recommend white underprint if the wall colour is distracting or does not match the motif.

Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs (as well as Light columns) are perfect for indoor and outdoor use to achieve maximum attention from passers-by and exhibition visitors. The LED lights shine down on the engraved writing and motif on the 8 mm thick acrylic glass and light them up for all to see. In addition to a transparent print, partial (behind coloured areas) or complete white underprint is also available. Boreholes in the corners or all around enable simple mounting on walls. Engraving acrylic glass requires expert knowledge and is a complex process. Consequently, production time is seven working days.

Printing your own sign – customised sign printing and board printing

printed signs with wall attachment Regardless of the material you select, your first step is to create your own individual print data for our online print shop. With our board printing procedure, we can comfortably print your advertising signs or company signs within five working days (LED signs in seven working days) and promise you quick and outstanding results.

For the print process, we give you the option of using our print templates for your print data to simplify things for you. We offer a special service for the print, where we check your print data directly based on our specifications after you submit it, to ensure it is suitable for printing. In the case of any errors, you will automatically receive an email with an error report from out prepress. If you have any questions, our customer service team will be happy to help you. Our sign printing and board printing generally require a production time of five working days. On request, we can speed up the board printing process, however, so your business signs could be ready within three working days (excluding LED signs). Shipping then requires two further working days, so you will soon have your advertising signs at your disposal.

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