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SAXOPRINT is your specialist online printer for printing top quality flyers, business cards, ad posters and booklets. We produce your printed publications using the offset printing process on art paper. We will print your flyers in standard sizes such as DL, A5 to A8 as well as in various special sizes.

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Flyer printing

Flyers – the universal advertising medium for many companies More information Hide details

Flyers are the preferred advertising medium for many companies. Produced with comparatively little effort and cost, printing them is inexpensive even for larger print runs. They offer potential clients important information about the company and the services it provides and can give essential details of new products, special campaigns or events. This is why flyers are well-received by their recipients. For the best possible advertising results and lowest possible wastage, there are a few ground rules which should be observed. In conceiving the design of your flyer your product’s USP should be presented as briefly and as accurately targeted as possible. A flyer with a special offer for young people requires a different strategic approach from a booklet directed at people in older age groups. In addition, a flyer should also contain important key data of the company and the product, for instance contact details, or the duration of a campaign.
The layout of the flyer communicates the advertising message with a visual and emotional dimension and thus draws the conscious – and subconscious – attention of the observer to the core message. For flyers just as for business cards and booklets, success is dependent on the optimum division of space for placing the content, the page number and the size as well as the typography, graphics and paper grammage. As a rule flyers in A4 or square format attract attention more readily than a flyer in A6 or DL format.
Print finishing with a UV coating lends your flyers that 'extra something’ which makes them that much more exclusive. Apart from the special appearance and tactile effect, UV coating is especially recommended for advertising materials exposed to moisture, bending or sunlight. As well as enhancing the brilliance of colours, the coating ensures greater stability. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you select the right paper and coating to produce the optimum print result.

Order options for printing flyers More information Hide details

We print advertising flyers in two versions: when you order a flyer, we print a classic advertising flyer without fold, which is printed on one or both sides, as you wish. We understand leaflets to mean folded sheets or folded flyers, which we can print from four to a maximum of ten sides.
Folded sheets and flyers from our print-shop are available in all normal sizes (A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, DL either in vertical or horizontal format). As paper grammage for flyers we offer copy and print paper of 80 to 100gsm. We print illustrations in gloss or silk quality and on paper from 135 to 300gsm.

    For colour design of your flyers, the following options are available:
  • 1/1-coloured (black)
  • 2/2-coloured (black + 1 HKS special colour)
  • 4/4-coloured (euroscale)
  • 4/1-coloured (euroscale and black)
  • 5/5-coloured (euroscale + 1 HKS special colour)

A comparison of flyer folds More information Hide details

The following options are available for folded flyers: roll fold, open (6-side) or closed (8-side) gatefold as well as Z-fold (concertina), which can be produced in our print shop, and for which a small charge is made as a rule.

Letter-fold is a form of parallel fold in which the left and right sides are folded around the centre of the sheet without changing direction, thus creating the 'folding'. On 6-side folded sheets there are three columns on each side of the paper available for printing. The letter-fold principle can be extended to 8- or 10-side folded sheets as well. Letter-fold is usually the favourite with our customers – not least because it is the easiest to handle.
The Z fold (zig-zag) is also known as a concertina fold and two- or tri-fold concertina. Here, two or more pages of the folded sheets are folded in different directions, thus in a zig-zag form. In a gate-fold, the outer sides of the flyer are folded inwards, as in window shutters or a winged altar, without overlapping. In a six-page folder, these two flaps together form the area of the centre section.

Perforations for customer replies

It is recommended that perforations are made on paper with a grammage of at least 135gsm, thus art paper etc. These are used when vouchers, membership or registration cards, contact details or other important information have to be detached cleanly and without scissors from a flyer or leaflet to obtain feedback from a customer. On folded sheets, a maximum of three perforations - in various sizes – are possible. In a classic flyer without folds a maximum of six parallel perforations and an orthogonal line (at right-angles) are possible, which can be continuous or interrupted.
In the artwork files, the perforations must be shown as a dotted line to guarantee the correct print result. Alternatively, a perforation template in PDF format can be submitted together with the artwork files.

Flyer design and print templates More information Hide details

Professional DTP software such as InDesign or Photoshop should be used to design advertising flyers, business cards and ad posters. These can be supported by Illustrator, GIMP or CorelDRAW. Our website does not offer any ready-made print templates; our print shop only accepts completed print templates which you can upload directly into your customer account. We recommend that you collaborate with professional graphic designers and advertising agencies when preparing your flyers, business cards and ad posters and for preparing the final artwork files.

Quick and outstanding Fulfilment Service

Our online print shop will carry out your print orders inexpensively and to a high quality. You can find answers to important questions about your order in our FAQ section or in the Artwork Guide. Advice can of course also be obtained by telephone on our Freephone hotline.
Our ordering process is very simple:  set up your product on our website and pay by any of the usual methods such as PayPal, instant transfer or pre-payment. If we receive your order before 5pm, our print shop will start work on your order the same day.
You can specify the delivery time for your flyers, booklets or ad posters in our three-stage system: our standard production is ready within four working days. Our express production is ready after three working days and next-day service is of particular useful for last-minute printing, as orders can be dispatched after two working days at the latest.