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You can print business cards at, your online print shop, cheaply priced and in first-class quality. Use our multiple configuration options for business cards. Choose the right format for your business cards. The standard business card format, 85 x 55mm, is available at SAXOPRINT. It’s ideal for storing in business card boxes or in your wallet.

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Business cards printing

Business cards: image and advertising medium for your company More information Hide details

In the modern day, the business card is still a central printed product with which to leave behind a lasting impression on customers or potential business partners. The exchange of business cards is still regarded as the done thing in a commercial environment, and it can be of great assistance for a first contact. A business card handed over personally reinforces a company's image to an extraordinary extent, because the customer receives a personal reference. A professionally-designed visiting card also awakens the interest and attention of the observer. Apart from the design of a business card, the tactile and print properties of a business card are of prime importance in setting the company apart from its competitors. More on this in the following sections.

The creation of business cards made easy

A professionally designed business card should allow all necessary details to be taken in at a glance. Apart from the company name, the telephone number and the e-mail address, the website should be clearly in focus, so that the reader can find out further information on your company from the web. At trade fairs and exhibitions, you can advertise by placing a QR code with individual offers or information which the customer exclusively receives. Especially in the age of mobile communications, such campaigns are received positively and the business cards do not land in the next waste-paper basket. The correct order for your details is like this: the most important things come first. Secondary information should appear either at the bottom of the card or on the back. It should not be necessary to turn the card over to obtain essential information. A photo or a graphic may look attractive, but they are normally pretty reticent about the philosophy your company pursues. Instead, put the company logo and the name of the contact in a prominent position to get over the important information to the reader at one glance.

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We print classic business cards in the customary format 85 mm x 55 mm landscape. We can also print your business cards in special format portrait as well as a four-pager to fold out. You can attract added attention in this way and leave behind an enduring impression with the observer. As a specialist in offset printing, we will find a tailor-made solution for your order. So that you can create business cards online and at the same time achieve the best print results our print templates are available for you to use without charge so that you can process them with your own graphics program such as Indesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. We explain in our guide step by step what special features to watch for when preparing the artwork. This saves unnecessary galley proofs and ensures optimum print results. Once the graphic design of your business cards is finished and the artwork has been handed over, we come into the game. We use the free basic check to ensure your artwork can be printed, we make certain they will look outstandingly good with a UV coating and produce within four working days for standard dispatch, always in excellent print quality. For short-notice orders we offer next-day production. Your order is printed overnight so your new business cards can be sent off to you the following working day. If you are away on a business trip, you can alter the delivery address in your customer account as required. For resellers, we offer neutral mailing which gives the customer no information on our printing shop. Regardless what demands the printing of you business cards makes, whether they are a simple black and white version or a premium high-gloss business card, we look forward to advising you. Give your business cards extra emphasis with a high-quality UV-coating finish and they will immediately attract attention. We print your company logo or the precise colouring of the lettering according to your requirements to guarantee your corporate design is reflected in the print.